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We had "Freedom Fries", they got:

" Vicente Fox 2020"

Schjeldahl''s "The Art of Dying", published Dec. 16, 2019

"The Man Who Predicted Nazi Germany"

In 1919, John Maynard Keynes foresaw the chaos that would follow from the Versailles peace treaty.

Guest op-ed by Dr. Jonathan Kirshner (professor of political science at Boston College) @, Dec. 7

On Dec. 8, 1919, Macmillan Press published a book by a relatively obscure British Treasury official who had resigned from the government in protest over the Versailles treaty that brought the epochal trauma of the First World War to its conclusion.

Brit election

a pox on all their houses:



For the same money, I'd have had the Botticelli,
the Rubens,
the Velasquez,
and the Bellotto,
from Sotheby's OMP sale in July.

Tinder in 1850

Trump supports choice of sexual identity

while the military goes behind his back and insists on roles reinforced by gonads:



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