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Counterculture "populism"

75th anniversary of VE day

Was there, lived through it. Never paid much attention to that Brexit thing?

The Black Intellectual & The Condition of the Culture

Fascinating longish read to take one's mind off of coronavirus, discovered @ Arts & Letters Daily with the intro. “The secret of black intellectuals is that we have other interests.” Darryl Pinckney, Margo Jefferson, and others discuss race and intellectual life... more »

Joe is branding up: got it together; snappy

and neither crochety nor foggy

There's a plan. He knows what it is. And can explain it well.

"We're here to solve problems" (Been there, learned that--Windows--problems? wink) Working with W.H.O. Highly recommend spending the time to listen. Ignore the Trump clown side show for a while and listen to what's really going on. Extremely reassuring about the "fear of the unknown" thing. I haven't seen Dr. Sanjay Gupta smile so much in a real long time!

Part 4: CNN coronavirus town hall (April 30)

Joe's Plan was in the NYTimes for Easter Sunday

Joe Biden: My Plan to Safely Reopen America

An effective strategy to beat the virus is the ultimate answer to how we get our economy back on track

The star of the NYTimes' op-ed section for April 12, it was accompanied by a large close-up portrait that I at first thought was a youngish Geo. Bush Sr.



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