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Yoko taught him good!

Emptied Manhattan has now merely become Brooklyn's stage

Strange glitch with Dagblog software just happened

a comment (a tweet quote) which I tried to post twice on my news thread about deflation numbers here, turns up twice in the running "Recent Comments," but does not appear on the news thread itself. Those entries on "Recent Comments" do take you back to the thread, but the comments themselves do not appear. Just noting the problem in case it happens to someone else.

The old Krushchev ploy

One big flaw in conservative thinking along the lines of "laissez faire" attitude to addressing things like inequities and racism in the U.S. system is that their enemies know how to put it to good use:

A sick and broken health care system during a pandemic

Which states most reflect the U.S. as a whole and which are the most atypical?

What states most closely resemble the US as a whole?

Here's a list from an algorithm that accounts for race, religion, density, geography, income, education, age, gender and presidential voting.

1. Pennsylvania
2. Virginia
3. Illinois
4. Michigan
5. Florida
6. Ohio

— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) May 28, 2020

Just a reminder - Russian disinfo

Russian disinformation campaigns thrive on issues that are divisive to Americans. We are just tee'ing things up for nefarious actors to exploit & manipulate our society. We're our own worst enemy. I expect these issues to intensify in the lead up to the November 2020 election.

— ColinPClarke (@ColinPClarke) May 28, 2020

What Noah Smith learned about twitter mobs (trolls) over time



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