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oh. my. god. proof how bad things really are.

Biden parody account, looks pretty good

Only noticed it because some very savvy people I follow have followed it. 

President Joe Biden (So-Called) @biden4pres

I’m not selling ya coupons; just a snappy VP with a whole lotta gumption and half a mind to do it. Running for all fifty, Jack

Heckuva MAGA lately

Trump is humiliated by the Taliban and Kim Jong Un on the same day. Who in America thinks this man’s inept leadership helps America?

A star is born

Note 96K likes and 29.4 comments, not to mention the audience reaction at the end of the clip:

What racism? It's socialists, the elderly and Muslims that are suffering from discrimination now!

Americans' Willingness to Vote for Presidential Candidates From Certain Groups

Black: 96%
Catholic: 95%
Hispanic: 95%
A woman: 94%
Jewish: 93%
An evangelical Christian: 80%
Gay/lesbian: 76%
Under age 40: 71%
Muslim: 66%
Over age 70: 63%
A socialist: 47%

Blowing all the competition for live debate coverage out of the water?

Heading on @Cnn tonight after the debate and will be live tweeting it throughout. Tonight will be the Bernie debate as he is at this point the clear, almost prohibitive, frontrunner. Super Tuesday is a week from now and this is the last debate before then.

— Andrew Yang (@AndrewYang) February 25, 2020

Smart political people analyze the big picture fallout of Bernie being the current frontrunner

Counter-reactionaries working to staunch the wokee cultural tide

For those of you who don't know yet, I'll be launching a website next week that should help shed a whole lot of light on Critical Social Justice. Getting excited to show you some of what I've been working in for the last few months.

— James Lindsay, being effective again (@ConceptualJames) February 22, 2020



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