"The Culture Warped Pop for Good"


    Guilt by association changing art too

    well-connected 70-something artist friend to me on the phone the other night laughed as he said this: Leon Black will only leave when he feels like leaving, would take a lot more than woke protesting. And it is true that this is not really news, it's been going on for like a year. Also that this is not politics or government, this is art museum world and what art museums mostly need right now is money, as always but moreso, and he's got it and knows where to get more. If you want to stop the layoffs and form unions for higher pay, kids, well, somebody's got to get the money for that, and it ain't going to come from taxpayers, never did in the first place, and if it did what you might want to do would be majorly cancelled by the majority. Whereas Leon types like and support what you do.

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