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    Have you ever seen parrot sing, play and ask for dinner at the same time????
    No? Just watch and turn your sound on

    — My Beautiful Destination (@MyBeauDes) October 17, 2020

    Parrots really suck at defense.

    Give 'em a regulation hoop and let's see how they do. Looks like they're just flossing the zone. And if you put a cat among the  canaries  parrots, it's all over. Still, some of them get really lucrative endorsements - they've got these mammoth cages looking down from Hollywood Hills, huge birdbaths with aspiring half-naked starlings hanging out... 

    thanks for the lol, guys laugh

    I will sheepishly admit that "flossing the zone" was a creation of my kind of out-of-whack autocorrect, that the usual term would be "flooding", but I kind of like it. A bit of Dada blogging with machine-enabled cut-ups. Where's Bryon Gysin now?

    olly olly oxen free

    not a video, just two frames, but a powerful narrative nonetheless!

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