Meta message for the clueless:

    I note an obsession with traffic on this website. Users should note that THERE IS NO ADVERTISING ON THIS WEBSITE!  Except for this book by the owner of this website: Unreasonable Men Therefore, traffic is not of much import at the current time, unless a few new visitors buy his book. It may actually be the case that more traffic costs the owner money and time. For which he deserves thanks. And respect for those he has chosen to give keys to the place, none of whom are paid.

    It is not public property, it is private property and squatting could easily be limited at any time by the owner or management.

    This message has been written on my own without any input from anyone having to do with the management of this website. 


    Why so antagonistic?

    Mentioning events, books, movies, etc is not allowed?

    You missed her point greatly. She's saying 1 person pays for this blog, it's not subsidized in any way except a single ad that I'm sure doesn't pay much, so we're all getting a freebie. There is no groundswell of hidden attention or lurkers, so enjoy and build the blog of maybe 10 people and 100 lurkers.

    What?!?!!! You mean there aren't tens of thousands of people hanging on my every word? That can't be true. You must be wrong.

    well that makes me feel like I am just chopped liver, because: I do, I read every one of  your comments.crying

    Nope, you're the elite - one of 3 who reads his(her?) every missive.
    Still waiting for the other 2 to fess up.

    I am clueless about your obsession with demeaning speculation about the number of lurkers. I do not see the questions asked and the evidence presented as in anyway downplaying the service provided by Wolraich but rather pointing out that there is reason to believe that it is a service to more people than is evident by the number of regular posters. Mote guessed 25 regular lurkers if I recall correctly. I guessed 40-45. PP says maybe a hundred. To dedicate an entire blog post to snarking suggestions that anyone is thinking there are thousands, something which nobody claimed, seems to me to demonstrate missing the point and seems also to demonstrate  what could be called a clueless obsession, if those are the appropriate terms to use when commenting on the subject 

    I had no clue to the source of her complaint. 

    I think that could have simply said here is how the site works

    The clicks = X

    PP just means he has no clue, so he picked a number he thought would disappoint the *30,000 clicks!!!* crowd. As usual, life exceeds my expectations. Shoulda said 10. But in short, no one knows, and the ancient software doesn't help, so there ya go. I suggest just posting what you enjoy with no expectation of fame or riches. If you think you can bring active visible users out, usually accomplished with interesting content and engaging repartee, would be thrilled to see it. I mean, Mr. Smith had a gas with haikus til he hit the Bardo, so no real limits.

    Meanwhile, instead of speculating about AA's "demeaning" "obsession", maybe just acknowledge for once she does 90-95% of the general interest content around here w/o asking how many people are reading, so perhaps helping where it's needed?

    At the time I posted it one person was nastily challenging and insulting the moderator terribly about exactly this topic, how he knew better how to run the site and which topics to promote because it had so many clicks. And that the moderator was doing it all wrong, and calling the moderator childish names. 

    And It just occurred to me see that going on: there is no advertising on this site! That the numbers do not currently matter to the owner.

    So why should they matter to any users?

    And that the moderator has been chosen by the owner.

    And that we actually should be grateful to have a site that is currently NOT oriented to how many clicks things get! 

    That people should stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. And respect what they are getting from both the moderator and the owner.

    p.s. If one's goal is to be an "influencer" using a pseudonym or real identify, or to grow and manipulate an audience, this is a pretty dumb place to pursue it as currently configured. It already belongs to someone and he'll do with it as he likes. Currently he has left the keys to his joint with a board of contributers at the top of the page, all of whom except one have abdicated their responsibilities. See the reality, that's the only point of this post, and go elsewhere if you don't like it.

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