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Skating on Thin Ice

As a small Christmas offering (suitable only for your stockings), I invite you to read my recollections of Christmas past among a family of well-intentioned perfectionists; you can read it here:

Merry Christmas, to you all.

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Queenie's Rulz

Queenie’s Rulz


 © W.W. Staebler 2010

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Emily Post-It: Meta on Manners

Carrie Bradshaw, of Sex and the City, was once infuriated when a man she had been seeing broke up with her ...on a Post-It. She thought him badly-mannered to employ such tactics, rather than discussing it face-to-face.  

I  agree. Unfortunately, on the blogosphere, we do not have face-to-face contact. So I must break up with a serial poster here via ... a Post, about It.

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Flash: Fiction

We Reader Bloggers really do need a break from the angst of how and where to regroup, whether during a hiatus, or permanently, depending. Tomorrow is a holiday -- you'll be busy tomorrow afternoon or evening, but not both, and probably...
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Dear Josh

Josh:  I just read your notice that you may shut down the Cafe.  On the one hand, I would be among the first to acknowledge that you have provided a welcoming resource for left-minded, armchair policy makers. The Cafe has become...
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Fear Knot

FEAR Knot: Rebuilding Bridges To Achieve a More Perfect Union A person would have to be an automaton if he, or she were not currently experiencing some serious levels of fear. For one reason or another, all of us...
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Southern Speak

I am southern, so to speak. Yet I do not speak in what is commonly -- if erroneously -- accepted as a one-size-fits-all "southern accent." What I do speak is the American equivalent of BBC English .... which is...
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To Whom it May Concern re: Medical Insurance Coverage

  Ms. Templesman Claims Adjustment Supervisor Just Say No Health Insurance, Inc. 23588 Cartel Parkway Alexandria, VA 21351-0000   Dear Ms. Templesman:  I write in reference to Claim #1297-5576-342-22-015. My JSNHI group number, ID number and PPO policy code...
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To Whom it May Concern

The printer hummed and clicked, smoothly sucking in blank paper and spitting out the carefully-crafted letters Susan had written during the past week. Letters she had considered writing, depending on the Addressee, for a long time. Letters she had...


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