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                       HEIR TO ZSA ZSA GABOR

    So much blood has been shed by the Church because of an omission from the Gospel: "Ye shall be indifferent as to what your neighbor's religion is." Not merely tolerant of it, but indifferent to it. Divinity is claimed for many religions; but no religion is great enough or divine enough to add that new law to its code.
    - Mark Twain, a Biography

    Do you know what the beauty is of Breaking_Bad?

    The beauty is that nobody, I mean nobody; not the cops, not the 'drug mafia', not the street thug; not the users, and certainly not the politicians who pass all these laws actually know what in the fuck they are doing!

    Donohue is a staunch defender of Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ. On the December 8, 2004 broadcast of Scarborough Country, in a discussion of the film Donohue claimed, "Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. It's not a secret, OK? And I'm not afraid to say it. That's why they hate this movie. It's about Jesus Christ, and it's about truth. It's about the Messiah".[41] This statement was called anti-Semitic by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on that same show. Donohue defended this statements as follows: "In short, I did not single out secular Jews as some have said. Nonetheless, I do regret using the verb "controlled", and that is because it suggests that there is some kind of cabal among secular Jews. That's nonsense. But is there a segment of the secular Jewish community that is anti-Catholic? Absolutely".[42]

    Mr. Donahue is the current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the United States, a position he has held since 1993.

    I grew up with the shite he has been expending from his back side for over five decades!

    And I cannot help it. I mean he makes me laugh.

    Irish Catholics are so very strange but become more funny depending upon how much Irish Whiskey or Guinness one drinks!

    Believe me!

    My Grandmother would take all five of us to the Basilica of St. Mary's in Minneapolis (when papa was just not right at the time) , by bus for ten entire blocks to greet our savior's representative on earth: The Right and Reverend Monsignor Reardon! And we would be late! And Grandma would have reserved the front pew for her brood!

    How embarrassing is that? The entire Basilica is filled and you are entering the abode of the shamans in the sight of all those present?

    And I swear that when I reached that pinnacle of angelic bliss, I would hear voices from heaven—they hid the chorus. I mean I was stuck in frickin High Mass!

    I really thought God resided at the Basilica. No kidding. Of course I was only 34 (well 10 but why split hairs?).

    Sit up straight, quit slouching, look like you understand what is going on, …...

    God I hated her but at least her home did not smell like the other grand parental abode.

    Grandma despised my peasant mother whose blood lines were protestant; Norwegian and German.


    Some of us less genetically geared become afraid at the age of 8 or ten. We do not quite understand what part of the keyboard of culture we must hit at the proper time. I mean figure it out! If the entire structure of life on this planet is accomplished by mixing and mashing and matching four goddamnable letters, how in the hell are children supposed to figure out what combinations or permutations hit upon the keyboard of life will get you the frickin cracker?

    Donohue will scream upon the telly:


    I just viewed again ( for the hundredth time) Advise & Consent. Hahahahah Are we really going to have the sexually confused (according to our passe rules of conduct) libeled, slandered and hear words they never heard in the Bible, shamed for being who they are?


    Well, I just outed my own private prejudices.

    But just as I see Breaking Bad as a goddamnable comedy (some folks refer to these reviews as black comedy) I see Donohue as hilarious.

    I cannot stop laughing.

    Now one defense I have for a Church which claims to be 2000 years old (in fact approximately 1675 years old if you look at the documents underlying the Nicene Council of 325 AD) is that although they have men dressed in female attire and refuse to allow females to actually participate (which is a lot like Shakespeare's theatre); the Roman Catholic Church understands that the Earth is not 6,000 years old but most probably billions of years old. The Holy Roman Catholic Church (no matter what Hitchens says) has promoted wonderful, charitable, unifiable and theological philosophies that endear the flock to acceptance. Acceptance of sinners (which we all are), acceptance of other religions, acceptance of difference between our tribes, acceptance of differences in color, acceptances of our humanity.

    I do believe this almost meaningless statement even though leaders like Pius XII might bless the Italian troops as they enter Ethiopia or other Popes might consider censuring scores of European Kings in some lame attempt at mapping Europe.

    I mean Donohue is right out there.

    I hate Jews, I hate certain (what certain?) Protestants, I hate Secular atheistic agnostic pricks.

    Here is a site called The Christian Coalition:

    They do not care about Jews for chrissakes. They hope all Jews will end up in hell with all the folks who wish that chips and sugar cookies and Kool Ade were declared illegal. Never mind the fact that Jews will never heat or eat the ass end of a cow.

    Haggie and scores of other Protestant leaders (Evangelical—what the hell does that mean?) hate El Papa with all of their souls and all of their minds.

    Well thank you Mr. Donohue.

    Thank you for realizing the secrets of a Universe that nobody could possibly know!

    Donohue told The Daily Beast that Jeffress’ description of Mormonism “bespeaks dramatic ignorance”—but that he was calling for Perry to sever ties “not only for the pastor’s comments on Mormonism,” but because of the anti-Catholic statements the megachurch pastor made on his Pathway to Victory ministry show last September. On that show, Jeffress likened the Catholic Church to Satan, and called it a “fake religion.”

    A powerful Catholic voice based in the New York Archdiocese, Donohue’s denunciations of another controversial Texas evangelical—Pastor John Hagee—as an anti-Catholic bigot forced 2008 GOP nominee John McCain to reject Hagee’s endorsement. (Hagee had called the church “the great whore” and a “false cult.”) “I think Rick Perry should follow the lead of McCain,” Donohue said in an interview on Wednesday, “and say ‘I don’t want this guy Jeffress’ endorsement.’” Donohue later reconciled with Hagee, who Donohue says came to visit him and apologized for the comments.

    Donohue tells The Daily Beast he doesn’t think Jeffress is likely to recant his comments on Catholicism. Jeffress, says Donohue, is “in too deep,” and “loves to go on TV” making these “despicable statements.” Donohue is so respected in evangelical circles that he recently participated in an extended discussion in Washington put together by Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, the sponsor of last week’s Values Voter Summit. One of the only Catholics present, Donohue and 15 to 20 evangelical leaders discussed social policy issues extensively right before the event.  He says: “I didn’t hear anything off the wall there,” though he certainly sensed that some in the group “were leaning toward Perry.”



    We once had a Democratic Party that was able to divide the religious factions; religious factions that never really believed their own tenets on the whole anyway.

    So the Catholics would vote the way of Francis of Assisi; the lovers of humanity within a strange ritualistic oligarchy; the lovers of peace.

    And we are screwed.

    We have so many members of the Family Council of Family Values and Family Flock Beliefs and Family ….whatever... who are closet Gays who hate themselves but love money and find a way to get that money at the expense of the 'lower end' of society.


    So Donohue backs a silly message contained in a goddamn anti-Semite’s film that grasps only ONE book of the Gospels! How in the fuck he can do this with a straight face is beyond me. I mean the Romans (The Italians whom Pope Pius XII blessed as they went into Ethiopia with modern weapons and were challenged with spears and arrows) killed my Savior.

    Jews did not construct the crosses nor did they supply the whips or the spears that supposedly wounded my Lord and Savior! That is a fact!

    And upon further examination I discovered that Jesus H. Christ was a Jew. But that is another subject dealing with heroes.

    By the by I am looking right at this fat fuck on Matthews (MSNBC) as we speak and yet Donohue appears to love all Buddhists and Protestants and ….anybody but me! Arsehole.

    Just read Donohue's racist, ethnocentric, lying crap and disabuse yourself of any

    idea that this guy cares a shite about humanity!

    But now my conclusion.



    Mark Twain also said that the Presbyterians hate the Baptists and the Protestants hate the Catholics and everybody hates the goddamn Jews!

    Not in those exact words, but Twain tended to alter his language depending upon the group he was addressing.

    Somehow, the Dems, while being entirely politically correct and such must create a chism between these faiths.

    Otherwise democracy cannot work!

    Back to Breaking Bad:



    Interesting post, Richard I, (aka Lionheart)   Do me a favor, will ya?  Read this and let me know what you think.


    Southern Baptist Convention leader talks Christianity, cults and 2012


    Thanks for the link. I read it but I don't think there will be anything that will lead up to a dual. This election may get into the mud but it is not going to be a tie like 1800. I was raised Catholic. All my family is Democrat and always has been. American Catholics can be very independent with their politics and birth control so the church's official stand on that falls on a lot of deaf ears. Republicans who are Catholic vote that way for political reasons more so than religious reasons. I don't see the cult thing being all that important in their choosing who to vote for. There always a few who do make it an issue.

    Oh I always liked Sally Q.

    Land likens Mormonism to a fourth Abrahamic faith. “Joseph Smith is like the prophet Mohammad and The Book of Mormon is like the Koran. It supersedes the Bible and Joseph Smith supersedes the apostles.

    I agree with this statement from Land to some extent.

    Religion is a tool. There are certainly Catholics  and Catholic sects who take views that make them cultists.

    I mean think about it as far as craziness.

    What is the difference between a religion having three gods in one god; hundreds of angels; thousands of saints and compare it to the Greek or Roman Pantheon.

    Are not saints and angels just lesser gods?

    The hubris it takes to even claim that one knows god is just incredible.

    As I write this Pat Robertson is squinting again. Why does one need to squint to 'see' god?

    Most religious leaders are seeking money through alms and tax breaks which makes them political.

    Nice link!

    This was interesting. When I was little my mother would drag us to the first mass on Sunday morning. We would have to get up at 4:30 AM to make to 6:00AM mass. It didn't matter if there was a foot of snow on the ground. The only ones that would be there was a few elderly women in black head scarfs and spoke to us in heavy accents. We had our embarrassing moments when we fell asleep and made a loud thud falling that would echo all over a empty large church. Sometimes the priest would look a little hung over and ready to fall out too.My younger brother still enjoys laughing about it. The special part of this memory was the brown lunch bags that sometimes was given to us by the grandmotherly ladies with home made treats in them after mass. They had a soft spot for the kids who kept nodding off.

    As usual, DD, you cover a wide range of ideas in this piece, and tie them together beautifully.  I would simply add that Donohue's quote about Jews controlling the movie industry and hating Christ, etc. is simply historically wrong.  Since the earliest days of motion pictures, the Jews that created the movie industry had no problem making biblical epics celebrating Christ as the Messiah. They LOVED to make 'biblical' movies featuring Jesus H. Christ.  They knew stories from the bible and specifically stories about Christ had box office appeal, and that millions of potential moviegoers could be enticed to come see a good pious religious story. So they made lots of biblical films promoting Christ as the Messiah, most often with a touch of biblical sex thrown in to appeal to the non-bible-totin' folks. (Yes, C.B. DeMille, I'm talking about you.). So Donohue's just completely full of crap from the get-go and therefore, anything else he utters should be dismissed as it is most likely equally ignorant and devoid of factual information.

    P.S.  I had similar experiences as a child when taken to Mass.  Loved the floor show, with the singing and the big pipe organs resonating and echoing through the place, and the pageantry with the colorful costumes and the incense, etc., but hated all the ups and downs, stand up, then sit down, then kneel, then stand ... make up your mind already.  I did always enjoy watching the folks that tried to do the cut-down version of attending mass so they could spend as little time as possible in church. They would time being late so that they got there just as the priest was about to give his sermon (the last possible moment you could arrive and still have it count as attending), then they would rush out the door at the very first note of the ending hymn, so as to get to their cars and avoid the jam up in the parking lot. So with good timing and a cooperative priest that didn't linger with his sermon, they could cut attending mass down to a good 10-15 minutes tops. 



    hahahaha, sit down, stand up, kneel, hahahah

    Rituals are of import. And so many Roman Catholic rituals were written in stone a thousand and more years ago. They provided shelter from the real chaos in the universe.

    Now we have manufactured rituals.

    Our election process was ritualized but the rules change weekly. hahah

    Anyway, always good to communicate with fellow Catholics, practicing or not.

    If I am in the right mood, Donohue is one funny guy!

    How long will it be, before we have another Salem?

    "they will deliver you up to be persecuted, for the slave is not greater than the master is he? If they did it to me, they will do it to you" (or something like that)

    I just read some article that claimed that a certain mold or mushroom caused hallucinations amongst the colony at Salem.


    Why we humans insist upon using religion to enhance our bank accounts, to take money from others under false pretenses and to wage war is beyond me.

    I cannot blame religion or belief itself; but the individuals using it for fraudulent purposes.

    On the other hand, maybe there is some poison in our water or just some bad mushrooms infecting our grocery marts. hahaah

    You can get LSD from a kind of ergot that grows on rye.  There's a documentary about it and Salem and some other places that were thought to be mass possessions.

    Just imagine: natural, organic LSD in your daily bread.  Maybe even with FDA approval. devil

    I really love learning little bits and pieces of history.

    Our local Most Holy Grand and Imperial Bishop Olmstead recently excommunicated an elderly nun and an entire Catholic Hospital for saving the life of a young mother with three children by terminating a pregnancy that was likely to cause her death and the death of the fetus. Decisions on saving lives, or taking them, is apparently above the pay scale of anyone below Bishop in the Catholic hierarchy.

    Now sick patients have no place to pray in the hospital and no priests hold services, and the nun and the entire staff are on the Bishops 'Going to Hell' list, along with gays and others sinners. Olmstead did, in fact, send $50K a year or two ago from what we understand is his 'special account fund' to Maine to fight a vote giving gays some rights. Meanwhile, the Bishop has been laying off employees due to budget shortfalls.  His Eminency did not respond when we sent a short essay on what we thought about his treatment of the nun.

    Now sick patients have no place to pray in the hospital and no priests hold services, and the nun and the entire staff is on the Bishops 'Going to Hell' list, along with gays and others sinners.

    Being environmentally conscious and all that, I'm wondering, is there any kind of mass transit plan for getting to Hell, or should I arrange some kind of ride share? I suppose jollyroger would be an interesting traveling companion, and I'm pretty sure we're both heading the same way...

    “L’enfer, c’est les autres” So, we bring Hell to you!

    If there was such a mass transit plan I assume our local Bishop would provide a list of candidates for the first trip.

    No problem, it’s so easy you’ll find someone going that way to catch a ride with   

    “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. (Matthew 7:13-14 ESV)



    I guess we must remember that humans control our churches.

    But this bishop sounds as bad as any right wing Evangelical and for what?



    The old story of having power over the lives of others.

    Another Bishop in the news. Female choice obsessed Kansas City Bishop Robert Finn indicted by Grand Jury for failure to report child sexual abuse in his district as recently as this year.

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Roman Catholic bishop of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Robert Finn, and the diocese he leads have been indicted by a county grand jury on a charge of failure to report suspected child abuse in the case of a priest who had been accused of taking lewd photographs of young girls....NYT

    Washington DC,  May 16, 2009   Among the most prominent opponents of President Obama's commencement speech at Notre Dame is Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City- St. Joseph who in a recent incendiary speech described Catholicism as "the Church militant" and told his audience, "We are at war." link

    Bishop Finn condemned President Obama's position on reducing abortion through better family planning, and Finn condemned Notre Dame for having Obama give an address at graduation.

    Bishop Finn, in his own words:

    The President has supported.......promoting contraception and giving Planned Parenthood a huge blank check. If Catholics don’t see a problem with this then I don’t think they understand the threat it represents to the meaning of marriage, to fidelity, to chastity, to the very sanctity of human life and intimate love.

    Catholics see the hypocrisy of Bishop Finn, and doubt his fidelity, chastity or his respect for human life.


    Oh what a wonderful church.

    We should change the name to:


    And what really is amazing is the fact that many Protestant churches are becoming anti-pill and anti-condom.

    I am having problems getting my mind around this 12th century mentality.

    Oh well, at least the priest in question was not a homosexual. hahahaha

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