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There has not been a better opportunity to try to get a wedge into the corruption....

Over the past few decades a lot of things have been done to take away power and autonomy from the voters, the people.  The past 10 years, very aggressive efforts were made to take away the people's voice and ability to stand up to wrongdoing.  In a way, it has been a sort of coupe. 

Are you sick of corporate and government corruption? Read this.

Here is a link to a site where you can sign up to join the ranks of those who are fed up, totally.  You can check out to see how the congressional and senate candidates stand on some key issues, which if handled well, might clean up the swamp a bit.  People who are a part of this organization include Alan Grayson, FL. 

The original email stated the cause this way:


"Sick of corporate corruption?  Join me and Stand for Democracy

What? I can't use MS Word?

Seriously, that is what I use on my PC to write.  I do not use the other things you described, nor am I familiar with them.  I believe a friend was complaining about her students using Notepad and screwing up their assignments.   Please advise. 

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G. Florence Scott is a whistleblower supporter.  She began this odyssey some years ago in order to help people she knew who were fighting the good fight against the dark side of government and industry.  Her goals in blogging are to give people moral and other support, let them know they are not as isolated as they may feel, share information which may reinforce or empower whistleblowers and the people who support them in their efforts.


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