What? I can't use MS Word?

    Seriously, that is what I use on my PC to write.  I do not use the other things you described, nor am I familiar with them.  I believe a friend was complaining about her students using Notepad and screwing up their assignments.   Please advise. 


    Welcome GFS. Sorry for the inconvenience. MS Word inserts all sorts of unpleasant formatting into to posts.

    Happily, there is a new version of the blog tool that strips out Word's ill-mannered contributions. I plan to upgrade this week, and then you will be able to paste from Word at will.

    Don't encourage him. Microsoft Word is the tool of Satan (if I believed in him, which I will just for the duration of this comment.)

    Thank you

    Thank you.  That will be a great relief.  There is only so much retyping of things into different formats I can do.  I'll look forward to that change.  GFS

    MS Word will save your writing into a plain text format.

    Or, and here's a crazy idea, you could use Open Office, Abiword, or Google Docs. Just sayin'…

    While Atheist is correct that MS Word is the tool of Satan, I have decided to neutralize it rather than outlaw it. GFS, you may now paste directly from Word. The upgraded text editor safely strips away MS Word's offensive gobbledygook.

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