There has not been a better opportunity to try to get a wedge into the corruption....

    Over the past few decades a lot of things have been done to take away power and autonomy from the voters, the people.  The past 10 years, very aggressive efforts were made to take away the people's voice and ability to stand up to wrongdoing.  In a way, it has been a sort of coupe. 

    Although the current administration has been very disappointing, there are some who are trying to stand up and some who are working in oversight and law enforcement who are trying to being investigations to a conclusion, (some of which were left languishing for years sitting on people's desks ignored), to a rightful conclusion.  There are some elected officials and government employees, often managers and appointed agency heads who have been frantic to get out of the line of fire, by retiring, moving positions, embedding themselves into civil service positions with the help of their cronies, and generally trying to do anything they can to thwart the criminal investigations which will be their undoing.  The level of corruption is staggering.  The more you learn about it the more outraged you will be.  A growing number of people's lives are being destroyed because as individuals they are trying to do the right and ethical thing in the jobs they were hired to do.   Unfortumately, doing the right and ethical thing gets in the way of the machinations of greedy and corrupt individuals and corporations. 

    I will be posting some things here about whistleblowers and about situations which create whistleblowers.  You can see my past postings by visiting

    You will begin to see the pattern of destruction laid out by an administration which protected  greed and corruption and prevented wrongdoers from being prosecuted, whether they be individuals or entire corporations, like defense contractors.  Unfortunately real change and fixing the mess is slow and very dysfunctional.  It will require more outspoken public support, both in thought, word, and action. 


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