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I Fear’d The Drumbeats Marching

I see

A stupid dog

I almost feel

An angry hand

I listen to music I cannot stand


I make excuses


What is the use of watching


Die in the sand

I hear the sparrow humming

I hear the drumbeat


I fear the likelihood of it repeating

I look to the sky

For an unseen hand

While I’m eating



Just to halt the movement

To frighten the land

Though I’m a believer

I know the Earth’s round

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Money Don't A-Matter When You're Free; Freedom No Mind If You' Broke

I walk, and I see the world. Talking to no one Like a silent storm. Thinking of things to do And say Waiting on a train platform. Nobody knows who I am. Invisible cameras follow my footsteps My boots, in...
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Neda's Song

    The streets So crowded Like some Revived ancient fleet Swept back from the dead   A bell came ringing Like a telepathic human alarm sounded I saw numbers in the street Painted bright red I saw the...
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A Love Song, In An Empty Room

A dead party is crashing through the floor In the middle of a church is the darkness Prying open a door In the wilderness of town A girl is plunging headfirst through the window Though she said She didn't...
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Notice for Joe Wood Readers/Critics

I just wanted those who read my blog to know that I have just published a short book of verse entitled "The Refrigerator List of Mr. Jones" (2010) and it is available at the following site: And know--it is...
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My Last Thought On The Battlefield - by Joe Wood (2010)

Who is the first to cry Over a flood of spoiled meat When we've buttoned up their coats and flak-jackets Who is willing to die in the street When you're passing up the barracks In a comfortable seat Seeing the roadside isn't...
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A Whimper During the Whirlwind

When I was about 18 and in college, I assumed that things would just work a certain way, and that a road would just unveil itself and invite me to follow it.  To beg me.  "Please, Mr. Wood, we need...
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Lights and Mirrors on The Mall

I have no idea what I watched yesterday. I felt a creepy feeling as I watched.  I recognized many of the faces.  I recognized the words, the place, and even the backdrop felt familiar.  But all put together, in the...
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Who Am I

Sometimes I think I am Donald Draper.  Sometimes playing it cool and knowing more than I actually do gets me through a few moments, until I realize that nothing is actually ever certain.    Sometimes a church is a...
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Afraid Of A Building

(This was written in response to a post about poems.  For those who missed it, I repost it here:) In arabic and persian, I want to rite out: America, is the hope of the world.The schoolhouses, domes and pillars are...


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Money don't matter, when you' free.
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