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The War to End all Wars -- Lessons Learned, Lessons Pondered

One hundred years ago to the day, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was shot and killed along with his wife Sophie, while touring the city of Sarajevo.  The assassin was a 19 year-old Serbian nationalist, and of course this was the spark that precipitated the First World War.  Austria responded with a series of demands that Serbia could not comply with, Germany stood by Austria, Russia by Serbia, and France by Russia (the latter alliance prompted by France's humiliation in a war against Germany back in 1870).  

Please Forgive Me, But Please Respect Me Going Forward

I want to thank the Michaels for their patience and kind words after I lost it last week, and particularly I would like to thank Michael M. for our private correspondence today on the issue of dog whistles and anti-semitism.  He is a gentleman and I am honored to participate on his blog.  

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