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American Idol Almost Causes Apocalypse - Last Minute Save By Jesus (Assist goes to Danny Gokey)

Greetings Friends.  I come to you with a true story of God’s victory over evil.  Keep in mind the victory was a hard fought one - and were it not for one Christian sacrificing his own future - all may have been lost.

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Prayer by Numb3rs: A Breakdown of Prayer Requests on Social Networking Sites.

  • 25  Number of times per day I request prayers for myself.
  • 24  Number of times per day those prayers are requested through facebook.  As in, "I am having a hard time thinking of what I should make for dinner.  I could really use your prayers!"
  • 15  Number of times per day I tell someone that I will be praying for them.
  • 15  Number of times per day those promises are made through facebook.  As in, "Oh Lisa, I SO know what you are going through!  I have NO idea what to make for dinner either!  You will DEFINITELY be in
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Vegetarians Exposed: Anti-Jesus, Anti-American, Bestiality Crazed & Building Momentum. (Proof of Deviancy Far Deeper than Meatlessness!)

We have all seen them.  Maybe at a restaurant or a family gathering?  You know who I mean, that loathsome, tree-hugging liberal, smugly eating his tofu making it difficult to enjoy your own bloody hunk of cow flesh.  If you are like me, you try to avoid looking at these people at all costs - just the sight of them makes your skin crawl!

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