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Cartoon: “The Newtinator”

The Newt-inator is enforcing his brand of compassionate politics.

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Political Cartoon: “Nonmacher BBQ Non Sequitur On Bigotry”

At first I was angry at the photo of cowboys posing next to a hanged ”Iranian”. This had been in Mr. Nonmacher’s Barbeque restaurant in Katy, Texas since the hostage crisis in 1980. Why then all of a sudden, is it getting so much press?

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Political Cartoon: “Reality, Humanity, Dignity”

Pain and suffering has different meaning for different people.

Reality has a different meaning for different people.

Then, there is dignity and humanity.

And for some the meaning does not have a meaning.

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Political Cartoon: “Two Hikers Freed, Thousands Kept”

The Two American Hikers are free  at last.

Thousands more kept, looking for…..freedom.

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Political Cartoon: “Foxy Clip”


Journalism is reduced down to the story of a Binder paper clip instead of scrutinizing the information in the papers it is holding.

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Political Cartoon: “Fable of Blind Politicians and the Elephant”

Political Cartoon: “Fable of Blind Politicians and the Elephant” by Iranian American Cartoonist and Artist Kaveh Adel

September 7th 2011 Republican Party presidential debate at Reagan Library resembled the old fable from India named  Blind men and the elephant.

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Political Cartoon: “Getting Out of a Date Excuses”


..........There is no solution or resolution when both parties have excuses to get out of a Date with the future of their country.

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Political Cartoon: Extreme Birther Movement

The next step for the Birther movement is an extreme one.

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