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Check Out My Music

I wrote this song (vocals, guitar and samples are by singer Eva Gnostiquette). Check it out: 


This one too:


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A Flashback To Nixon

Dag readers no doubt heard about Trump's offensive comments toward female Democratic congresswomen. I thought it'd be prescient to remember when a similar man was in the White House (Nixon even personally told Trump once that he would "make a great president"). Just imagine if he had had a Twitter account: 


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Mad Magazine Is Over

Dude, Mad Magazine is over. Maybe Pete Buttigieg made a good move in saying Donald Trump's nickname for him ("Alfred E. Neuman") was outdated.

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When a leftist president was elected in Mexico, one who had attempted to win office but been passed over in favor of more centrist candidates, one might think that would mean confrontation between Mexico and America's president, who opened his campaign by saying Mexico was sending "drugs," "crime," and rapists." Apparently not: 

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It Is Now Conservative To Be Anti-War

Being anti-war is now conservative:

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Trump's Cynical Build Up Of Tension

There's a whole lot of jubilation out there that Donald Trump cut short a military operation that could have started a catastrophic war with Iran. Iran is a massive country with a population of 81.16 million. It is at the nexus of America's tension in the Middle East, from the implementation of the Shah to the revolution during Carter's administration to the Iran-Iraq war and then the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. It is no mistake that so much blood and treasure was spent occupying two countries directly bordering Iran. Iran has ties with most of the world, located as it is at the heart of the nexus between Central and South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It's an ancient and impressive civilization. Everyone seems to get this ... now.

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Reparations Should Be Done Right

We should have slavery reparations, not just as reparations for slavery itself but also for the legacy of lynching, mass incarceration, and housing and workplace discrimination, which at its height, went to a level that crossed in to urban planning and design (Dan Crenshaw's congressional district geographically cuts out the predominantly African American area of Houston, Texas).

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Passing The Torch From WWE To UFC

I remember when I blogged here before that Michael Maiello was really in to the WWE. WWE was truly a strange creation and while it dominated the market for "sports entertainment," with copycats like TNA or WCW mimicking its image, in retrospect, it seems like the creation of madman Vince McMahon.

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The Death Of Naivety

I found this interesting: 

"Ocasio-Cortez’s 'concentration camps' comment questions an old orthodoxy: that only other countries—and not the U.S.—are capable of evil.

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The Whole Millennial Generation May Be Alienated - What To Do About It

As Michael Maiello and Michael Wolraich well know, along with some readers here, I had a very strange episode that I broadcast for all of Dagblog a few years ago. I was having a mental health crisis, compounded by all sorts of factors. I felt like a total freak. I wish I hadn't felt like one and expressed myself like one, as apparently nothing I was feeling was actually that abnormal and is even now a societal phenomenon.

During that time, I wrote an article with feminist writer Jennifer Reimer, who is no longer with us, called "American Hikokomori." Michael Maiello may remember it. I wrote it after the Sandy Hook Massacre. The term was used in an article for New York magazine this year.

Since then, a term has become known in popular vernacular - the incel.


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