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Why Hollywood Stays Woke

I want to precede this post by saying I, unlike a lot of critics, have enjoyed "woke" films. In 2016, The Legend of Tarzan was released. Despite having a disappointing box office reception, the film accurately depicted the reality of colonial Africa at the time Edgar Rice Borroughs set his character. (With a budget of $180 million, it did $356.7 million at the box office.)

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Is Texas Going Blue?

Seems more like this is just population growth, although I could be wrong.

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A Personal Anecdote Regarding the Matt Gaetz Situation

When I first started blogging here at Dagblog, I had just interned for a major conservative think tank. Blogging here provided a much needed ideological detox. If you dig far enough, some of my posts that got on that think tank's blog are still viewable. I saw warning signs of the rise of the Alt Right while I was there, and posted about that here. 

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Music in a Woke Time

There's something really deep about #metoo, "Cancel Culture," and "wokeness" in general. Among it is what I think is a general rejection of the edgelord culture that burst in to the mainstream in the late 1960s with Woodstock and continued on through Generation X, with grunge, gangsta rap, MTV, Lollapolooza, violent video games and reality television.

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From X-Men to Mutants: Wokeism grows up

Note: I didn't know whether or not to put this in the Creative Corner. It is a clearly a sociopolitical topic, but could go either way. If you need me to change its orientation, please let me know. Thank you.

It has been a big couple weeks for "Woke" / Cancel Culture / #metoo, or whatever you want to call the pervading left wing zeitgeist, depending on who you are.

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Sears Golden Strings - "White Christmas."

Oldie but goodie.

An aside about what would inspire someone to post Christmas music in the middle of February: an older black man approached me today while humming Christmas tunes in the middle of February. He then proceeded to talk about the end times. 




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