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Spiritual Front "Song for the old man"

I'll sing my worst song at your impeachment, old man Trump.



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How history forgot the woman who defined autism

[reposted - I'm uncomfortable with the ease of accusations re: Nazi behavior without any proof, as with plagiarism and other accusations, but it's a beautiful story, and to me highlights the fickleness of fate and science, especially during wartime - we know of 1 German Nobel denied to a Jewish woman, Lise Meitner, who had to go into exile, but also there can be normal academic jealousies and sparring and other petty human behavior among our better natures, along with just plain bad luck or not enough promotion.-PP]

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Podcast: Making Money As A Freelance Writer

I put this together based on my experience finding and working for Bay Area based publications.

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Marilyn Manson: We Are Chaos

He is still a shock rocker. It's just that his shock gimmick now is making a classic and incredible rock album in 2020.




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AOC Takes The Vaccine

Donald Trump's rampaging Twitter feed might have put a bad taste in people's mouth as far as politicians and public figures on social media go. However, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez seems to actually get the concept of using social media platforms to reach out to people in a constructive way. She took the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and documented it herself via photos and texts. This is taken from Elle:

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Trumpism Won't Go Anywhere

Note: If this essay passes 1000 views, I'm going to post it as a podcast.

In 1974, in the aftermath of Richard Nixon's presidency crumbling from scandal, Gerald Ford became president. He came to office proclaiming that "our long national nightmare is over," promising renewal from the scandal of a foul-mouthed president bringing the country to an era of tension, division and shame: 


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One Full Hour of Autumn Themed Music

Building off of previous posts here in the Creative Corner, I found this lovely little number on YouTube. The person who put this together was somewhat brilliant - amplifying the announcer's voice from an episode of The Great Gildersleeve old time radio show.

I figure that this is actually the sort of music people, or at least people who read Dagblog, could use during such trying times.



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