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"The Great Dictator"

I posted about Kanye West and his latest album on Blood Is One and got a pretty good reception from Michael. I thought of following up with an article here about how his demented, deranged music illustrates how cold, empty and pointless our society has become. As I thought the article out, I didn't really want to pursue it. I figured you all could get more thought about society from this:

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The American Hikikomori

This article originally got published a few weeks ago at Practice of Madness. It's more in line with the material usually published here. Give it a full read - it's a collaboration with a very close friend. Apologies if it's difficult to read here - Jennifer's page is very interactive. If you have trouble, go ahead and read her website from the source:

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Taking A Look Back At The Star Wars Prequels Part Two: Too Much CGI?

This article is a try at new stuff for my website and for me as a writer - let alone for my contributions to Dagblog. I'm limiting myself here - I'm pretty sure I could actually write a book about Star Wars if I let myself loose. Let me know what you think and thanks, Mike, for encouraging me to do this.


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Taking A Look Back At The Star Wars Prequels

Hey guys here is another post from my website Blood Is One - a hip-hop centric but not purely hip-hop pop culture blog. Michael Maiello said he'd like to see the culture content stepped up a bit on Dagblog and I can certainly deliver. I think this topic may appeal to many of you.
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A Q & A With Daniel Torok, "Otherside" Director

Like the last article on hip-hop I posted here, this was originally posted at my website Blood Is One. Alot of this is written with the intent of being good enough to turn the heads of local newspapers. Let me know what you think.
Also, when visiting the website, be sure to make yourself familiar with the buttons I've added throughout the website.
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Hawaii's Forgotten Internment Camps

I didn't really know how to share this one with you guys. I didn't think it belonged "In The News" but I didn't really have commentary to add to it. Here it is nonetheless.



The organization mentioned - Japanese Cultural Center - has a Facebook page.

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A Review: The Otherside

Geologic of the Seattle rap duo Blue Scholars

The Otherside, a documentary about the growing and unique world of Northwest hip-hop, is an ambitious documentary. Northwest hip-hop is a very weighty topic - rappers from the Northwest are very similar to white rappers: they're a consistent part of the hip-hop aesthetic but there is still something strange about rap from the Puget Sound; it doesn't quite fit with what we are used to hip-hop sounding, acting or looking like.


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