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Jazz And Hip-Hop: The Intersection

From Blood Is One:

A while back, I made a post about Miles Davis where I played "Doo Bop Sound" - I heard that song for the first time when I was in high school, I think. I had no idea that that piano loop was actually a Gang Starr / DJ Premier beat. Gang Starr is comprised of Guru and DJ Premier - Guru has since passed away but Premier is still a producer. He is well known for producing beats for everyone from Nas to Royce da 5'9. This is the Gang Starr version:

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The Mind Of Prejudice

A little note - Dagblog has a code, Terms Of Service, that we all are obligated to follow as long as we are here. I realize I've passed those bounds myself and so have others. This is a very heated issue and it is wise for all of us to try to watch ourselves.

If you guys have the time, read this entire essay. It was sent to me by a friend from Florida and is written by a gentleman who obviously did not enjoy his experience working at a predominantly black school. If you can make it through, reading stuff like this is very important as it taps in to the mindset of many in our society:

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I held off on posting this because I felt like I had posted too much to this site - here is an interview with Neema Khorrami, a Seattle based rapper who may be right behind Macklemore as far as fame goes. I think this is what Michael Maiello had in mind when he encouraged me to post Blood Is One material here.

Dyllyn Greenwood, the fellow who did the camera work here really likes what we did - a full on documentary may come out of this. We'll see how it goes.

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Paula Deen, The N-Word And Prejudice

Once upon a time, I was a hardcore libertarian. I think you can still find my stuff - at websites like United Liberty and The Liberty Papers. During that really critical stage in development when you start to form ideas about the world, around eighteen and nineteen, I had worked for a Seattle rap magazine where the editor was (and he still is) a hardcore libertarian. Hip-hop is something I love and so I connected the two, even if that connection no longer makes any sense.

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What Should Be Illegal: Targetting Children

I've had alot of words put in to my mouth wherever I have talked about regulating psychiatric medication, including here (though it's been the tamest here - elsewhere some have accused me of being some sort of Christian Scientist or Scientologist, the latter of which I guess I can see).

I want to show exactly, point blank, what is wrong with modern psychiatry and health care in general - right here:

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A Review Of "The Clone Wars" - With A Few Ideas

More material from Blood Is One:

I received a copy of the fourth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for my birthday. I have only watched the series sporadically since the initial movie that came out but wow, was it good.

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A Q&A With Awesome Author Michael Gural-Maiello

From Blood Is One, where there is actually a direct link to buy Michael's book: 

Michael Gural-Maiello is an accomplished published author, as I will note in this interview, he has written for Esquire and Forbes and has encouraged Blood Is One in its growth and maturity as a website. He has just self published a book called Shuts and Failures, which is filled with material that apparently was rejected from the big publishers. Given his penchant for humor and pop culture and actively helping Blood Is One expanding its reach in the realm of pop culture coverage, it really seemed like a no brainer to do an interview with him. Maiello thought much the same thing so... Here goes! 


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