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The Killer Profile

If we are really serious about stopping the mass shootings that are occurring in this country, we really need to get serious about what's really going on.

There is an obvious shooter profile. Characteristics seem to fit every single one. Here is a description of the New Mexico Pastor's son who killed his whole family:

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Martin Luther King Day

A few good quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.:

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Fooling Ourselves

This is a short one.

We're not as clueless as we think we are or want to think we are. I started a music website several years ago, before the breakdown. I have been very slowly bringing it back together - very slowly.

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Tragedy of Mass Trauma

Alot has been talked of mental illness in the wake of all these tragedies. Obviously the culprits are mentally ill themselves and the way to contain such individuals is on every one's mind.

However, think about this: These acts create more mental illness in the form of PTSD. PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder.

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Drugs Behind The Shootings: The Case In Pictures

I'm pleasantly surprised by some of the reception here. After I had my breakdown, I did alot of reading about psychiatric medication. What I found out was - disturbing.

I read about toddlers literally being given anti-psychotic meds and I started to honestly wonder if the world was rigged against life. It's one thing to be depressed yourself but where I was at - good Lord, man. It seemed like the world itself was in decay.

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Peanuts For Guns

Keep in mind this is pretty old.

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Monsters Inside Of Us

This is another piece about mental illness. I have gotten a mixed reception from all of you here. This makes alot of people very uncomfortable. The last thread about mental illness did really well and I really learned from all of your stories - however - I know from experience posting here that the subjects I pick aren't what some want. I've been encouraged to post here and wouldn't do so if I thought I was imposing.

 If this makes you uncomfortable, please just skip over. The subject is complex and needs to be discussed out of necessity for what it is.

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Coming Up Front About Mental Illness

As mental illness comes back in to the national discourse given all the tragic shootings, it's worth noting how pervasive mental illness really is. Mental illness doesn't necessarily mean schizophrenia - where a person stops being tuned at all in to reality and starts to talk incessantly to themselves.


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