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A Q & A With Daniel Torok, "Otherside" Director

Like the last article on hip-hop I posted here, this was originally posted at my website Blood Is One. Alot of this is written with the intent of being good enough to turn the heads of local newspapers. Let me know what you think.
Also, when visiting the website, be sure to make yourself familiar with the Amazon.com buttons I've added throughout the website.
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Hawaii's Forgotten Internment Camps

I didn't really know how to share this one with you guys. I didn't think it belonged "In The News" but I didn't really have commentary to add to it. Here it is nonetheless.



The organization mentioned - Japanese Cultural Center - has a Facebook page.

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A Review: The Otherside

Geologic of the Seattle rap duo Blue Scholars

The Otherside, a documentary about the growing and unique world of Northwest hip-hop, is an ambitious documentary. Northwest hip-hop is a very weighty topic - rappers from the Northwest are very similar to white rappers: they're a consistent part of the hip-hop aesthetic but there is still something strange about rap from the Puget Sound; it doesn't quite fit with what we are used to hip-hop sounding, acting or looking like.

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Fear Itself

Another tragedy befell another community in this country, this time in Federal Way - a suburb near Seattle, Washington:

A shooting that left five people dead at a Federal Way apartment complex Sunday started as a case of domestic violence, police said Monday. It ended with a woman the suspect was living with and three innocent bystanders dead before police shot and killed the suspect.

Officers responded to 911 calls at 9:30 p.m. at Pinewood Village in the 33300 block of 18th Lane S.

Police said the suspect, in his late 20’s, shot and killed a woman in her mid-20’s who he was living with in the complex.

The suspect then went to the parking lot, where he shot two men who confronted him, police said. He then grabbed a shotgun.

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Tumultuous Times

I do realize there is alot of projection here, which you guys have accused me of alot here. Nevertheless, take a peek at these newspaper headlines and imagine, for a second, the serious anxiety and horror one would have of being stuck on a tiny island - Guam - of 180,000 people in the middle of the Pacific that could very well become subject of a nuclear attack:

It gets more intense:

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War Games

A note to Dagblog readers - this is one of my first attempts since college to do analytical political writing of some kind. Given having lived the Guam experience for several months, I thought I'd try to use my experience and apply it to the current North Korean crisis. I am posting it here instead of trying to sell it to a print publication because I am very open to constructive criticism at this point. Thank you.

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Woe, The Children

What does our culture really think of children? I mean really think of them.

It seems pretty schizophrenic, to be frank. When I traveled to Guam, I was struck by very different attitudes towards the youngest of young people. Children were to be protected and many natives said that flat out - that children were the center of the culture.

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Simple Wisdom From A Southern Black Man

About two months back, I posted here about an encounter I had with a neighbor in my housing tenement.

This neighbor is a black man from the deep south. Country boy. 60 years old. Southern upbringing is all over him in his manner of dress, blunt expression, every bit of it. He gave some pretty good insight on Obama's re-election and people at this website seemed to like it.

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The Tumon Tragedy

This gives a whole other meaning to the word creepy. There was another mass murder in the United States, this time on the island of Guam - that little island where I went to to travel and experienced my own SSRI related breakdown:


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