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Peanuts For Guns

Keep in mind this is pretty old.

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Monsters Inside Of Us

This is another piece about mental illness. I have gotten a mixed reception from all of you here. This makes alot of people very uncomfortable. The last thread about mental illness did really well and I really learned from all of your stories - however - I know from experience posting here that the subjects I pick aren't what some want. I've been encouraged to post here and wouldn't do so if I thought I was imposing.

 If this makes you uncomfortable, please just skip over. The subject is complex and needs to be discussed out of necessity for what it is.

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Coming Up Front About Mental Illness

As mental illness comes back in to the national discourse given all the tragic shootings, it's worth noting how pervasive mental illness really is. Mental illness doesn't necessarily mean schizophrenia - where a person stops being tuned at all in to reality and starts to talk incessantly to themselves.

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The World Is Dying

You know it, I know it. The world is broken and falling in to chaos.

During World War II, economic collapse and deterioration led to most of the world's leading nations falling in to dictatorships. People back then were very different than they are now, however. People now are used to being independent, of telling themselves what to do, of buying what they want and having what they want. They don't need a fascist or communist leader to be nasty for them - they know how to do it themselves.

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You're Not Adam Lanza

Almost as disturbing as the massacre in Connecticut has been some of the response to it. One article called "I Am Adam Lanza's Mother" is by a woman who has an intelligent son prone to violent and scary moods. As far as it seems, those bad moods haven't gone to the point of murdering grade schoolers but she nevertheless acts as if it has.

David Frum recently posted another one of these by a reader - it was called "I Was Adam Lanza:"

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Confusion Breeds Violence

Hello all. I have alot to say about all these shootings, which is unfortunate but this is the place to do it, right?

Some of you added me on Facebook and I really appreciate it. The SSRI group I help with has really taken off and we get brilliance regularly out of it. Stuff like this:

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Mental Health And Social Isolation

Hello all - I got a comment here that told me most of what I write is "about me." Tell me if I'm doing that too much please. Since I'm writing about social isolation, it would probably be appropriate to not sound too socially isolated, right? Heh.

After I had my breakdown, which was so significant I don't know how to write without talking about it, I became a frequent at a local psychiatric clinic in Seattle.

I was there every day. They all know pretty well. Everyone there knows one another pretty well.


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