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Be The Change

Work and working has been on my mind alot recently and I think it's important to remember this today. It is important to grieve but while we are all here on this earth, we need to do our own initiative to make things better for ourselves and others.

There are food banks, charities, homeless shelters, all sorts of place in which you can go to do the exact opposite of what occurred in that Connecticut elementary school. I'm trying to do the best besides my writing to make sure everything else I do with my time benefits others. [Read more]

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Mass Shootings: It's Time To Really Think About This

It doesn't take a genius to see something is really wrong with this country.

When I first heard about the tragic shootings in Connecticut, I actually posted some initial jibberish on my Facebook about SSRIs and psychiatric medication and the effect it had on me. The withdrawal I went through was horrible when I was traveling but a friend messaged me and said to take it down. I went in to extreme anxiety and little else during withdrawal. No one was even hurt despite pretty extreme stress. My image of myself was way darker than the reality. [Read more]

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Chaos And Change

Despite the bleakness of my last post, I'm feeling all right - much better, in fact. My life is far from perfect but it is getting there. Alot of things are on me, I'm dealing with the responsibility of it all. My brain went in one really, really dark place and it's taken a lot of fighting - kicking, screaming and biting - to get out of that place.

As I said in previous posts, alot of recent life events have made me face harsh, brutal reality. I have alot of errands I have to perform. I'm living in subsidized housing - between my writing for places like Dagblog, I have to do stuff like fill out forms for a free phone from Assurance wireless. [Read more]

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Well To Do And On Welfare?

I'm on SSI. I have been for some time.

For those who don't know, SSI is Supplemental Security Income. It puts about $700 in my bank account at the beginning of each month. I spent most of my "adult" life taking it in along with small amounts of cash from various writing gigs. I didn't have a dad growing up at all and I certainly had no kids, so having to answer up to any other family members was certainly nothing I was used to. That was enough money for me alone and still is. [Read more]

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A Little Reminder Of Why Bush Won And Republicans Never Will Again

I thought this bit from The Daily Beast was important:

On Tuesday morning, the Bush Center held a conference on immigration and economic growth at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. It was only the second major policy speech the former president has delivered since leaving office, and Bush let himself wax poetic on the subject of immigration: “Not only do immigrants help build our economy, they invigorate our soul.” [Read more]

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No More Asperger's?

There is a manual that psychiatrists use in their profession to diagnose patients according to the symptoms they demonstrate. It's called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. It's the Bible of psychiatry and it now seems that the disorder I got pinned with is no more: [Read more]

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Same Sex Unity at West Point: Change In One Picture

Sometimes pictures encapsulate change for the better and I think that this picture does all of that and more:

Not only are you seeing a gay couple being married in the most prestigious military setting in the United States but one of the spouses is disabled. A disabled, gay military veteran - many times they end up on the street. Not anymore?

Something that awesome is something I'd not only like to ask about but to tell about too. [Read more]

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Confession of a Nihilist

I've been looking through some of my old writing and took a look at my resume and the various political/publishing jobs that I performed. Something became really, really clear.

I was a nihilist. A cold, non denominational nihilist. [Read more]

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Romney Won The White Vote!

This is so ridiculous. Apparently Romney advisers are bragging about having gotten white people secured in their camp.

I have had some wild adventures in the last few years. I've lived amongst poverty, in poverty, amongst wealth and in wealth. I think that my eclectic experiences can explain a few things about the "Romney voter." [Read more]

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Tips For Asperger's

I know full well that Asperger's syndrome and autism spectrum disorders are probably not known very well to people on this group. This post is aimed at people with the disorders but I posted it here because I thought that it might actually help create understanding to let you guys see the Aspie POV.

There's a few things that people really value. If you don't step in the way of them, you may just be fine. They're simple - their lives, sex, sleep, money and food. Don't threaten to kill or harm anyone, don't step in the way of their spouse, don't wake them up, don't take their money and don't take their food. [Read more]

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