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The Tumon Tragedy

This gives a whole other meaning to the word creepy. There was another mass murder in the United States, this time on the island of Guam - that little island where I went to to travel and experienced my own SSRI related breakdown:

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The Killer Profile Part Two: Mothers and Soldiers

The last article I wrote here - The Killer Profile - attempted to profile the sort of individuals who have perpetrated massacres like Virginia Tech, that Aurora, CO movie theater and Sandy Hook Elementary. There's a fairly obvious profile for those individuals and they seem to model themselves after one another to some degree.

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A Little Thank You

I've done it in articles and in the comment section but -

I really want to thank the readers and writers at Dagblog for helping me have a good vessel by which to rehabilitate myself and become an even better writer than I was before I had a mental breakdown. I could not have written anything capable of getting 1300 views without you.

Take care and wait - all things get better.

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One Man's Death And Our Collective Madness

This is a small news story - a murder of a successful individual from a poor area by his brother in a part of the country/world most do not think about. However, I think you should give it some heavy thinking:

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The World As It Is

A couple months ago, in the midst of personal chaos, I went for a job interview. I was a nervous wreck and the interviewer could tell. She told me to "not be nervous." I painted a picture of myself and my situation that was much rosier than the reality - I didn't tell her I'd experienced a nervous breakdown, that I was without a home, any of that.

It was a painful wreck during much of it but a connection was built. Towards the end of it, I was in her car and we started discussing the world. "It's a very strange place. The world we live in."

"I sometimes wonder if it's real," I replied.

"Oh, it's real all right but it doesn't feel like it sometimes."

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The Killer Profile

If we are really serious about stopping the mass shootings that are occurring in this country, we really need to get serious about what's really going on.

There is an obvious shooter profile. Characteristics seem to fit every single one. Here is a description of the New Mexico Pastor's son who killed his whole family:

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Martin Luther King Day

A few good quotes from Martin Luther King Jr.:

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Fooling Ourselves

This is a short one.

We're not as clueless as we think we are or want to think we are. I started a music website several years ago, before the breakdown. I have been very slowly bringing it back together - very slowly.

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Tragedy of Mass Trauma

Alot has been talked of mental illness in the wake of all these tragedies. Obviously the culprits are mentally ill themselves and the way to contain such individuals is on every one's mind.

However, think about this: These acts create more mental illness in the form of PTSD. PTSD is post traumatic stress disorder.


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