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Tony Stark's Workshop | Iron Man Music (One Hour)

I really enjoyed this. Apologies in advance - you have to watch it on YouTube yourself.

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Tears For Fears - The Tipping Point (Official Music Video)

First Billy Idol, then Limp Bizkit, now Tears for Fears! Finally, music is back. Living without it this past decade wasn't fun ....



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Start of thread on needs & solutions for world logistics, layout, infrastructure, et al.


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Jordan Peterson: The collapse of our values is a greater threat than climate change

"Jordan Peterson: The collapse of our values is a greater threat than climate change"

I enjoyed this interview.


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Flora Midwood - The Bandits

When I blogged here frequently years ago, I posted about how mental health blogger Jennifer Lauren Reimer passed away. Well, anyways, one of her friends wrote and performed a folk song about her that got some circulation.

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Billy Idol - Bitter Taste

Well, this sure took me by surprise. I can imagine Marty McFly traveling 30 plus years in the future and everyone is wearing masks, riding electric bikes and listening to this song ...





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Less Lethal Guns and Adopting A Progressive Lifestyle

There was an article on a Las Vegas news site about how Las Vegas police were training to use "less lethal" devices during confrontations:

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — A company known for its firearm technology took the time to teach our local law enforcement about less-lethal weapons Saturday.

Bryna Technologies' held training in Boulder City this morning.

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There Is Likely No Withdrawal From Afghanistan

The Gulf War occurred after then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. George H.W. Bush took Kuwait back from a dictator who had only a few years before been a tool of the West in a proxy war against Iran. Bush famously uttered “this aggression will not stand” and made a show of refraining from invading Iraq wholesale.


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The Last Country To Leave Stuff Behind In Afghanistan Dissolved

Mikhail Gorbachev signed peace accords that led to a withdrawal of Afghanistan in 1989. The Soviet Union collapsed two years later, toward the end of 1991.

Russia very quickly reverted to a similar system to what it once had and under Putin's leadership, it recreated many of the institutions of the Soviet Union, such as the KGB. However, it has an economy the size of Italy and its capabilities of coercing former Soviet republics are limited to what we saw with attacks on Crimea, Ukraine, or Georgia. It can't recreate the Soviet Union as a union of 15 republics.


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