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Glenn Beck, Evangelism and the Imperfections of Capitalism

In an article by David Bromwich entitled "The Rebel Germ," published in the New York Review of Books, Browich paints a portrait of Beck that is confessional and at times quite enduring:

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Emotional Maturity Break

I figured alot of people in the country now could benefit from a little reminder, myself included. Yes, this video was made by the same guys that made your Political Science and Econ textbooks.




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Rush Limbaugh's Blatant Race-Baiting

Above: Rush Limbaugh juxtaposed with his intellectual forebear, Biff Tannon from Back to the Future.

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The Machine of Death Goes Creative Commons

Over at Little Green Footballs, I wrote on a graphic novel that caught Glenn Beck's resentful side by competing with him in sales at Amazon. From Comic Book Resources:

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Nationalism Rises Again In Europe

Hard economic times have seen a rise in ethnic hostility, with punitive immigration laws leading to a mass exodus of hispanics from Arizona and a disturbing rise of racially volatile rhetoric from the Right here in the United States. 

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The Logic Behind Today's Conservatism

I have two deeply contrasting books on my shelf right now, but they both base their premises similarly: Life doesn't make much sense at all and seems to only be getting worse in that regard.

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The Right: Playing To White Fear

The racial component of the Right's reaction to the Obama presidency is one that conservatives obviously like to pretend is synthetic and false. Moderates don't want to go there, and those that do end up being characterized as leftists and fearmongerers who are trying to shut down debate.

I introduced myself in my last blog here. I want to introduce myself further. I am not at liberty to say a few things about my political history, but I will omit the parts that only hurt people.

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Making Sense of Ezra Taft Benson, Civil Rights and Glenn Beck

Hello, I'm Michael Orion Powell. I'm cross-posting this article, which was originally published at Little Green Footballs, per the request of Michael Wolraich. Enjoy!


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