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Uber-Controversial Blog Warning: Black People Worse Affected By Drug War Than Discrimination

A fair warning - The argument here is really, really controversial. It's going to piss alot of people off. I've run this by a friend of mine, Nate P., who contributes to Voice of the Migrant, and he has said, "I think you would find a lot of left-leaning scholars who might back you on that. But we're talking worse of two ugly evils here. Like I said, I think there's more support for that than many people would like to admit. The drug war is disastrous...for everyone."

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Calling All Seattle Daggers

If you're interested in knowing a little more of my background, I was blessed to have a newspaper column with the Pacific Publishing Company in Seattle for over a year. The column came from a decidedly conservative/right leaning point of view at the time, as each article was generally preoccupied with pummeling the corruption and failures of the city's public school district. 

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Dennis Kucinich Moving To Washington State?


WASHINGTON, D.C. - A visit that Rep. Dennis Kucinich made to Washington state last weekend set West Coast media abuzz with rumors that he plans to seek a new congressional seat that will be created there next year.

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The Child Pressure Cooker

Over at Slate is an article by writer Emily Yoffe about the documentary film Race To Nowhere. Here's a slice:

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Donald Trump: A "Racist's Best Friend"

Lawrence O'Donnell tears into the man who represents all of the ugliest things about America.

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Alienated America Chapter Three: Gender Power

Upon deciding that my book would be about alienation, I went along several different avenues of thought. These crystallized and formed when I wrote the two essays on Fanny Howe's book Economics, which are included here.

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California Campus Boils Over

Originally posted at Little Green Footballs.

Following are pictures of a pretty raucous student demonstration at the campus of California State University - East Bay (CSUEB). Since this blog has a national audience, many of you have probably never heard of it. The campus, along with many of California's smaller and less expensive state colleges, have become increasingly tense, volatile and integral as the recession and California's budget crisis have squeezed the state's resources.

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Are Only Elites Advocating Education Reform?

The website Good Education had a rather odd attack on advocates of education reform:


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