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Karl Rove Should Remember His Historical Cycles

Donal posted an excerpt of a recent column by Bush White House strategist Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal that proclaimed quite a bit of confidence in Obama's being unseated in 2012. Rove played a substantial role in creating George W. Bush as a political figure, getting him elected twice and helping maintain a Republican congress for several years, so his viewpoint has legitimacy.

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A Step Forward In The War On The War On Drugs

This is incredible:

The marijuana legalization bill announced today by Reps. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and Ron Paul (R-Texas), H.R. 2306, would repeal federal penalties for production, distribution, and possession of the drug, leaving the states free to address the issue as they see fit. Under the bill (which Mike Riggs anticipated yesterday), the federal government's role would be limited to preventing importation of marijuana into states that continue to ban it.

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Ayn Rand Style Parenting

Ayn Rand never had children. She reportedly had an abortion early on in her adulthood, according to the fantastic book Goddess of the Market by Jennifer Burns, and was a firm proponent of abortion rights throughout her career. Her views on gender were controversial, as her books often had scenes that bordered on rape, with violent sex scenes galore. Despite having a childish philosophy, children were nowhere to be seen in Rand's novels. 

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A Special Father's Day

For my entire life, Father's Day was a fairly meaningless holiday. A few times I gave presents to or received them from friends of my mother but, for the most part, the holiday meant nothing to me. I didn't know my father. I didn't think much of him or about him since I didn't know.

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New Daily Article: Shameless in Seattle

Thanks to Mike Maiello of Dagblog, I got hooked up with The Daily, the new iPad app, to write some op-ed articles. Since I'm in the familiar environment of Seattle right now, the topic become a familiar one - public education. I hope you like it.

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Rise Of The Man Child

Kay Hymowitz has written a book called Manning Up: How The Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys. The book appears very tantalizing and is sure to ruffle more than a few feathers.

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Autism Isn't New, We Just Forgot How To Deal With It

I was sent an article recently on autism that provided quite a bit of illumination. Here it is: 

Though people with autism face many challenges because of their condition, they may have been capable hunter-gatherers in prehistoric times, according to a paper published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology in May.

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Forcing Organization On The Disorganized

Aspergering out with a friend, who recently suffered an awful car accident and has as a result re-evaluated his life drastically, the discussion came around to overpopulation. This somehow got around to how China is a critically organized society, while the United States was basically formed under agrarian conditions to be as disorganized as efficiently possible.

There's much that can be disputed about that analysis but I think people of all stripes can agree that freedom was foremost in the minds of America's founders, far above unity, equality or even community. 

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Talking Family And Gender

There has been a lot of talk of gender roles lately, at least for me. At the anarchist website I frequent, Gonzo Times, we have been practically stuck on this issue for going on several months. It exploded at its core when one poster revealed himself as a reactionary patriarchalist and found himself in intense debate with his fellow posters (many of whom were outspoken feminists).


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