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Madchild's Rebirth

This one was originally published at Blood Is One. Again, I am a bit weary of posting some of this at Dagblog. I am very curious as to some of your thoughts but also afraid of them? smiley Madchild's music is hardcore, raw rap - pretty unapologetic. 

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"The Great Dictator"

I posted about Kanye West and his latest album on Blood Is One and got a pretty good reception from Michael. I thought of following up with an article here about how his demented, deranged music illustrates how cold, empty and pointless our society has become. As I thought the article out, I didn't really want to pursue it. I figured you all could get more thought about society from this:

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The American Hikikomori

This article originally got published a few weeks ago at Practice of Madness. It's more in line with the material usually published here. Give it a full read - it's a collaboration with a very close friend. Apologies if it's difficult to read here - Jennifer's page is very interactive. If you have trouble, go ahead and read her website from the source:

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Taking A Look Back At The Star Wars Prequels Part Two: Too Much CGI?

This article is a try at new stuff for my website and for me as a writer - let alone for my contributions to Dagblog. I'm limiting myself here - I'm pretty sure I could actually write a book about Star Wars if I let myself loose. Let me know what you think and thanks, Mike, for encouraging me to do this.


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Taking A Look Back At The Star Wars Prequels

Hey guys here is another post from my website Blood Is One - a hip-hop centric but not purely hip-hop pop culture blog. Michael Maiello said he'd like to see the culture content stepped up a bit on Dagblog and I can certainly deliver. I think this topic may appeal to many of you.


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