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How Amtrak Plans To Modernize Its Trains By 2030

Will Amtrak modernization help the United States finally catch up with just about every other developed country that has an extensive rail line?

I really like that the Biden administration and other people high up are putting money in to rail again. I think it's a return to how we traveled before the 1970s and an effort to catch up with all the other developed countries that have extensive rail lines.

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SSRIs and Vaccine Hesitancy

People who have been at Dagblog long enough know that I was on it about antidepressants, the most popular being the serotonin stimulating SSRI drugs. I blogged about it heavily ten years ago and tied it to a mass shooting phenomenon that, certainly at that time, was at a very high level.

Many of the same companies, like Pfizer, which trade in pharmaceuticals, traded also in these vaccines. The government has pushed a sort of enforced competition with these vaccines, hand picking several favorite companies to compete with one another for contracts and acceptance by the public.

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Just Like That, Facebook Is Over

By now, most of you have probably seen advertisements for "Meta," the new corporate name for Facebook, the social media monstrosity that has dominated millions (billions?) of lives for over a decade.

Just as that has occurred, several corporations have made a point of dumping Facebook publicly, including beauty supplier Lush: 

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Young Author Explains Why Millennials Are The Most Depressed Generation In The History Of The World

All that effort during that generation to desegregate. Now we have "intentional spaces" for "people of color," which will necessitate other spaces for people who aren't people of color. It's easy to mock woke ideology but none of its ideas would have gotten this far if they weren't appealing, and they appeal strongest in academia, where young people are, and apparently also in the military, where young people also are.

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All You Need Is Love

I remember all of the mass shootings during the 2010s. Fortunately things don't seem on the same destructive scale, but I think everyone needs to be reminded of something ...


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