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Why I Still Believe In People

I am a radical in life. Why? Despite all evidence to the contrary, I still believe in people.

The news will definitely get you down and much of your personal experience may get you down too. It's common to hear people screaming at one another in this world and the constant barrage of drug and gun deaths certainly makes one feel as if humanity is resigned to a horrible fate.

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Coping With Grief Part Two: The Pain Of Deterioration

Hello all,

I'm writing about Jennifer Reimer again. Some friends have found it odd that I've put together so much public material about her. Privacy around one's passing makes alot of sense for some - however, if you take a look at Jen's website Practice of Madness, you'll find that she made almost all of her life public. Her gripes with her father, her mourning for her mom, whatever was plaguing her mentally, addiction and her physical illnesses - it was all for public display. I also seriously need to get this out for my own good.

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Introducing Open Mikes Q&A: Professional Wrestling

A couple weeks ago, wrestling phenom Ultimate Warrior died. I talked to Michael Maiello about it, hoping to publish it for my website Gonzo Times. My fiance Jennifer Lauren Reimer died in a not unexpected but nonetheless sudden and heartbreaking turn of events and my inbox got flooded with people expressing their condolences. The interview I did with Mike unfortunately got lost along with his offer to make this a regular thing.

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Mr. Rodman Goes To Pyongyang

In the chaos surrounding the possible Syria strike, mass shootings, George Zimmerman and all sorts of other things, you might have missed out on a really strange story - Dennis Rodman's apparent new job as ambassador to North Korea.

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That Degrading Black Culture

It seems like the proverbial shit has been hitting the fan a lot with American society  these days. I grew up in it at its best so I can tell you - at its height, living in America was generally so comfortable that it was easy to ignore things, to bury things and to put lingering problems to the side.

With the economic downturn, the election of Barack Obama and other factors, the American lifestyle itself seems to have changed. The way people behave and talk seems different - the tone is much more extreme than it ever was before.

And of course - what's the thing to hit the fan when America begins to unravel. Race. And with race of course comes pop culture - as Fox News reminded us today: 

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Calling Out White America Part Two: Popping The Bigot Balloon

Something interested happened yesterday. Just as a trio of young black kids in Oklahoma randomly murdered an Australian track runner and illiciting an international incident, this happened elsewhere in the country:


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