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Why Trump and Why the Alt Right

I'm gonna say some things here that perhaps you won't want to hear, especially in a venue like this. I will say it never the less.

There's a reason why Donald Trump made it this far, why he is gaining in the polls and why he could even win.

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Right about the Alt Right

I had quite a few adventures with Dagblog. My most personal moments were shared here - my drug withdrawal, the loss of my wife and my warning, which was very much validated, about the rise of the Alternative Right.

I first started here, nearly six years ago, warning about the Alt Right - a movement of well dressed, charismatic and angry white men - ranging from Alex Jones to Richard Spencer to Augustus Invictus (a Senate candidate in Florida). I have fortunately never met the former and I have spoken to the latter, the most latter of which called me "a piece of shit."

I postulated their rise after working for conservatives in Washington D.C. and encountering casual racist comments that shocked and surprised me (remember 2009 and 2010 were a more innocent time). This was before Black Lives Matter, police shootings, mass shootings or the decline of the American empire in full display. I responded to these comments by researching white supremacy and finding, to my disappointment, a growing and energized movement of white reactionaries fueled with all of the old hatreds - anti-black racism, xenophobia and, of course, anti-Semitism.

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America's Putin

I am currently reading my second book about Vladimir Putin and the response to him. The first book I read was Putinism: Russia and its Future with the West, written by Walter Laqueur, a French-Jewish author who has been studying Russia for decades. I am currently reading Kicking the Kremlin: Russia's New Dissidents and the Battle to Topple Putin.

I live in the United States. I speak with a West Coast American accent. While I am of French ancestry and my mom often is there, my social world is completely in the United States (and France and Western Europe in general are facing basically the same problem). I don't really have other options. I currently live in Berkeley, the part of the US that most liberally allows me to be myself and do what I want.

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Surviving a Toxic Social Environment

One thing that has been said by a friend to me about the 2010s is that it just has been a trip back to the 1970s. The 1970s were a chaotic and, in many ways, hate driven era of American politics, more so than typically: the Black Panthers, George Wallace, Richard Nixon, Kent State, Vietnam, Harvey Milk, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When becoming president after the resignation of Richard Nixon, Ford referred to his presidency as the "end" of a long national nightmare.

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Captain America: Steve Rogers Joins Hydra

I recently read the first issue of Captain America: Steve Rogers, wherein Captain America reveals that not only is the captain a fascist, an agent of the fascist network Hydra, but he always has been.

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What Would An Authoritarian United States Actually Look Like?

The possibility of a Donald Trump presidency, as disturbing and disorienting as that is, is seeming more and more like a real possibility every day. Trump is blatantly advocating for an authoritarian regime and voters seem to be responding positively in kind.

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The Return of White Identity

Anyone who has read Dagblog for a good length of time may remember when and how I came here. I started by blogging about white supremacists. At the time, there was a resurgent website up called Alternative Right, which had a pretty good layout and presented white supremacy as "alternative" and "neo-reactionary."

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Looking Right In The Face At World War

A couple months ago, I wrote a blog proclaiming that America was immersed in a civil war.

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Review: The Man in the High Castle

Man in the High Castle is a new series based off of the 1962 book by author Philip K. Dick. The original book portrays a world in which Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany were victorious in the second world war, with the result being a world split up between the Axis forces. The former United States, where the book is set, is cut in to three pieces - the Japanese Pacific States on one end, the neutral zone, which doesn't align with either and remains as close to the old U.S. and one could still be.

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Twin Burdens: Child Care Costs and Living in Seattle

“Family values” is spoken of often in politics. It usually alludes to incredibly superficial issues – same sex marriage or abortion being among them. The actual politics of raising a family in this society are not mentioned often.

It’s incredibly expensive to raise a child in this country. Daniel Marans, a reporter for the Huffington Post, said that, in many states, it is actually “more expensive than college.” More specifically, the cost of child care for one infant exceeded that of the cost of in state tuition at a public four year university.


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