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    Dagblog Question About Professional Wrestling

    When I first started at Dagblog, I was invited here by Michael Maiello.

    Maiello did a lot of blogging about professional wrestling. At the time, WWE was the only game in town and what was going on there wasn't all that interesting. WWE now has its own subset competition called NXT, along with a competitor called AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

    I have a lot to say about it, but I have to know if Dagblog readers are interested in such a thing first. Let me know!





    You don't need permission, just line things up on single threads, then go on scratch your itch.

    AA can describe where a lengthy post can bog up the In the News review so i believe the longer should be followup comments. Arty?

    Yeah well here on Reader blogs I always just followed the tradition I found when I got here, people made long discussion threads of their interests, and didn't start new ones so as not to hog the space and their fans would go look for it. Think Richard Day. Or the masthead bloggers.

    But it's only us posting here but it strikes me as silly to even think about that.

    Still, it just makes sense to keep everything on one topic on one thread, at least until it scrolls off the menu?

    I did mention that already to Orion once on a health issue, I know that's the way it works best, that's what people do searching for health info. search the internet, they look for people making long thread of info. on their problem. I really do think if he had put things on like anti-depressants on one thread instead of scattering it  allover the website that he would attract people from google! Really I do

    Probably the same thing on wrestling. You have a long thread of stuff, it might attract people

    As far as "In the News", Wolraich once said he just made the space without thinking about it much just for people to plop links they thought were of interest without much effort. But then few did that except him! Hardly anyone was using it and I came from being kicked out of TPM Cafe and started using it. And I like to make threads of related news over time for my own understanding. Like a notebook. Rather than just scattering individual links allover the place-I think scattered news, scattered minds. I'd do it if no one else was here, seriously, works great for me. Turns out Wolraich liked what I was doing with it, but that was maybe a couple years ago, he might have changed his mind. Whatever. I don't know what to say on that. I know one thing, there's a Twitter feed of Dagblog's In the News, every new news post goes there and it has quite a few followers.

    I don't know if the same thing goes for "Reader Blogs", I haven't checked.

    Once upon a time Reader Blogs were actually longer opinions. Now it's maybe longer re-oosts while In the News is shorter blurbs (still threaded). Perhaps. And Creative takes on Obits & History and Cultural... (probably best for wrestling, come to think of it, this Reader Blogs may stick around longer these days)

    After being sterile and lonely for many, many years, suddenly professional wrestling seems to have developed a sense of community and solidarity. When I was growing up, they all hated one another - Macho Man Randy Savage released a "hate song" about Hulk Hogan.

    However, you saw the above video of the Hardy Brothers (real brothers IRL) reuniting. Here is veteran wrestling announcer Tony Schiavone with veteran wrestler William Regal:

    since you brought wrestling up, there's almost a very sophisticated kayfabe quality about this video, just sayin'

    The aerial shot of the soldiers looks like a whole bunch of action figures, honestly.

    And while we're talking about such things, Ukraine toy soldiers wouldn't be a bad product for today's young boys. JS.

    Geez you remind me of the "follow your dreams" commercial  I just saw on tv, some new mom has collicky baby, finds lavender bath calms him, makes a million selling it.

    you better beat it to the patent office ASAP, forget dagblog,.forget the the writing, go make some of those toy soldiers!!! sounds to me like a sure thing!!! laugh

    (I have 4 younger brothers, I KNOW)

    Do you want to help start the Kickstarter campaign? Need those investment dollars.

    Also wondering if you would need the permission of those servicemen.

    I enjoyed this:

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