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Kshama Sawant, Jess Spear, and the Uncompromising “Free” Market

In Seattle, socialist Kshama Sawant has been unusually successful in her progress as city councilwoman. While it will take a good while to apply, she did succeed in pushing $15 minimum wage for the city of Seattle. 

The Socialist Alternative movement continued with Jess Spear, who ran a pretty stellar campaign against Frank Chopp for the position of speaker. Nevertheless, Spear was “overwhelmed,” as the Seattle P.I. put it, with Chopp raking it 80 percent of ballots, and the explanations why are pretty storied.
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Why War? The Military Industrial Complex Doesn't Care About You

In a recent speech, Pope Francis said bluntly that "our economic system leads to war." In an interview with Michael Maiello that I did for this website, Maiello said in response to one of my questions that "capitalism isn't designed to care and no amount of socially conscious corporate governance or philanthro-capitalism can change that.  We picked a system that makes it possible to manage materials but that doesn't meet human emotional needs at all."

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Q&A With Michael Maiello On Robin Williams, Capitalism And Life

Michael Maiello is probably at the top of my list of internet and writing/publishing friends. He is a regular contributor at Dagblog and the author of several books and a comical play about the Iraq war. I have known him for three years now and he has helped me a bit - gotten me published and helped me through some traumatic life events such as my rehabilitation from SSRI antidepressant use and the loss of my fiancé Jennifer Reimer. He did all of this online too! Maiello, like me, is a deep thinker, and through our talks we don't really seek to avoid but rather to inform. This one is short but filled with some very weighty topics that I know are on many minds. Here goes.

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Eery Stuff In Seattle

This Seattle Pacific shooting is some eerie stuff. Immediately after I heard about it, I told my landlord about it and her response literally was "What the hell?"

Seattle Pacific University is a very quiet, conservative religious university in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. The university is so quiet and (normally) uneventful that I was pretty unaware of its existence in to my late teen years and my recent trip there was my first real visit there.

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The Killer Profile Part Three: Sexual Alienation And The Insane Young Man

Here we go again. Another mass shooting. Society watches again as another mass shooting occurs as if an insane person, who many people warned was insane, being able to obtain deadly weapons and use them on bystanders was something we could no more stop from happening than a hurricane or tsunami.

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Why I Still Believe In People

I am a radical in life. Why? Despite all evidence to the contrary, I still believe in people.

The news will definitely get you down and much of your personal experience may get you down too. It's common to hear people screaming at one another in this world and the constant barrage of drug and gun deaths certainly makes one feel as if humanity is resigned to a horrible fate.

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Coping With Grief Part Two: The Pain Of Deterioration

Hello all,

I'm writing about Jennifer Reimer again. Some friends have found it odd that I've put together so much public material about her. Privacy around one's passing makes alot of sense for some - however, if you take a look at Jen's website Practice of Madness, you'll find that she made almost all of her life public. Her gripes with her father, her mourning for her mom, whatever was plaguing her mentally, addiction and her physical illnesses - it was all for public display. I also seriously need to get this out for my own good.


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