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    Hello all!

    I'm applying to remote work right now. I would like to use some of you as references, given that I have known you for a decade now and we have kept a dialogue going for years that has done nothing but progress. 

    I once obtained a job by using Michael Maiello as a reference. Artappraiser, especially, let me know if you are willing. Please! I can be messaged at OrionXP61 at sign gmail.com.

    Thank you.


    Very sorry but no can do under real name, though you can certainly use whatever I have posted under "artappraiser" as a reader and commenter. I'm not at all a writer like Maiello, I really am in the very specialized fine art field. (It wouldn't do you much good if I could - to publishing people I am nobody. If you were applying for curatorial jobs it might. Maeillo, on the other hand, is in the field. )

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