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    [Canada] What do you guys think of what's going on in Canada?

    Conservatives on Twitter seem to think it's Tianeman Square. There's not much mention of it here at Dag at all. The headlines seem to match what is on Twitter. What do you all think?


    #FakeNews - boring sock puppet agitprop.

    Okay then.

    hey, I posted A LOT on it, including my own thoughts, on this thread ("A night with the untouchables.)

    Me and PP also revisited some of those points on my Bill Maher thread, especially how they are doing a lot of meme borrowing from Black Lives Matter 2020.

    BTW, it's also going on in New Zealand, though there they are occupying the Parliament lawn

    It might turn out to be the wise way to handle it, perhaps Trudeau is giving them the attention they want. As far as NZ citizens tho, seems to me that a lot of centrist people are pretty upset over it, as it's symbolic like Jan. 6 was here.

    Meanwhile in Ottawa:

    The facts on Freedom Convoy leader Chris Barber,46. Father, husband, no criminal record. after his arrest, he said he just wanted to go home (swift current, SK) 20 acre farm
    Says he’ll never protest again after one night in @OttawaPolice cellhttps://t.co/WUjaRwv913

    — Gary Dimmock (@crimegarden) February 19, 2022

    It IS like Tiananmen Square and Arab spring in that they got a lot of media attention from libertarian sympathizers allover the world but it hasn't affected much at all as to supposed goals and the organizers are gonna end up getting less "freedom" not more. At a certain point those who prefer "law and order" and civilization are going to think: enough of a minority occupying public spaces and infringing on others who like civilization. The majority are sympathetic to libertarian views as long as they don't infringe too much on civilization. If you insist on doing so, back to your lonely spaces for you.

    Actually early on I posted a news item on it on one of your threads advocating trucker jobs for youth. I wondered at that time whether you realized that cross-country trucking is a sub-culture long infused with a libertarian and ant-establishment "take your job and shove it, I'm gonna be a trucker" ethos (and Trump is just their kind of guy - the opposite of a "go along, get along" type.) Where "Smokey," the rule enforcer, is their main day-to-day enemy.

    This is the main link with official BLM and affiliates they are anarchist police abolitionists. Because they are so focused on racial-cultural tribe,they don't see the link, they think their tribe would be law-abiding if freed from its yoke of the rest of civilization which they deem racist. This is why the comparison with Chinese Red Guards often appears correct - purging all 'freedom fighters" from the majority and then they think self-civilization will end up ruling. The current Chinese Communist party wants nothing as much as maintaining an obedient civilization among the majority.


    Just another example of BLM-style outrage against the cops, now often bucked up by cellphone video used outside of a court of law without sufficent vetting, nearly the exact same narrative I read in stories in 2020 (and echoed by a certain commenter here on Dagblog who more than once explained that all cops were liars, they just lie)

    You liars. Your horses ran over an elderly woman and her walker/mobility scooter. It’s all on tape. You charged an old lady on horseback. You could have killed her. Which you would have lied about too. https://t.co/Q40V7SbKFd

    — Ezra Levant (@ezralevant) February 19, 2022

    It's the same old thing, emotional anecdotal narrative about cops proving the outraged total irrational mistrust. Rather than studying things like stats and how some police procedures rely on fear to keep crime under control, and others rationally rely on profiling of physical types, and the majority approves of that to keep civilization, the activists look for anything, any example to prove their preferred narrative that as agents of an unfair government, all cops are in it to railroad innocent people and must be done away with.

    Still nice to see (hear) that men can be Karens too - equal time and all.

    back to New Zealand, just retweeted by a handicapped lady I follow there:

    and here she is just now, tweeting her own opinion (BTW, she is very woke as to pro-indigenous rights and culture, bascially their version of BLM)

    dejas vus allover again, in 2020 Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms telling Atlanta protesters burning cop cars and trying to tear down CNN headquarters signs:


    In Canada they have "freedom of peaceful assembly". So it all depends on what your definition of "peaceful" is

    Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. pic.twitter.com/GT0Zjl5rCv

    — Bob - Fact Checker (@Bob31685906) February 20, 2022

    Me, I don't think honking of horns as "peaceful", even one car horn honking is not peaceful.

    We have honking with wedding processions. A lot depends on for how long. Days obviously is disruptive & disturbs the peace.

    one of the replies to MacKenzie Gray's thread--turn sound on--typical Canadian quality humor


    "And by the time they came for my hot tub, there was no one to stand up for me..."
    Still, I imagined something better than this.

    is this guy not saying waaaaaah mommy it's not fair we wanna be free to be able to riot and loot too?

    why don't they see that if they are anti-policing libertarians they are on the same side?! you either want security for civilization or you don't.

    perhaps we New Yorkers get it more easily after 9/11, that you've got to put up with infringement of some personal liberty to be safe

    But still-geez-it's like: have these people ever taken an airplane since hijackings started? You can have air travel with security or you can have no air travel, it's just the way it is, there's no such thing as "freedom" in airports. even if you have your own plane, there's rules and "police", it's call air control

    But it's not over in New Zealand! This was just retweeted by the lady I follow that lives there:

    I think now that we may be underestimating the effect that Jan. 6 had on other governments around the world. In Canada, Paris, New Zealand and elsewhere, they want to nip these libertarian occupation protests in the bud before they become a mob and get out of hand. Especially if their target is main government buildings or areas.

    And not only that, the principles currently involved with the Ukraine issue are also about security--policing and civilization--NATO alliance vs. "libertarian" thug nation states doing whatever they damn well please against weaker nation states using their military might--

    And yes, that's quite a leap because the world of nation states is not the same as policing citizens from becoming a mob. Still I suspect western leaders are making that leap and I suspect Biden is on board with that kind of thinking.

    a valid argument from the libertarian side:

    I'm really just: WHY O WHY DOES ANYONE HAVE TO PROTEST BY OCCUPYING PUBLIC PLACES WITHOUT A LICENSE TO DO SO, especially in this day and age? Even the UK of old limited it to Hyde Park. The public spaces are for everyone's use, not to be taken over by one interest group.

    It's simply a no-go zone, they don't have a permit to protest there, and it's with ample warning:

    DEMONSTRATORS: You must leave. You must cease further unlawful activity and immediately remove your vehicle and/or property from all unlawful protest sites. Anyone within the unlawful protest site may be arrested. #ottawa pic.twitter.com/c8zblopzCI

    — Ottawa Police (@OttawaPolice) February 21, 2022

    And yes, that is both like Tianamen Square, and the grounds and halls of Congress, or the White House.

    And note they are not seizing private property, they don't want it, they want the protesters to take it along.

    Protesters can protest elsewhere, they are not banning protest. The internet is a good place to do that, especially in Canada, where it's cold outside right now.

    If only Minneapolis had had the guts to do that, they might not have had to replace a police station and a neighborhood wouldn't have been ruined. If only the Capitol Police had been amply prepared to not let anyone breach the grounds of Congress on Jan. 6, we wouldn't be spending tax money and Congress' time on investigation of how that happened.

    more just retweeted from my New Zealand Twitter pal - that majority feels the "dirty rats" should #GoHome

    And the two petitions are still up. But guess which one is in front? Rhetorical question of course. The majority is getting 'louder'. #GoHome Covid spreading #Clownvoynz You're NOT the heroes you think you are. You're all full of the poodark matter. Leave you dirty rats. pic.twitter.com/D1uk6ujJG1

    — Tanya Robinson (@_TanyaRobinson_) February 21, 2022

    edit to add, she just retweeted this as well

    When some things (and some groups of people) seem out of control it’s nice to be somewhere peaceful and serene. #endtheprotest pic.twitter.com/E5J2FtRjV3

    — Owhiro Bay (@OwhiroBay) February 21, 2022

    and they don't even have to deal with honking horns

    there's very serious debate still going on about it in Canada. for example


    I think I am beginning to see why my trucker article for a progressive magazine got rejected. If the Biden administration is actually serious about intervening in the trucking industry, it could be a much more serious issue than what's even going on in Canada: https://youtu.be/rW0yol5Q4w4

    "Catastrophe of Canada"

    This podcast is a bit hysterical. They are psychoanalyzing Justin Trudeau the way that the Left did with George W. Bush, arguing that this is his way of presenting his masculinity in relation to his father Pierre Trudeau. 

    There is also a right wing conspiracy that he is really Fidel Castro's love child.


    Howard Dean's opinion on what the new U.S. convoy is up to:

    Very Trudeau: enough of this nonsense!

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