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    Brookings Institution on "Men not at work: Why so many men ages of 25 to 54 are not working"

    Another take on this strange phenomenon. 

    They note that labor participation isn't particularly great with women generally either but just skip right over what that means. Go figure.



    More on the topic: 






    Women get the train *free* even to eacape but men have to work/fight/carry the republic on their shoulders. How lobsided and unfair can it be?

    There is currently a humanitarian train regularly departing from Lviv's central station toward the Medyka border crossing with Poland, primarily for women and children though some foreigners are being allowed onboard. 

    That paragraph makes it sound like men qualify as foreigners.

    Foreigners of whatever sex likely, yes. Except for the worry/panic that Africans & Indians were being held back.

    there was a segment on CNN this afternoon about a young Ukrainian couple, trying to get out with their NEWBORN (white skin and born in Ukraine), as in 2 days old, which they were afraid was going to die all the while, much less the poor mother. They would not let them into Poland because the newborn had no papers!!! Of course the infant had no papers. So the media attention got them some kind of fast track help at the border. The help: fast track papers, while they wait at the border, cause: nobody gets in without papers.

    I read somewhere that its like the fastest movement of that number refugees like ever. It's chaos, in that situation of volunteers and everything, it's actually a remarkable job.

    Have some dark foreigners experienced some prejudice from some white people, especially when people are fighting for places on a train or in line. Yes, of course, like anywhere else, some people are tribal and/or racist.

    But keep in mind this is a war about national boundaries! Few involved are going to dissolve rules about keeping those intact. Foreigners should be getting help from their embassies, not just expecting Poland to immediately accept anyone knocking at the door when they are already taking in so many next door neighbors

    Google & you see Aussie, Arkansas, Californian, Brits...taking out surrogate newborns from Ukraine. Yes, good to ask for papers, even tho exceptions will be made. A big business, trading in tykes.

    They're planning to focus more on California enrollees than out of state, which wouldn't necessarily change what's posted about it here but might. IDK.

    I think universities should open up departments for hands on craftsmanship and things like that and just leave the rest of the institution as it is. Make everyone happy.

    Some things I have been collecting that I think are related.

    This is #1. He's not so much a role model as that he feels he's needed and has a purpose:


    “My life today is wonderful, I believe that I am needed… That’s the most important sense of life, that you are needed, that you are not just an emptiness that breathes and walks and eats something.”

    — Pres. Zelenskyy, via translator, asked about his living conditions in Ukraine pic.twitter.com/Qtv48yuB1W

    — The Recount (@therecount) March 3, 2022


    That does not happen if your parents continue to support your every need and protect and prevent you from risking failure continuing into your adult life (instead of the more traditional transition to the situation being the other way around):


    perhaps because we tend to live longer than our ancestors, we are now maturing later; parents remain actively involved in their children's lives for much longer. the pandemic kept many college-age offspring at home, in their rooms, trapped on Zoom for hours, an enforced childhood https://t.co/5mzxUHO1c5

    — Joyce Carol Oates (@JoyceCarolOates) March 6, 2022



    My piece in today's NYPost!

    Main point: We are FORCED to spend so much time w/ our kids, we see all the dumb stuff they're doing THAT OUR PARENTS DIDN'T SEE.

    So we jump in--not allowing our kids to try, FAIL & thus learn. This undermines development. https://t.co/uJdOTCOUgJ

    — Lenore Skenazy (@FreeRangeKids) March 6, 2022



    Parental duty requires to prepare children for adulthood, not perpetually pamper them as permanent children.

    — Pil Roberts ConstitutionDefender Freedom (@PilRoberts) March 6, 2022


    And it's not just helicopter parenting by elites. It's common enough for baby daddies who have sired several children by different mothers, to still go home to their own mom's house at night.

    (I am reminded there was a story on one of my old Policing Abuse threads about an over 18 black kid being stopped by the police for car not properly registered-he was driving around with his babe of the night-turns out he hadn't shown up in court for one of several outstanding cases--anyhow, turns out MOM BOUGHT HIM THE CAR!!! After he had been previously arrested. As like a reward for getting in trouble or what? Spoiled favored male "children" are not exclusive to elites.)

    The thing I note about your reasoning about this that I think is faulty: you seem to think it's about loss of extended family and "community". I think it's just the opposite! I think the problem is that men have an identity crisis in that they can't fulfill the role of post-WWII norms of a nuclear family with the male as the the head of the family. They've gone back to being part of an extended family (in underclass cases that family is run by mom) living in mom and dad's basement. Just like kids during the Depression.

    This photo reminds me that was a difference back in the "old days" though. Again, like I said on your other thread, it you didn't bring in enough to feed not just yourself but the littler kids and the disabled, get the fuck out at 18:


    New York Shoe-Shine Boy, 1947. Photo by Stanley Kubrick pic.twitter.com/X3TOzHrUR2

    — María A. (@zarandillo) March 5, 2022


    You want to see more men in the workforce? (Do you? I'm not suggesting everyone does.) The solution would be simple: if no longer in school/college full time, parents should start charging them rent for those basements or they are outta there, on their own.

    P.S. throw this in there

    Not sure how many had the "nuclear family" when men were working a lot or going to bars, though weekends were less worked or occupied by internet. TV as "nuclear"?

    Good to see we recognize again men will largely be the ones to fight and die, even if it's over there in Ukraine. This "grrrl power" was getting a bit absurd.

    This is exactly right, artappraiser.

    One of the best jobs that young men can have is security. The job is easy enough to get for most men and, when you are one, suddenly a whole bunch of negatives of manhood become positives. The more intimidating you are, the better. You solve problems and make people feel more secure. It looks like they are doing nothing until they're gone, just like police. 

    To be honest, though, that scenario of kicking someone out could also lead to dealing drugs, living in state subsidized solitude, etc. Young men need to be told to do something that is not optional. 



    As you can see by that, Forrest Gump just did whatever his sergeant told him to do. Most men today are doing the same thing and, since society, the family, etc. aren't telling them to do anything, they're not doing anything.

    Many GenX and Millennials admire the Greatest Generation. As a boomer, I like to note this was generally their advice, which other generations seem to ignore

    Quit your whining, thank your lucky stars, otherwise known as

    why do you think you're so special? everyone has their cross to bear, otherwise known as 


    Where it started...

    Seems to fit the meme to me:

    A current male role model

    [....] The video for “Play For Keeps” finds Glock surrounding himself with the spoils of his independent dominance. Whether he’s maneuvering in his McLaren, cruising in his Cullinan, or wreaking havoc in his Hellcat, he proves that few things are more dangerous than a man with options, and Glock has plenty: “Money in my pocket, in my hand, and on your head,” he raps, “Cheating with my K, sleeping with Nina in the bed.”

    After his 2021 project, Yellow Tape 2, debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200 chart, #1 on the Independent Albums chart, and #2 on the Top Rap Albums chart, Key Glock kicked off his 2022 with a new drive and sense of direction. “Play For Keeps” arrives in the wake of Glock’s recent single, “Pain Killers,” which saw the Memphis native double down on his commitment to the hustle and his indifference to the competition. “Play For Keeps” and “Pain Killers” set the stage for Yellow Tape 2 (Deluxe), Glock’s expansion on his hit 2021 album which arrives March 25th via Paper Route Empire.

    The success of Yellow Tape 2 proved beyond all doubt that Key Glock is a standalone star in the truest sense. . With the 20-track project, Glock cracked his first solo entrance into the Top 10 on the Billboard 200, racked up over 70 million streams on Spotify alone, and did it all without a major label or a single guest feature. In January, Glock paid tribute to his cousin, mentor, and friend, Young Dolph, with his potent tribute, “Proud,” which earned over 4 million views in its first three days, and received praise from The New York Times, among others [....]

    from New Video: Key Glock – “Play For Keeps” at BRANDNEWHIPHOP  MARCH 17, 2022

    Last thing he wants or needs is a job working for someone else,  that's for losers and pussies.

    clearly, here's an average joe (below average?) who's not interested in working a regular job -

    I am just curious why he doesn't have a better video setup if he's got so much money...

    noted that lots of employment has become tenuous, therefore, best not to wrap one's ego up in your job; job as ego, that's no longer a reality for many

    I thought of this thread upon seeing the below. (That is all.)

    End of men indeed

    I don't know if this is relevant but here it is: https://nypost.com/2022/04/18/jon-stewarts-new-show-on-appletv-is-a-repo...


    I know we had a few fans here, so there it is 

    One thing I will say: the society in 2022 is generally leaving men alone. That's a whole lot better than trying to correct and transform them. It did try to do that but appears to have given up. There's actually an opportunity in that for real freedom.

    When it comes back for them, it may have a clearer idea of what it wants of them. And if society never comes back for them, there's the opportunity of a lifetime to just be themselves.

    In a society that requires people to constantly sell themselves, that can appear like the end, but most of humanity in history lived off the grid, so to speak: farming, cultivating the earth, working the jobs that keep civilization running. In medieval Europe, that concept was common sense, but individualism has people seeing themselves as commodities for sale and if they're not on the table, well then, that's the end.

    The limelight is not necessary.

    In the medieval world, you had Don Quixote types who wanted to return to Knights of Old. Whole swaths of European history had female rule. It's new in the American experience but the American experience is artificial and tells us little about the human condition.


    Just not getting where men have supposedly gone, how balance of exploited & in control is different from most ages, etc. Men had to self-promote walking the city for a job in 1880. It's easier now... As 1 item...

    this guy's trying to sell getting back "the limelight" (as Bump notes, with questionable info.)

    The testicle-tanning thing is a great bit of marketing. But don't overlook the point of Carlson's shows — undercutting expertise — or that the trailer's featured expert on the purported decline of testosterone is RFK Jr. https://t.co/D6zqjiAcZJ

    — Philip Bump (@pbump) April 18, 2022

    but to who? there's the rub....a reminder that his demographic is aged and small in the scheme of things these days, if "libruls" weren't doing all the P.R. for his memes by countering them with daily outrage, he'd be preaching to same 2.8 million mostly retirement-age people at night, if lucky (some of his current audience might get bored if liberals weren't expressing outrage about him all the time?)

    Even with a major war ongoing, the continued disappearance of MSNBC and CNN's audience is extreme and rapid. The number of viewers under 55 watching MSBNC's prime-time shows is barely 100k or less. These are mid-level YouTube numbers. pic.twitter.com/agrrwSLTe5

    — Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 12, 2022

    certainly not many younger guys of "working age", ask the advertisers, they know that....

    just thought I would share what I noticed trending, has a job but apparently not working much at itcheeky

    He Reveals What 1950s "Real" Men Thought & Felt & Did & Didn't Do. An Ordinary Man Speaks His Truth

    He gets to the key words early on: easily satisfied.

    I think you'd benefit greatly by listening to this. This is what most men pre-boomer were like.

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