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Music: Tilhas - An Old Man's Religion

Hello all!

At the urging of PeraclesPlease, I have started a Patreon account which will feature educational material about the Jazz Age. In the mean time, I have an album I put together last year called "An Old Man's Religion." Take a listen and throw a few dollars at it:

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Music: Stan Kenton - A Little Minor Booze

I decided to do something interesting at Dagblog that I think readers here are prone to appreciate. We have users with names like "Artappraiser," right? During the 2000s, before smart phones or YouTube or social media being at the level they are now at, there were MP3 blogs. People would write about music they like and give a biography about the sounds that was either historical or personal, or something else entirely.


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Considering The Unthinkable: A Trump Coup

If you look up "presidential results 2020" on Google, you will find a pretty clear cut case: Democratic nominee Joe Biden has 306 electoral votes to Donald Trump's 232. Under any normal circumstance, this would be as clear a case as any, but these are not normal circumstances.


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Black Lives Matter Goes In A Surprising Direction

I was surprised to see that the BLM movement has been targeting elements of the eugenics movement. August Vollmer, the first police chief of Berkeley, actually made a show of appointing African Americans, while advocating for sterilizing the disabled and disproportionately policing African Americans. BLM supporters want to rename a park named after him:  

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Random Thoughts On The World Part 2: The Alt Right, Terrorism and White Supremacy

Back when I was in a movement conservatism, I met a few people who gave off a warning of the Alt Right. I wrote a few articles trying to warn of it and people told me I was crazy. At the time I tried writing about it, a man was arrested near Spokane with enough explosives to cause serious destruction during a Martin Luther King Day celebration. That along with other factors made me essentially throw in the towel. It seemed like no one cared to heed warnings.

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Francis in the Missionary Position

There was a lot of hype about Pope Francis, all of which suddenly and abruptly dropped off. He came on to the scene speaking about income inequality, an issue largely neglected before the so called "populist revolution" broke out, and promised to vindicate the legacy of Oscar Romero and others who fought for equity. People like Bill Maher bought the hype of the new tone, saying he thought Francis was really "an atheist" when he was really fully prepared to protect the institution he spent his whole life in.

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Check Out My Music

I wrote this song (vocals, guitar and samples are by singer Eva Gnostiquette). Check it out: 


This one too:


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A Flashback To Nixon

Dag readers no doubt heard about Trump's offensive comments toward female Democratic congresswomen. I thought it'd be prescient to remember when a similar man was in the White House (Nixon even personally told Trump once that he would "make a great president"). Just imagine if he had had a Twitter account: 



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