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    Music: Stan Kenton - A Little Minor Booze

    I decided to do something interesting at Dagblog that I think readers here are prone to appreciate. We have users with names like "Artappraiser," right? During the 2000s, before smart phones or YouTube or social media being at the level they are now at, there were MP3 blogs. People would write about music they like and give a biography about the sounds that was either historical or personal, or something else entirely.



    One of the top comments on this song said "Not many of us left who can appreciate the "Kenton sound". A jazz Maestro second to none." That may be true - however, we just elected a president who is too old to be a Baby Boomer. Biden is a member of "the silent generation" and one of his reported gaffes, accidentally calling Charlie Baker "Charlie Parker," indicates that he is a bit of a jazz man. Could a Biden era be a jazz rebirth era? That would be interesting. Jazz might be exactly what America needs to calm itself down.

    My grandma Dodie used to listen to Lawrence Welk, Glenn Miller, and Bing Crosby. The music was fantastic and I've met other people who inherited this from their grandparents. There is a radio station up in Seattle, Washington called KIXI that regularly plays "music as cool now as it was then" or something to that effect. There must be a market for it somewhere.

    The above song was performed at University of Redlands, a private university in California that is still venerated. Stan Kenton was one of the first aficionados of Latin jazz, flirting with its rhythms in a big band style, although never going as far in to bossa nova as Sten Getz. He was regularly spotlighted on the radio during his time - here you can hear him on "Jubillee," a 1950s program that was aimed at African American servicemen:


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    Orion...thank you for this . . .

    Trombone player here. Big Bands have always
    been my favorites from the beginning.

    And music has allowed me to travel the world.

    Check out my post over here:

    The Highway is My Middle Name



    I'm glad to know this is appreciated. I have an unusual level of knowledge about this subject - as I noted, there was a radio station that played this sort of thing where I grew up. I started a Patreon account and this will be the start of many.

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