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How the GOP Didn't Get "Si Se Puede"

After watching the exit polls since Tuesday night, I have to say that I'm most overwhelmed by the so-called Hispanic vote. So-called because “Hispanics” are more than just “Hispanics”. They are Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Latino, etc. etc.

This Is Just To Say

ArticleMan and Nate had it right on.  I now know who to trust, in the future.


Friends kept whining to me about how worried they were, and I said, "Nope, no worries, Artie and Nate know what they're talking about.  We got this."


And you know what?  Artie and Nate got it.



Just Off the Top of My Head, Here...

...You know what I don't get?

Here in the U.S., we seem to applaud other countries when the people in other countries stand up for their rights, and fight back and get all angry and shit.  We sit back and mildly yell, "Right On!" from our sofas.

We love the underdogs.

We love to see Mister Smith going to Washington and Luke and Leia getting laid (but not with each other) and everyone fighting for their rights (but getting along and fighting the good fight, sister and brother, before learning that Darth Vader is their father and sort of killed their mother).  We love to see the kicked-in-the-sand guy standing up to the muscle man on the beach.  Archie beats Reggie and gets BOTH Veronica and Betty.  Shaggy and Scooby solve the mystery AND get a snack.

Team Me

This is not political.  It's personal.  Sometimes, the twain shall meet.

Since moving in with my mother, last September, I've found that I'm not all I'm cracked up to be.  I thought I had my act together, and that it was my mother who was the fragmented soul.


My mother was diagnosed with depression-based dementia, last summer.  I was diagnosed with "unemployed and broke".  So we decided I should move in with her, up in PA.  We needed each other.

I think I wrote about this. 

Lovin' the Liberals

Hello, all. Sorry I haven't been posting very much. I've been pretty busy since moving to Pennsylvania. As most of you know, I am living with my mother and helping her out a bit (driving her to appointments, overseeing her meds, etc.) and I also joined the Pike County Choral Society in late autumn. Finally, I got a part-time job (yay!!) last month, working the front desk at our community's administration office. I'm finally off unemployment and it feels SOOOO GOOD!!!

On Singing Latin, and Other Uncomfortable Things

Well, as most of you know, I moved to Pennsylvania and am settling in.  I joined the Pike County Choral Society because my mother and sister are altos there and I thought it would be fun to sing again.  I haven't sung in a choir since high school.  Seriously.  I am so out of practice it isn't funny.  

Judge Not

I keep trying to figure out what's wrong with everybody.  And all I can come up with is that everybody else is trying to figure out the same thing.

Yet none of us can agree on what's wrong, or right.  We just want to know that we're justified in judging others, I guess.

And all I want to keep asking is, "Who died and made US the judge???"


Hi, Dag. 

I've missed a lot of you.  I don't think I've missed politics too much, but I've missed a lot of you personally.  :)

Tonight I opened up the Paradigm chat room, at Once Upon a Paradigm, and it was good to see so many friends again after many months of being away from everybody.  I mean, I've stayed in touch with Dick, of course, and with many others here, through emails and Facebook and stuff, but, it's not quite the same (for me, anyway), as it used to be.

My Goodness

Gracious, me.

Seems the Obama bashing folks have taken over this place while I've not visited.  And yet they STILL cannot come up with any alternatives, nor any new thoughts.

My goodness.

But....the sports posts have been excellent. 




Oh the Disparity!

For some reason, tonight my mind is pondering these two different HGTV (Home and Garden TV channel, via cable) specials.

I saw both of these at some point last year.  They struck me then, and even more so now, as being the perfect illustration as to what is wrong with our country today.


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