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Perhaps It's the Candidate

Perhaps it's the message.

Perhaps it's the country.

Perhaps it's girls.








Too big to fail?


Where the boys are.

Perhaps it's the person.

Perhaps it's the people.

Perhaps it's the baggage in an airport in the Cayman Islands.

Perhaps it's circumstance.

Perhaps it's the Times.

Perhaps it's time.. think...

...that perhaps it's the candidate.



We Are Now Being Too Politically Correct

Apparently, climate change and racism are now "boutique issues".

The right-wing press has been issued orders to paint the Liberals/Left (commies, marxists) as being PC pansies who are biting their own tongues in an effort to stifle Amer'ca.

Just sayin'.


Ben Carson Solves Syria's Problem

And in the news today..Ben Carson visited Syria this weekend, and determined that the refugees don't want to come here because they are all happy in their refugee camps over there...or WILL be, once they have water, food, clothing, plumbing and electricity. Dr. Carson says that the US should simply donate funds independently, like, say, through PayPal or their local church.

Case solved, Dr. Carson! Yay for you!

OUR Town

Here in NEPA we have a free newsletter that is distributed in supermarkets, local shops, delis, laundromats, etc. And this guy that owns this newsletter always writes an editorial piece on the front page. Well, this week's front page has a nice Thanksgiving image on the cover, but the title of this guy's piece basically says, "WTF do we have to be thankful for??" and he proceeds to do his usual tirade about politics that takes up two pages.

Dem Debate Tonight (Open Thread for Reactions)

O'Malley did a good job of pushing at the front runners, now and then.  And he had some smart little soundbites, here and there.

But Clinton and Sanders ran 41 to 40 percent interest all night, in CBS polling.

About what I expected.

What I walked away with, tonight, is that Clinton is great, but Sanders is doing almost as good in the polls and opinions.  What I walked away with, tonight, is that people ARE taking Bernie Sanders seriously....including Hillary.


And While I'm Here..On Home Schooling!


I do not think I like this trend

I do not like this trend at all

I do not like it big or tall

I do not like it down a fall

I do not like it with my eggs

I do not like it t'ween my legs

I do not like this trend at all

Contextually Speaking...Just Sayin'

A lot of sound bites have been thrown around, so far, in the run for the Presidency in 2016.

So many things have been said, by some candidates, that said candidates are now wishing they had never opened their mouths to speak...

...or even have run at all.


I would like to just concentrate on one sound bite that stands out to me, so far, the most, in the race.

"Enough about the emails!  We don't care about the damn emails!!"

A Tale of Two Campuses

The media just doesn't get it.

It's not that black people are whiny.  The comments at the post I link to here upset me even more than the article itself does.

And people want to use the incident at Yale as a counterpoint, as if.


I have a question, and I'm hoping you will all provide your answers. 

OK, here it goes.

If Hillary is elected President, what will she change, and how will she change it?

OK, let me clarify that question, first.

If Hillary is elected President, and we still have a majority of Republicans in the House and can barely hold the Senate, what will she change, and how will she change it?



I'll follow my party, dammit.  I'll vote like a good little Dem.  But anyone who keeps commenting on this site about how we need to be herded like good little Dem cats has to hear a lot from us who never liked the Clintons and who want something more.

Let the debates occur, and let Bernie - and the others - be heard. 

We who wanted Obama had the PUMA's and everything else before we had to make our votes - and even after! - so shut up and let us do our research.

Let us look at other candidates, let us consider other options. 

Let us LOOK!




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