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The Presidential Election and an Aging Population

Trump’s latest tweets are relevant. Hillary’s emails are relevant. Paid speeches? Financial ties to Moscow? Bitter, sexist remarks? All relevant.

But for every news story that sheds light on these candidates’ characters, several more stories go unwritten — particularly about how this election will impact America’s aging population, and to what extent senior citizens will be cared for in either a Clinton or Trump administration.

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How Will NASA Fare Under a Trump or Clinton Presidency?

The presidential race has narrowed to two major candidates: Trump and Clinton. We all know this by now — but did you know that neither candidate has said much about science?

There’s already plenty to be concerned about, but a growing topic in the scientific world is the future of space travel. Will NASA receive more funding or more cuts? Unfortunately, the candidates have remained virtually silent about this.

We've scraped together the bits and pieces of our candidate's views:

The Donald: Forget About It!

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#GorillaLivesMatter — Why the Internet Went Insane

What does it say about us, as a species, that the loss of animal life seems to provoke more sympathy and gnashing of teeth than the loss of human life? Evolution results in the expression of altruistic behaviors in species as diverse as ravens and macaques on a regular basis, after all.

So what went wrong with us? Did evolution fail us — or is it the other way around?

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Flint Water: Too Little, Too Late

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been going on a lot longer than people have been hearing about it. The residents of Flint had been drinking contaminated water for well over a year before any one even bothered to hear them out, let alone try and fix the problem.

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Thoughts on Why Energy Will Be a Huge Part of the 2016 Election

Politics is no longer a civil discourse about two ways to take positive actions that will benefit our country. One of the areas that is up for debate is energy. Even though the changing climate is one of the most imminent dangers facing our country, it’s hardly gotten any coverage. Compared to the gun control, women’s rights, equality, immigration and health care topics, energy has taken a backseat. While those are important issues, none of them will matter if our world collapses.

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Investing Well: The State of the Oil Industry Post-COP21

It’s no secret that to ensure a safe future for generations to come, we need to live in harmony with nature.

Rather than burning fossil fuels to power our homes and relying on cars that run on gasoline — both of which pollute the air and contribute to greenhouse gases — it is our responsibility to seek alternative energy sources, those which are renewable and don’t adversely affect the environment.

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How COP21 Affects Car Manufacturers

This year, nearly 200 nations convened in Paris to discuss the future of the planet. The issue at hand was climate change. With greenhouse gases pumped into the air by various forms of industry, the temperature of the Earth is rising, slowly but surely. The last five years are the hottest five-year span ever recorded, and this year the average temperature of the Earth is expected to reach 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

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