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Thank you Justice Scalia

I can think of nothing that could demonstrate more conclusively the need for a robust and comprehensive program of affirmative action in this society than the ease with which  you proffered such a distillate of racist bigotry in today’s Supreme Court hearing, and that you could do so without the slightest evidence of discomfort nor hesitance, and that among the assemblage of high jurists, legal experts and practitioners there was not the slightest gasp of disbelief that such a thing could be uttered anywhere in public least of all in the Supreme Court.

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A Note From Underground

Long ago I was told that the Russian word  подполья which is usually translated “underground” and which is part of the title of Dostoyevsky’s short essay “Notes From Underground” is a word for a place that does not exist.  Specifically it denotes the space between the ceiling of one floor of a building and the floor above that ceiling.  It is neither the ceiling nor the surface of the floor above.

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Moo - beep beep beep

I just had to pass along this blog post by someone I follow:

And if you are looking for an alternative appreciation of the whole subject of fallout, this heavily footnoted presentation is interesting I think.  Start with the section titled “Bending Fear Into Insight.”


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Dieu et Mon Droit

Yesterday the queen read her message at the opening of the new Parliament.  Understandably she was pre-occupied with the royal fears surrounding the apparent disappearance of much of the crown’s most treasured jewel encrusted and artfully wrought precious metal diadems and brooches and other symbols of stature and privilege.  With the pluck characteristic of her nation’s personality, she waved aside any fears that the dignity and status of her noble peerage had disappeared along with the diamonds and emeralds.

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A Happy Christmas Story

The Christmas season in the year 2000 was filled with extra anticipation.  No one knew what to expect from the President Elect whose victory had the most sober observers of public affairs emptying their caches of superlatives to describe what might be in store for the nation.  One Liberal wag penned that it was an event as momentous as Caesar crossing the Rubicon.  A Conservative former Congressman predicted that every value of his party was in play.  Everyone had an opinion on the impending Administration of President Bernie Sanders.

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WikiLeaks - A Calibration

Most measuring devices require some form of calibration, especially meters or gauges.  Usually the meter or gauge has a way to adjust its display of values so that when a known value is applied then the needle or other pointer can be adjusted to read out that value.

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