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    Thank you Justice Scalia

    I can think of nothing that could demonstrate more conclusively the need for a robust and comprehensive program of affirmative action in this society than the ease with which  you proffered such a distillate of racist bigotry in today’s Supreme Court hearing, and that you could do so without the slightest evidence of discomfort nor hesitance, and that among the assemblage of high jurists, legal experts and practitioners there was not the slightest gasp of disbelief that such a thing could be uttered anywhere in public least of all in the Supreme Court.


    Well yeah Larry, but if minorites had not been around, I could have been a Supreme Court Justice....I could have gone to Harvard and joined the repubs......

    Now I am just a contendrist?


    So, Trump's racist xenophobia puts him ahead for 3 months, and that
    paper-thin veneer just slides off the rest of the neocons like Scalia to
    expose their slimy, ugly core.

    Yup. You got that right.  The public is finding out that it is uglier then they thought the GOP was. 

    The irony is rather striking, isn't it? Think Alanis has a 3Rd verse to work on.

    The media will question Obama about Reverend Wright and Hillary about Benghazi, but they will not address Republican racism and bigotry. MSNBC will televise large chunks of Donald Trump speeches, but just snippets from Hillary or Bernie. The GOP gets rewarded for their behavior. 

    Reverend Sharpton is calling for Scalia to recuse himself from the case given Scalia's racist comments.

    The fact is that Fisher was a mediocre student. Ninety-two percent of the students accepted I into UT were selected based on being in the upper 10% of their high school class. The remainder were selected on a point system that included essays, community activity, socioeconomic status and race. 47 students with worse grades than Fisher got into UT. Forty-two of those students were white, only 5 were black. One hundred and sixty- eight black and Latino students with better grades than Fisher were not admitted to UT.

    Fisher is a mediocre student whining because her white privilege did not kick in.


    More ammo that U of Texas had really crappy lawyering at the Supreme Court, as I noted in the Missed Opportunities piece. How have they let Fisher rule the public relations and apparently even the terms of the bench discussion? Where's their succinct outline of pertinent, compelling facts?

    The lawyer may have been too slow for the law school he attended.

    Edit to add the graduation rate for blacks at UT-Austin is 70%. The UT average is 79%. Blacks at UT-Austin have a better graduation rate at selective UT-Austin than black students at less selective schools. The students at UT are high performers forged by being upper-tier high school students with good study habits.

    Scalia's racist statement was based on flawed understanding of the issue.

    Maybe he can argue before a slower Supreme Court, though I thought this one awfully slow.

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