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    Moo - beep beep beep

    I just had to pass along this blog post by someone I follow:

    And if you are looking for an alternative appreciation of the whole subject of fallout, this heavily footnoted presentation is interesting I think.  Start with the section titled “Bending Fear Into Insight.”


    It’s 11 AM in Portland and it hasn’t rained yet.  Could this be the beginning of The Rapture?


    All I can say is that I feel safer in the Midwest.

    I mean should i stick with Florida oranges?

    I swear I hear at least three folks on cable telling me we get more radiation from our watches than from fall out.

    Sorry, man. The Rapture was last week.

    CBC had a clip of it. Jesus showed up, all shiny and glorious, looking pretty optimistic, maybe a bit nervous... you know, big moment, long-awaited, heavenly expectations fairly high... so he sorta locks his feet really firm into this one cloud, lifts his arms to about chest height, pauses and then... gives this sudden Almighty upward lift with his arms... more like a Snatch motion than a Clean and Jerk, if you get me... and then he waits, his chin sorta bobbing, like he's got some headset on and the tunes cranked... but nobody rises.

    Just a lot of dogs, cats, and a parakeet named Phil. (Good guy, Phil.)

    But no people.

    Anyway, in the clip you can see Him shake his head, in a disappointed Jesus sorta way, then He looks up at the Heavens, and though you can't hear him, the CBC lip-reader is 90% sure He says, "See? I told you." 

    And then, He throws down the staff he'd been carrying, and just lifts off, back into the clouds.

    Fox has a follow-up story, where thousands of treasure hunters have converged on Florida with their little metal detectors. Big story, lotta coverage, a real chance to strike it rich, apparently.

    American Dream.

    Yea well that was the Canadian Jesus.  I'm more interested in the U.S. Jesus.  You can tell the difference pretty easily - lots more bling and he doesn't ride some eco-friendly cloud thing.  He's all about the Hummer, which reminds me of a story about how Jesus was invited to this rave and him showing off and all, but that is for another post.

    him showing off

    Lotsa guys can spin on their head, but few can do it with their head three feet off the ground....unfortunately, it gave the crowd a chance to learn what Jesus wears under the robe...What can I say, this was the Scottish Jesus...

    So.  Don't buy a surgical mask.  Don't buy a geiger counter.  Drink lots of tequila.  Take up smoking: the tars keep them particles away from contacting any delicate tissues in your alveoli.  And don't suck on radium-coated paintbrushes.

    And keep your stick on the ice.


    (How're ya doin', sweetie?  Ya sound good.)  Thanks for the page.   ;o)

      Gave me the shivers...  So...


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