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Yes Virginia, There is NO Santa Claus! Or is there?

‘Tis the season when no matter our age or political ideology, many of us will enjoy brief moments of childlike dreams and ideals; indulging in the fanciful possibilities of miracles, abundant goodwill and peace on earth. 

But we’re big boys and girls now, so as quickly as these flights of fancy arrive, they disappear along with the visions of sugarplums and whimsical beings bringing us free gifts. 


It was reported yesterday that Senator Begich, (D) Alaska, introduced his bill on Tuesday to build up, not tear down, Social Security!

Begich's office says the bill would extend the solvency of the program for about 75 years, instead of until 2033, which is when reserves now are estimated to be exhausted.



I now endorse…………………….

Eliminating the cap on social security:  

All agree this would eradicate any shortfalls for decades.  (Yes, this could equate to as much as 14-15% in additional contributions by the wealthiest, but this could be somewhat alleviated in the future by prudent offsets.)

Amending the total Medicaid contribution from 1.45% for both employer and employee (2.9%) of earnings to 1.95% each (3.9%) regardless of wages – there is no cap:

I do believe this is an example of where we all need to pay a share.  It also is an equal distribution – part of offset for social security cap removal which will to a greater degree impact the wealthiest.

*Already planned (but not implemented) is The Medicare-funding Hospital Insurance Tax, currently at 1.45 percent, will increase by 0.9 percentage point for higher earners, another provision of health reform. The increase will apply only to income that's in excess of $200,000 for single taxpayers and $250,000 for those married and filing jointly.

Currently, only wages and other labor income are subject to the Medicare tax. But under current law, unless changed, investment income will be subject to Medicare taxes starting next year. Yes, this needs to be implemented.

Our Common Cents – FYI: ‘Fiscal Cliff Base Primer’


I have been attempting to educate myself on the basics of some of the issues involved in the ‘fiscal cliff’ negotiations.    Since We, The People, are being asked by President Obama to be involved and send in what we do and do not support, I decided it would be prudent to do some research; review historical and present data to consider in making my decisions.

One of the most cohesive listing of basic data on this topic is compliments of AARP.  Did you know…………………..


Are you a closet racist? Chauvinist?  Do you tout your base religious doctrine (or lack thereof) as the only conviction that is valid and denigrate those whose beliefs are dissimilar? Do you believe that gays are just wrong and weird? 

Do you feel that those who are different from you aren’t quite as (insert good, smart, worthy, etc.) as you and yours? 

Take your time, ponder, and then be honest; at least with yourself.  If you do bear the burden of prejudice, it’s time to consider why you feel this way and why you continue to hold on to these feelings. 

WHEN $5.00 IS WORTH MORE THAN $5000.00

Much has been written about the Citizens United debacle, but it’s usually either based in the abstract or focused on the huge amounts of money being dumped into the dark abyss that is campaign financing.  As too often happens, the spotlight is on the big money shadow donors, seldom on how this travesty effects those of us who are middle income and below. 

Today, this post is about only one of the ways it negatively impacts the largest segment of our citizenry.  Some up, close and personal examples of Citizen’s United elementary truth and consequences include:

Taking The Wrinkles Out Of Voting

I’m going to propose what may seem to some a fairly radical action to ensure our electoral processes will deliver the not quite so right outcome.  If elections are all about deciding which course will deliver the best future for our nation, it seems only logical to let those who will most likely be around for that future to be the ones who make the choices.  Let’s be real, it’s the over age 60 voters who are the ones really responsible for the poor horrific condition of our government today.   Haven’t they done enough damage?  

Now, according to recent studies, the median male life expectancy is 75 and female is 80 years (and this is high end of age graph).  These are statistics important to consider within the context of our voting processes.  Knowing this, why should those over 60 be allowed to vote?   Their stake in the future is tenuous at best and really this group is not only old in years, but most of their beliefs are usually from reflections in their rear view mirrors, not focusing on what's needed to navigate the road ahead. 


Share your thoughts and chat, because this, despite the previous two great nights, is really the big one! 




Let's review and discuss, compare to RNC if you must....... 

Unconventional Convention - Open Thread

red white and blue balloonsWhat do you want to see and hear at the DNC convention? What do you believe needs to be done this week that will ‘move’ voters to be proactive in their support for the Obama/Biden ballot (and hopefully welcome a few more into the fold)?



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