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M*therfucking Snakes on a Bunch of M*therfucking Planes


It’s that time of year…

The time of year when people travel back home for the holidays to share a little eggnog with their dysfunctional Aunt Jezebel, who smells like mothballs and whose lipstick perpetually runs into the cracks of her aged, two-pack-a-day lips.

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Confederacy of Dunces

I have a premise. I’ve spent months working on it while riveted to the television and internet, watching the 2012 Presidential campaign develop like an origami snake - one pointed crease and sharp fold at a time.

I’m certainly not the first person to ask themselves what vicious trick Fortuna is playing on us now. It can’t just be me who watches these GOP debates and thinks that scraping the bottom of the Republican barrel doesn’t even come close to describing what we are witnessing as a Nation.

I cringe when I imagine what the world at large thinks of the line-up of Unusual Suspects vying to be President of the United States. It’s that same feeling I had every time George W. Bush came out to the podium to speak during his two terms in office. I wasn’t sure what gaffe he would commit next, how many times in one conversation he’d mispronounce the word ‘nuclear’ and on which foreign land he’d declare war next. I just knew that anything was possible and I spent eight years popping Tums.

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Man Up! (Ode to Rachel Maddow)

You know you have too much time on your hands when you spend your Friday making a horribly off-key song parody video while sitting in your car waiting for your kids to get out of school. This one was inspired by a wonderfully epicene political wonk and her Thursday segment about the Koch Brothers.

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**(This is an excerpt from “Waiting for Karl Rove” by Jeni Decker & Kat Nove. The book has over 600 FOOTNOTES, but for the purposes of this excerpt, they are in parenthesis.)





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Waiting for Karl Rove (Excerpt)


Waiting for Karl Rove is political satire masquerading as a road trip memoir. It has over 600 footnotes, but for the purposes of this excerpt we’ve put them in parenthesis.





~Chapter Twenty-One~

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