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Followup: Does anyone pay attention to the media anymore?

In October, I wrote: "This may, but I'm not sure, have Roger Stone written all over it."

Among other stories:

Weird; it's like everyone is looking at Manafort, or some other random agent. It's Stone. I reiterate: it's Stone. Look there.

Tricksters always get what's coming to them. He should have picked his role more carefully.

Ladies and Gentleman, Your Fiscal Conservatives

Now that the Entire Fucking World has had sufficient time to have Trump in its mouth, let's all have a brief reminder of exactly what sort of fuckery with which we have to deal.

A few months ago, in late October 2016, I made a post about something that has lately become common knowledge. By this time, it should be crystal clear that fuckery, of a type accurately named High Crimes and Misdemeanors. I specifically refer to Section 4, Article Two of the United States Constitution:

Does anyone pay attention to the media anymore?

As everyone has heard, Tony Weiner has once again reared his head (or poked his nose into the tent) with predictable (I want to say disastrous; but apparently we're not there yet) results. But all of that...a digression and a sideshow to what appears to be missing in this. So, without any sort of preparation of a coherent timeline, the real story:

It appears in "The Media" here :

HIPPA, PHI, and ACA Navigators

Today, I started a new position with a non-profit human service organization in NYC. A very large, very old, very respected one.

Not that the size and age are relevant to anything; it's JIC you can read between the lines.

The data center for the NSA appears to have a scaling issue

WSJ article. It seems that the electrical system inside the center randomly arcs, destroying a lot of equipment. That's a plural arcs. Almost once a month in the last year; with a destroyed equipment cost around $100,000 each time. That's before multiple consultants to identify the problem were paid and before the repairs were made.


In case anyone is interested, Bruce Schneier is a recognized face for cryptography and related issues. While I am sure there are others, I find Schneier to be accessible and he is covering this latest issue on his blog.

If interested, one can read a live thread by hackers concerned with such issues here. The first line in the thread:

Europeans agree with Snowden


At least several someones get it:


Fugitive Snowden in running for European rights prize


Snowden, who is in hiding in Russia, is one of seven nominations made by members of the European Parliament for the Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought [emphasis added for those who don't get it], a move likely to upset Washington which wants to try him on espionage charges.

Finally, some good news

Rumor has it that the Pope faces arrest.


Pope will have security, immunity by remaining in the Vatican has several blurbs; apparently, an arrest warrant was issued on Feb. 4; six days later Ratzinger resigned; and then the PR spin began: pity the poor old man who is physically degenerating; he can hardly stand up!

Ann Coulter continues to be horrible

It's old; and hardly news...and I don't think I've seen it here, so in case it's interesting:



I really don't like that whole "play the nazi/fascist card" thing. But sometimes, statements like this specific one by Coulter seem to exhibit  a willingnes of the speaker to walk right up to the boundary between "other stuff" and outright fascist-like eugenics.

News Flash: Republicans still dancing to DJ ToneDef

Race and "My body, not yours.": Virginia DA Cuccinelli falls down, spins on back: TPM

Race: Virginia Senate apartheids the dance floor.



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