Finally, some good news

    Rumor has it that the Pope faces arrest.


    Pope will have security, immunity by remaining in the Vatican has several blurbs; apparently, an arrest warrant was issued on Feb. 4; six days later Ratzinger resigned; and then the PR spin began: pity the poor old man who is physically degenerating; he can hardly stand up!

    Apparently, a European nation and its courts have issued said arrest warrant for crimes against humanity and demanded the arrest of Ratzinger.

    I bet it's Ireland.



    Wow. It's about time. And yes this is good news. 

    It could also be coming from the US, too. This has been a big issue for years here. I knew there was a scandal brewing but, I thought it might be money laundering or other banking frauds at the Vatican Bank.

    Ratzinger's behavior reminds me of how Paul would avoid capture by hiding in various churches. Oh wait, that's not what Paul did at all…

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