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The Obama Admin's Efforts to Increase Unemployment

I thought the goal of the Obama Administration was to bring unemployment numbers down, not add to the problem.  Why is President Obama trying to urge Governor Paterson not to run for election?  DId they not learn from the whole...
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Breaking News!!!!

This just in!!!!  Breaking news!!!!  The US has been in a recession since December 2007. Shocking, I know.  But somehow the idea that we've been in a recession since December 2007 being breaking news seems a tad bit oxymoronic.  Or...
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How Senator McCain might win my vote

Since Senator McCain has taken to making rash policy decisions in the middle of debates to try to get someone, anyone to seriously contemplate voting for him, thought I'd give him a hint about how to earn my vote. Meet...
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Top 5 methods of dealing with political disillusionment and frustration

As a Hillary supporter, I've dealt with my share of disappointments this election season.  I know there are many disillusioned and angry Obama supporters right now who may appreciate some tips on working through the anger.  In the spirit of...
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Okay Can We Talk About It NOW?

 Howard Dean found out about the horrors of sexism in the media during the campaign at the RBC committee meeting.  Appaently he doesn't watch cable news and was wholly unaware Hillary had been the subject of sexist attacks in the media. Or perhaps...
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The Effing Jazzy Rule A Cautionary Tale Again without the Effing Fonts & Styles I Can't Figure Out!

There once was a race between three candidates. Hillary was the power walker, Obama was the skate boarder and McCain was McCane on a cane limping because half of his base regarded him with scorn and distrust.  Hillary and Obama...
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Hillary's Non-Concession Speech Revisited

Hillary took her speech last night to speak for the 18 million people who've supported, campaigned for her and care passionately about her goals. If you take a look at the segment of the speech "What does Hillary want?," it...
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