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Are all Advertisements Created Equal?

I carped about this once before, but that was a year ago or more.  I know that TPM is, among other things, a commercial enterprise.  I know that means it has to raise money.  I wish it would do this...
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Festschrift for Pseudocyants: I. Thomas Paine and the Rights of Minors

When I learned the sad news that PseudoCyants had died, I wrote a comment as many did.  He was a giant in the Cafe.  Generous in giving his time and insights, scrupulously fair and always thoughtful, his voice is missed. ...
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Why Even the Healthiest Need Affordable Health Care.

I'm feeling the need to get away--have a little vacation.  My temper is running shorter than  it usually does, and  that's a very good sign.  Laughter is the best medicine, as I've been told more than once.  This made me...
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Mr. Smith appears in your living room on his way to Washington

Maybe it's the August heat which makes it especially hot inside the "big tent" that the left populates.  But I'm seeing a lot of calling for this and calling for that which strikes me as representative of that frustration.  Two...
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A Wordle-ing I do Go, or Doesn't this Make you Die for Shakespeare?

wordles are more than games The summer winds on, we've a new Supreme Court Justice,  and in a week or so I'm going to imitate Chaucer, though he did his bit in the spring:.  Off I go on pilgrimage...
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The banks build a better mousetrap...I'm going to be a smarter mouse.

I'm going to quote this verbatim, maybe just adding some bold and italics for emphasis.  This came from my bank today:Sovereign Santander Bank.SKIP YOUR NEXT LOAN PAYMENT AND FREE UP SOME CASH:  Dear____________Re:  loan # ending  in _____As a valued...
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Time to make TPM more Emunctory* (eentsy-weentsy update)

Acerebral a.  Without a brain.  A word for which there would  at first sight appear to be no use, since no entity to which there would be anyh point in applyng the term could in fact  possess this attribute. ...
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WikiLeaks: The historians start to kick in.

This is going to be a quickie.  I know, I've promised that before, but this time, maybe I'll keep my word.  As is often the case, I'm a penny short and a day late to the debate about WikiLeak's document...
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the eighth question Awhile back, I posed some simple questions in a highly unscientific survey.  The questions related to issues of geographical mobility, a subject which has interested me for a very long time.  I asked quesions I've asked...
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A Short, HIGHLY unscientific survey.

I while back I wrote a piece about how the American Dream has bifurcated into a Horatio Alger version and a Martin Luther King version, and how the Alger version had led to a segregation by social class which made...


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