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    BREAKING NEWS!! Peter Pan DEAD! Christopher Walken chokehold to blame!

    Breaking News!!  Peter Pan DEAD!

    Grand Jury decides NOT to indict Christopher Walken.

    Evidently, there is even a video ...

    Head of Pirate Union blames orphan thugs.

    Tinkerbell arrested at protest for throwing fairy dust at Police Officer.

    Rep. Peter King at the pearly gates.

    Rep. King has appeared at the pearly gates and stands gaping up at Saint Peter who is about seven feet tall, weighs in at about 450 lbs and is reading notes from a legal pad.

    "I'm a peter too", says King.

    "No doubt", said Saint Peter, " says here that you choked to death on a piece of red meat. How did that make you feel?"

    OK,guys let's put the turkey on the table

    Everything that we've written here about Ferguson missed the point. Including my "contributions"  of course. In fact them especially...A million years ago,or to be more precise,  yesterday, Erica and I had an exchange about whether  Wilson shot at Brown  while he was going away, or only after Brown turned and started back.

    Somehow I'm reminded of a comment by the ceo of my company about a suggestion of mine " Who the hell cares about (what I'd just recommended).?"

    2014 Report: Banned Chokehold Routine with NYC Cops

    From the report by the NY Civilian Complaint Review Board, pdf link. You make conduct rules for the cops, and the cops just keep doing what they do, with no accountability if they break policy (and none if doing so kills). The choke hold on the late Mr. Garner was the rule for use by NYC cops, not the exception. From the Report:

    There's at least one thing Ferguson,Cleveland and Staten Island

    have in common.

    We're looking at them in the rear view mirror.

    Getting convicted for murder through the court system is a very long, carefully choreographed affair.12 citizens are chosen carefully to participate, two teams of smart people who have passed difficult bar exams make the case for and against conviction and then those jurors are sequestered and argue with one another until they reach a conclusion.

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    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree


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    Just a Simple Remembrance...



    And olf musical friend, Bobby Keys has passed on into the ether of the universe...

    How I will personally always remember him from our younger days.


    Where I disagree about Ferguson

    and where I don't

    I disagreed with  trashing  Florissant street. That wasn't protesting, it was rioting.

    "        "          with a woman on the web today shouting that the police were killing  "our babies" Michael Brown was not a baby.But

    I agree that the  police who shot the 12 year old  Tamir Rice in Cleveland were killing a baby. 

    I disagree with the criticism of  Darren Wilson for telling Michael Brown to move on to the side walk

    I  agree  Wilson should not have shot -and wounded- Brown when he was running away

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    Taking the Imperial out of the Role of America Abroad

    “You can do many things with a bayonet, except sit on it.” (Talleyrand)

                    There is never a good or easy time to argue that the United States should begin to completely reset the character of its foreign policy, especially when the argument being made – as here – is that a key element in that resetting must be a reduction in the scale and role of American arms abroad. Anyone making that kind of case invariably touches a deep American nerve, so that any resulting rebuttal often moves quickly from an argument about facts to one about patriotism.

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    In order For America to Thrive, It Must Invest In Its Future, Not Kill It

    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

    In order For America to Thrive, It Must Invest In Its Future, Not Kill It

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    This is a test of the Emergency Blogging System. This is only a test.

    If there were an actual emergency in the barefooted blogging area, you would not be reading this message.

    This concludes this test of the Emergency Blogging System.

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    Geoffrey Chaucer (17th century).jpg

    He must report, as nearly as he can

    Every last word, if he remember it

    However rude it be, or how unfit

    Or else he might be telling what's untrue

    Embellishment and fictionalizating too

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    Ode to An African American Patriot - And His White Brothers In Arms

    A retired Black disabled vet said,
    " recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem causes conflict within me. I grew up watching Cowboys vs. Indians every Saturday morning, John Wayne war movies, and the Combat TV program. In a nutshell, I knew early on it was my destiny to become a 'fighting man' who would proudly wear the uniform of MY country because I would make my fellow countrymen proud. I would die, with honor. Taps played at my funeral, followed by a rifle volley...

    Scared police are bad police: why aren't the police more brave?

    Background: watch the Sean Groubert video for insight into the Wilson/Brown confrontation. [Groubert is the officer who shot the guy reaching into his van for his licence/registration.]  In Groubert, you see it in front of your eyes: action driven by fear. (And maybe some institutionalized racism as well, but others have covered that so I won’t go into it here.)

    Open Thread Miami Book Fair.

    The Miami Book Fair will be streamed by PBS again today, The reason I keep repeating myself is that I am beside myself, because I don't have cable, C-span, and book T.V. I can access the content of these interviews.

    Today's schedule 12-6 EST.

    If you click on "Schedule" on the website, you'll get a list of interviews from Friday and Saturday plus what's coming up today. The past ones are supposed to be available on "Video on Demand" but I don't think they are archived yet.

    One vote

    for Obama's immigration plan. Krugmann in his  column today get's it right, as he usually does.

    Surprising lack of comment here. 

    Jim Webb throws hat in.

    I'm happy to report sending a hundred bucks to Jim Webb's exploratory committee for 2016. He is the breath of fresh air I have been waiting for.

    All nonsense aside, Webb has great credentials, in addition to which he is a new cut of cloth, a person of experience and substance, and all important and rare in today's celebrity culture--a person worthy of narrative. 

    I supported Webb in his Senatorial election in Virginia, an investment of which I am proud.

    Well, what are his policies? I suggest googling his announcement video.  


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    Are The American People The Victim of Their Own Stupidity?

    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

    Are The American People The Victim of Their Own Stupidity?

    Personas eat policy wonks for breakfast.

    I go a little nuts when I hear Democrats talk about the recent election in terms of programs and policies---that we simply didn't blow our own horns loudly enough. We exist in a society so dominated by a media focus on celebrity that no subject with even a smidgen of factual information has a chance of taking more than one breath in a public forum. Last week a space ship landed on a comet---breathtaking. Unfortunately the comet landing was easily upstaged with a camera lens which landed on Kim Kardashian's bare backside. Personally, I did not go looking for Kim's buttocks. But every time I turned on my computer, there was the picture again and again. Kim has reached the lunar landing level of celebrity status---her latest quip being, "One large cheek for man, the other cheek for mankind".  Democrats will win when they master the art of manufactured personas and studied quips, not when they can explain policies better.

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    The Mid-Term Elections: Taking the Longer View

    In the wake of an electoral setback on the scale experienced by the Democrats two weeks ago, the temptation to immediately rush to judgment is enormous. So also, if my e-mails and robo-calls are any guide, is the temptation to engage in yet more fundraising, as though money was the big thing of which Democrats were short. But both temptations need to be resisted. We need to throw less money and more brainpower at our politics, and we need to take our time doing both.

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    The Black Community Controls $1.1 Trillion in Buying Power, Yet . . .

    Beneath The Spin*Eric L. Wattree

    The Black Community Controls $1.1 Trillion in Buying Power, Yet . . .

    Tea Party Indictment of Obama

    In the spirit of Richard Day and his post Exiled Cubans, Rubio and Cruz. Case against Barack Obama, URPS officers Prosecutor Ted Cruz and his Assistant Prosecutor Marco Rubio (Union of Republican Prosperity Spreaders).

    Resolved that propagation and dissemination of GOP ideology (tax cuts raise revenue, Obama faked birth certificate, earth 6000 years old, evolution liberal plot, climate change a hoax, war is peace etc) are both ubiquitous, and as uncompromising and obsessive as that of Stalin, a Tea Party indictment follows, drawing from  Article 58 of the Stalinist legal codes (as listed in the book Escape from the Future, by Vladimir Petrov).

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    Three and two the count with nobody on, he hit a high fly into the stands, rounding third and  aheaded for home, he was a brown eyed handsome man, let me tell you, he  was a brown eyed man






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