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    Globalization, Lost Jobs, Immigration and More

    Long before one line of NAFTA was written, manufacturing in the United States was dying. Not just factory after factory was shuttered, but entire industries were shipped out of the country, until virtually noting remained. While it is not part of this discussion, as manufacturing left, the strength of unions bled out onto the broken foundations of the dead factory floors. By the 1970's there was already the movement from an Industrial to Post Industrial society, and the burning question was 'Could a society that produced nothing survive?' (Something that is still a viable question) However, the question that was not raised until much later was 'Can the middle class survive?'

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    The "Left" Setting the Stage of Trumps lack of Legitimacy?

    That shouldn't be too hard...



    And the right is worried... From NRO - January 15, 2017

    Donald Trump Attacks Civil Rights Legend John C. Lewis.

    Representative John C. Lewis does not view Donald Trump as a legitimate President.Lewis believes that Russia and other forces aided Trump's victory. Trump responded with a predictable, insulting tweet condemning Lewis for being all talk and no action. Trump also told Lewis to work on improving the poor, black, and crime-infested neighborhood that the Civil Rights icon represents. Trump has no idea about the location of Lewis', Trump operates from racial bias. Lewis's district includes wealthy areas like Buckhead, the airport, and Georgia Tech. Trump cannot envision a black man representing a wealthy community. Trump is a racist.

    Why Trump's Inauguration Will Be Different Than Any Before

    Calling Donald Trump’s rise to the highest seat in the United States eventful is an understatement. In about one week, Trump will take the stage and officially be inaugurated as the 45h President of the United States. However, Trump's inauguration raises plenty of questions. Here is what you can expect to see in Washington D.C. on January 20th.

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    Maybe I am naive.

    Please just read Ducky.

    He just scared the shit out of me.

    Read his comments of course.

    I do not know how best to advertise this.

    No one is listening....or hearing...or reading.....




    IMHO in specifying today that the "Illegitimate son of Obama care"  will be passed on the same day as the burial of its oft-mocked predecessor Donald the T is committing that Trumpcare will offer equivalent benefits.

    Particularly since he was extremely clear during the campaign that he agreed with Obamacare's pre existing condition clause.

    Since s

    1 Accepting pre existing conditions is a money loser. In spades.

    2 To offset that loss on (1)  Obamacare  permitted Insurance.Co   to overprice everything else

    3 with UsSGOV  subsidizing  (2).

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    A Hair Raising Must See Film

    Who recalls this?

    September 19, 1980: Damascus Arkansas Titan Missile Explosion

    If you haven't seen the film--here is the entire presentation at PBS.


    Command and Control

    Theatrical release poster


    Obamacare: Never was about Health Care for the GOP

    Obamacare was never about health care for Republicans. That's why they still don't have a health care plan of their own. Republicans don't do health care, because the 1% doesn't need one. For Republicans, it was always about Obamacare taxes, on the rich. Taxes which fund health insurance subsidies for the poor and the middle class. Eliminating those taxes is job one this week. And don't ever believe the GOP will ever pass any tax to replace those funds. The health care industry is in 'disarray' with how this comes out.

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    Okay, so we now have this irritant known as Political Correctness. Or PC.

    Now just to start off; Personal Computer seems good PC to me!

    But if we move on to Laptop. Well, to tell the truth, most folks have laptops with gigabytes so much more intensive than the old PC's....I mean I have a Laptop with four wires coming out of it and I never ever move it...
    Anyhow, laptop does not seem so PC to me.

    When in danger and in doubt

    run in circles , scream and shout.

    1. Trump's not Putin .Yeah he'll be an undignified President but not a dumb or mean one .Personallly  I agree  with him (and Keynes)that "all goods should be homespun". Maybe clutching at straws but I'm hoping Ivanka will be a "friend at Court" re Global Warming.

    We survived worse . Nixonl

    2. If we retake the Senate in 2 years  we can save  Roe.

    3. We increase the odds of that  if the only demonstrating we do is

    to demonstrate our support of Chuck Schumer.



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    The Adversary we know versus the Unknown Adversary

    Put up for discussion...

    Who do you think would fill the void if Putin kicked the proverbial bucket?

    First, let's meet...

    Viktor Zolotov and his "Men in Black." (wiki)
    Director of the National Guard of Russia
    (born 27 January 1954)

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    Republican Spank Bank

    I knew the country was in trouble as soon as it became obvious donald would win. But I had no idea how bad it would be.

    The Pied Pipers of the Left

    With Trump’s inauguration still weeks away, Robert Kuttner of the American Prospect is calling for progressives to begin building a public case for impeachment by “keep[ing] a running dossier [on Trump’s illegal actions] and forward[ing] updates at least weekly to the House Judiciary Committee.” Salon’s Heather “Digby” Parton is echoing Kuttner. It’s a terrible idea.

    There is no chance it will succeed. The only way to remove a president is first for a majority of the House of Representatives to vote for impeachment and next for two thirds of the Senate to vote for conviction. Given the extant evidence, neither the Republican House nor the Republican Senate will accede to the wishes of those seeking Trump’s removal.

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    How Trump Addresses Economic Inequality

    How does Donald Trump, who has sold himself as a 'populist', plan to deal with the economic disparity in the country? The same way he seems to do most things; he doubles down on inequality.

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    Senate Republicans Obamacare Repeal and 10 Year Budget Resolution

    Buried in the Ethics brouhaha . . .

    Tuesday | January 03, 2017

    Senate Text of the Repeal Resolution

    Senate Budget Committee Chairman Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY).


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    I came upon the greatest holiday musical comedy of all time.


    Christian Bale plays the drums.

    This cinematic masterpiece chronicles events occurring between the years of 2002 and 2008.

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    How Do Republicon Wet Dreams Serve the People?

    Sorry for the crudeness, but it really chafes me that the Republicon laundry list, that they spent the last FOUR YEARS 'practicing', is in anyway positive for the people of the United States?

    Who wins by cutting taxes for the wealthy?

    Who wins by removing regulations (read constraints to protect: the people, consumers, our social institutions, the environment, etc)?

    Who wins by cutting Medicaid - medical care for the poor?

    Who wins by CORPORATIZING (aka 'privatizing') the VA, education, social security, medicare, and on and on?

    Summary - The Role of Money in Elections, 2016 in Particular

    When people talk about money in politics, they are usually referring to money expended on elections, but you [Peracles] show that that's just the tip of an iceberg of communications infrastructure the goes much deeper and wider below the surface. It's this infrastructure that creates the, how to put it? the group state of mind that drives many elections. Focusing on elections is focusing too late. By the time the election comes along, the battle is half over because the mental ground has long ago been prepared.

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    The Deportation Squad Rules of the Game

    Just this week in the Supreme Court was argued what may well become, in terms of practical impact on millions of lives over a very short period of time, the most consequential decision of the century, (if not back to Dred Scott).


    Traits of Despotism, Republican Party and Venezuela

    I was reading about the collapse of the Venezuelan health system here, and noted almost all the comments were gloating right wing Hillary, Obama haters who had no grasp of how similar the methods of the totalitarian Chavez/Maduro government of Venezuela are to those of the GOP.  And how dissimilar they are to the actions of the 8 years of the Obama administration. Including his in rescuing this nation from the last Republican engineered US economic collapse in 2007-8. Obama's actions, which were unambiguously opposed by the GOP, the Party that brought on the 'great recession' on their watch.

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    Netanyahu: America's Favorite Thug

    There’s been so much written about any potential influence Vladimir Putin could exert over Donald Trump that the influence Benjamin Netanyahu already has over him was largely ignored. The United Nations Security Council’s decision to call the Israeli settlements illegal, coupled with the incoming Trump administration's reaction to it, has pushed those of us still engaged in the political process back to our partisan cubbyholes on all things Israel. On Fox news, this story is being sold as President Obama’s final act of hostility against Israel: there might be some screw you aimed at Israel on the president’s part, but that doesn’t negate the principles that undergird the U.S. decision to abstain from vetoing Resolution 2334. The 4th Geneva Convention is the basis for the settlements being illegal. Our past UN vetoes have only emboldened Israel to keep building on contested lands. At the end of 2014 Israel begrudgingly slowed down the construction of settlements, but overall Israel has built more settlements during the Obama administration than during the Bush years. I’ve read articles and tweets from some very smart people who saw the UN’s decision as something to celebrate, but the reality is: the daily life of the average Palestinian and Jewish person affected by this decision is likely to get worse. 

    Obama was right on the UN

     resolution condemning the planned next stage in Israel's settlement policy.

    The  choices :

    (A) support the resolution,i.e. tell Israel  the US want's it to

    stop expanding settlements

    (B)veto  the resolution i.e tell Israel  expanding settlements is OK

    (C )abstain. 

    With respect to these choices:(a) is too broad. It starts down a path which leads to the conclusion that

    there shouldn't be an Israel. We tried that in 1930. Remember?  Didn t  work.

    (b) It isn't

    (c) A safe haven.At least compared to A and B.


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