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A One Day Quick Blogroll About "Who Ya Gonna Believe"?

It is my observation that in any online discussion of politics, a discussion which is usually more narrowly about a particular facet of politics such as international diplomacy, an important factor in that discussion is always that of the credibility of the sources of information that one person or another chooses in order to form and then defend their position. It comes down to , "Who ya gonna believe"? I am aware of how 'confirmation bias' affects that judgment. I don't claim to be immune.
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GW Bridge.jpg

I did not have sex with that bridge!

(The Honorable Christopher Christie, Governor of NJ)


I did not have sex with this woman...or that woman...or that other woman or....

(The Former President of the United States of America, William Clinton)

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AEI's Fred Kagan "We" are at War

Fred Kagan, George W. Bush advisor, neo-conservative Iraq War cheerleader, and prophet of Endless War, on 'extending our presence' in Afghanistan, in the Weekly Standard, 1/2014:

...we must understand that we are still at war. We must understand that inaction is a form of action, indecision a form of decision. Above all, we should remember the mistakes we made in the past, all of them, and remember the price we paid for convincing ourselves that we were not at war...We can and should commit to extending our presence in Afghanistan...

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BernardMadoff.jpg From 2005 to 2008, there are on average 14,172,384 arrests made per year in the United States. This is based on data from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’™s Uniform Crime Reporting program. Of all reported arrests, drug abuse violations remains the greatest, with on average 1,819,970 arrests made per-year/

I checked with MADD and a little over one million of those arrests involved DUI's. So if I got this right, only three million of the 14 million arrests last year relate to drugs or alcohol? [Read more]

GOP: To Fight for the Poor

NYTWASHINGTON — Senator Marco Rubio says the American dream has become “unattainable.” Senator Mike Lee says reforming government benefits programs should be the country’s “first priority.” And Representative Paul D. Ryan says the government safety net has “failed miserably.”...

After doing nothing but obstructing every appointment, order, action, bill, spending measure, or legislation associated or backed by the President, along with unending muckraking investigations of the IRS, Benghazi, birth certificates and ACORNs, the GOP now plans to return to the 'compassionate conservatism' meme last used by George W. Bush who, in 8 years, started 2 wars with 'fabrications, deceptions and cover-ups' that killed somewhere in the range of 1 million people, cost trillions and plunged Iraq into permanent chaos, and also oversaw the crash of the US economy and banking sector. [Read more]

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Are Women Turning Men Off With Their Liberated Attitudes Toward Sex?

Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree
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Socrates Louvre.jpg

As I write this, I mean it took a couple of days, but during the last hour of January 6th (the Epiphany) it was 22 below zero (F).

The ice has been permanently (at least it seems so) on my living room window for four weeks!

We are now 16 or 17 days from the Solstice for chrissakes.

The sun supposedly arose at 7:56 Am and set at 4:34PM. Eight hours and 38 minutes of Sunlight.

Well it is an improvement some 16 days following the Solstice! Ha [Read more]

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Minimum Wage? Hell, No! Maximum Wage

The degrading squabble over the level at which a nation still retaining some small capacity for shame will say "Below this wage, by irrefutable presumption, labor is uncompensated, ergo (implicitly) slavery", serves only to distract the working class, the surplus value of whose labor is being stolen, from the fact of the theft;

We need a maximum  ratio by which the most highly compensated may command the compensation of multiples of their fellow humans. [Read more]

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Rebuking Ronald Reagan--The Real City on a Hill swears in a Sandinista as Mayor

By the time "Imagine" (the Hippie Internationale...) was being sung, I had completed the transition from teary, to weeping to uncontrollable sobbing.


(I know, I know, I am a pussy...)


If he had retained enough cognitive function to know his own name when he died (he didn't...) Ronald Reagan would be spinning like a top.  


As you will by now have surmised, I watched Bill de Blasio be sworn in today as Mayor of New York City.

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Some Families Witnessed The Manger Scene a Little Different This Year

Shocking to some... Thought provoking to others . . .


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Now That Santa Has Flown Off Into the Sunrise

And... As 2014 dawns on the horizon...



We are each our own answer...



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2013 LISTS; HERE'S TO 2014!

I think the biggest stories of 2013 relate to energy.

Over the last four or five or six years, some things have changed dramatically.

Forget politics for a sec; capitalists decided that wind energy and sun energy became profitable enterprises, and this Administration has provided the tax credits and income tax provisions that add to this new substantial contribution to the national energy grid. [Read more]

The Splendour falls on castle walls

and snowy summits old in story

The long light shakes across the lake

And the wild cataract

Leaps to glory



Blow, bugle blow

Set the wild echoes flying

Answer echoes ,answer







Enjoy the holidays , whatever you call it. [Read more]

Votes for Chair of the Fed

From Brad Delong


Volker  first time          83

His reappointment        84

Greenspan                     91

His reappointment       100

His third term                91

Fourth                            89

Disasterous Fifth         100 [Read more]

The Phone is Ringing

The phone is ringing and Hillary is not deaf.
I would like to believe that anyone with two brain cells working, and also a working conscience, would want the negotiations with Iran to achieve a successful agreement that avoids war. But, what I do believe is what is obvious, there are powerful individuals and groups within the U.S and our allied countries which are working hard to prevent that outcome and they might very well be successful.

Wishing for, and then looking for, some positive contribution towards a successful deal by Clinton I could not find even moderately supportive words, much less strong support by our most recent Secretary of State and possibly our next President. [Read more]

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Va. Attorney General race recount aborted--attempted theft by fraud exposed.

A strange thing just happened on the way to a (true blue) full Democratic sweep of Virginia .


The Attorney General election ended with a razor thin victory by the Democrat, Mark Herring. (169 votes out of millions cast).


This being well within the .5% margin entitling the loser to a recount, Mark Obenshain availed himself of the statutory remedy.


Several days into the recount, he decided to concede, rather than let it run its course.




The examination of ballots, rather than yielding the statistically likely spread of errors in which some votes first counted for Herring go to Obenshain, and some vice versa, was quintupling the original Herring margin. [Read more]

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John C Calhoun by Mathew Brady, 1849.png


Just an add on to Ramona's essay, actually:

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As a fellow copywriter, I feel your pain...whoever you are.

So I just got this piece of junk mail from AMEX touting their "high yield" savings account. They go further and ask me to compare it to the average of the rates offered by the top 50 banks.

AMEX: 0.85%

Top 50: 0.07%

Naturally, they exaggerate this difference in a bar chart that shows the AMEX rate towering over the Top 50 rate. And in truth, it is 12 times more. Which means that, for every $1 your earn with the Top 50, you'll earn $12 with AMEX.

Gallup Polls, How to Bamboozle the Public

The Gallup Poll question:

In your opinion, which of the following will be the biggest threat to the country in the future - big business, big labor, or big government?

The poll seems like some stupid question on a grade school standardized test:

'Billy is playing his plug in radio while bathing in the bathtub, in your opinion, the biggest threat to Billy's future is big water, big electricity, or big slippery soap?' [Read more]

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If God Rewards Those Who Follow His Word, White Folks Must Be Better Christians, Because They're Sure Being Compensated Better

Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

If God Rewards Those Who Follow His Word, White Folks Must Be Better Christians, Because They're Sure Being Compensated Better

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You know it's ugly when a Bush judge smacks down an Obama civil liberties infringement

I have in the past, in colloquy with the lamented, gone-but-not-forgotten Articleman, urged the utility of deconstructing the arguments advanced by the Department of Justice as offering guidance to their inherent devotion (or the contrary) to civil liberties.

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