Horse Latitudes

    There's been a lot of discussion lately regarding fracking, obscene oil profits, and the need to funnel part of this largesse into social programs and needed improvements. Oil companies and their lobbyists are seen as immoral and exploitive, and the taint of money from any of these sources is an overriding theme to this campaign season. Moreso, as they're seen as the culprits both behind our endless Middle East wars and the growing concerns of global warming and greenhouse gases, with calls to phase out fossil fuels now, not later.

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    Potentially Fatal Mistakes and the Necessary Correctives

    042415_caseyclinton_600A year ago political insiders expected Hillary Clinton to waltz to the Democratic nomination.  Last July, Five Thirty Eight's Nate Silver opined Clinton might well win every primary except the first two.  Things didn't turn out quite that way.

    Clinton had to weather a surprisingly strong primary challenge from a self-described democratic socialist.  Weather it she did thanks to overwhelming support from both "strong" and "weak" Democrats.  Anxious moments came courtesy of "independent Democrats," among whom Bernie Sanders has a 10 point edge, and independents who prefer Sanders by a 5 to 1 margin.  Young voters, those least likely to register with either major party, have mostly abandoned Clinton.  The under-30 cohort favors Sanders by more than 3 to 1.

    Yeah, they have more money

    Hemingway's famous reply to Fitzgerald's "the very rich are different from you and me"

    Does being part of the 1% make you evil?

    Of course not. But it calls attention to the fact that we 99% are stupid. Not because we haven't executed our current versions of  Marie Antoinette. That  didn't provide any cake for the Paris poor.But because we've permitted the tax code to degrade to the extent that when a Susan Wojcicki earns an extra thousand dollars she'll pay the same $300 or so as her secretary.

    Who's Susan  Wojcicki?  I thought you'd never ask.

    Jane plays victim card

    So Jane Sanders goes on Fox to agree with Donald about how unfair the delegate process is.

    Let's see how hypocritical that stance is. Her big complaint is about closed primaries. But Hillary's won 11 open primaries yugely including semi-open Ohio, while Bernie won Michigan by the skin of his teeth (1%/17000 votes). New Hampshire was a closed primary, Oklahoma and Rhode Island semi-closed, but Vermont & Wisconsin were open - kudos, 2 open primary wins, finally.

    I'm Voting Your Vajayjay

    I've been a bit bewildered from the start - when people frame the election in terms of "voting your vagina", I expected a rousing round of "Hell yes!" At least I would, ever since I was 8 or 9 or so. I of course vote and think with my dick too, so it might be a bit conflicted, but "I'm in" was the expected response.

    STELLA !

    The campaign will be a three month revival of "Street Car".

    Trump represents Joe Lunchpail (R)  and scorns the Washington leadership.

    Hillary knows what Nancy Pelosi is going to say before she does. But thinks his millennial  women  worked  for Bernie to meet guys. (OK, I know that's what  Gloria and Madelyn think )

    One is terrifying  and the other's pushing  her "sell by" date. 

    Heaven help us! At least Hillary knows better than to rely on the kindness of strangers,

    Anyway, I'm glad she won.

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    Patton Oswalt by Gage Skidmore.jpg

    I like this guy. He is about 6 to 8 years older than my kids and I began seeing his gigs on cable over the last 15 years.

    It is hard to gage the issue concerning time in these days. I mean, you might pick up something on cable that is fifteen years old and not even know it is a decade and a half ago.

    Louis CK has fun discussing his new family. Louis CK had his life and his riffs change forever.

    Comics change, if they are worth a damn.

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    César (13667960455).jpg

    Okay so Julius was worried about finances and Crassus had one hell of a lot of money.

    And Julius of course was 'related' to the familia of one of the Seven Sacred Hills.

    And so Julius had one of his daughters betrothed in marriage to a guy named Pompeii (who was another of those folks 'related' to another familia of another Seven Sacred Hills.

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    Yet Another Reflection on Prince

    Lord knows, anyone who has come within range of social media has seen his or her share of reflections on the death of Prince. They run the gamut from heartfelt and poignant to nauseatingly narcissistic.  Here then is my first effort at the genre.

    In 1981, I was a junior in high school.  I used to bring to school and carry around a portable cassette player to listen to music on the bus and in the woods smoking cigarettes and engaging in other prohibited activities.  I wasn't alone in this.  During breaks we'd run down to the smoking room (hard to imagine that now in HS!) or athletic fields and compete for selections.  We surely weren’t aware of it then, but our choices were about more than simply having a good time. It was a way of defining ourselves relative to our peers. The music you chose was a way of saying something about yourself, a statement of identity.  This is who I am because I listen to _____. 

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    Whither Sanders supporters?

    david-versus-goliathGoliath has won.  Barring something truly extraordinary or tragedy, the Democratic presidential nominee will not be Bernie Sanders.  Not only does Hillary Clinton have a nearly unassailable advantage in pledged delegates and the support of the vast majority of super delegates, she is ahead in the few states which still haven't held primaries and which she needn't win in any event.  Under these circumstances, it does not behoove progressives to engage in magical thinking.

    Prince Retrospective

    Ever since I heard Dirty Minds and Controversy, I've been a big fan. "Annie Christian, Antichrist...."

    He combined Hendrix and funk, managed the cross-over, a bit clean, a bit dirty, get your big on butt over here - gotta get up, get down.... oh shit. Way too young. And then that duet with Beyoncé.... and the Revolution.

    See ya, dude - and thanks

    A walk down memory lane


    How we got into this fix

                     Maximum tax rate  for         

                        Ordinary Income     Capital Gains       Corporations  

                                                                                                      what else was happening

    Ike                     91.0                        25.0                     52            Interstate highways program

    Carter                 70.0                        39.9                     48

    Ice cream. And Newtown

    In the April 18th Financial Times, Edward Luce (Hillary Clinton's Missing Theme) lamented the fact that Hillary seems diffuse: Either in that same oped  or in one a few days earlier he essentially said  ask anyone, and they can tell you in 30 seconds what Trump or Cruz or Bernie intends to do. But Hillary, she just kind of suggests she'd do a better job of what Bill or Barak were doing..

    Not slamming her, lamenting, because he mostly agrees with her positions. Was he listening tonight I wonder?

    Bernie wins New York

    As Bernie wins over 50 of New York's 62 counties, it becomes obvious that Bernie Sanders has charmed a good portion of the electorate yet again, and there remain fierce concerns and problems to be resolved for Democrats, not just Independents who couldn't vote, and Americans as a whole. 

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    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree


    After eight years of being both denigrated and drugged with crack cocaine during the Reagan administration, and another four years of being completely ignored by George Bush, Sr., the Black community was ripe for the plucking. We were like abused and neglected children, and master pimp, Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton, was right there like a predatory hustler prowling for innocent runaways in a Greyhound bus station - and like most pimps, he had a flawless plan.
    Being one of the first of a new generation of White Southern politicians who understood Black people, he simply swaggered onto the Arsenio Hall Show in dark glasses and a saxophone and played with the band. His plan worked brilliantly, because it accomplished two things - first, by going on a Black television show looking like a musician and playing a few discordant notes with the band, it made him look "cool," which to many Black people means, Black; secondly, it played on the hunger of Black people to be acknowledged after being completely ignored for twelve years. So from that moment on Clinton was adopted by many in the Black community as "Our first Black President" and earned their everlasting love, admiration, and gratitude - and that's in spite of the fact that he hasn't done a thing for Black people since.
    In fact, the Clintons have done more to Black people than for them. Under the guise of a "New Democrat," Bill has done more to tear apart and destroy Black families than any Republican president since before the Great Depression - along with the enthusiastic support of his wife, Hillary. Black people had their guard up against Republicans, but Bill and Hillary Clinton caught us unaware and flatfooted. While some might challenge the statement that Clinton has done more harm to Black people than any Republican president by citing Ronald Reagan's flooding the Black community with crack cocaine to support his illegal war in Nicaragua, there's solid evidence that indicates that as Governor of Arkansas Clinton was even involved in that.
    "A number of allegations have been written about and several local, state, and federal investigations have taken place related to the alleged use of the Mena, [Arkansas]Intermountain Municipal Airport as a CIA drop point in large scale cocaine trafficking beginning in the early 1980s.[14] The topic has received some press coverage that has included allegations of awareness, participation and/or cover-up involvement of figures such as former president Bill Clinton."
    So, first, there's strong evidence that suggests that Bill was involved in a conspiracy to flood the Black community with crack cocaine. Then he signs the most Draconian crime bill in the history of the United States and creates a private prison system that makes a fortune off the mass incarceration of Black people - and that actually pays states to hold prisoners for longer periods of time - for using the very same drug that Bill himself was allegedly involved in putting in the community in the first place. In addition, his wife, Hillary, benefited from cash donations from that very same private prison system.
    Yet, in spite of that - and several other assaults on the Black community - there are many Black people who continue to have a blind and tenacious loyalty to the Clinton brand that's just as pronounced and unfathomable as the loyalty of a hoe to an abusive pimp. Once the Clintons decided they wanted to get back into the White House, Bill simply went to the NAACP and said he was sorry for his role in the massive incarceration of Black people. Thereafter, the Congressional Black Caucus came running to Bill and Hillary's side like Pavlov's dog after hearing the dinner bell. It's, literally, unbelievable.  

    Nonsense about Hillary

    For both of my readers, here's my list of the most nonsensical attacks on Hillary. Since it's important she win today I figure I should speak now or forever hold my peace- which I would certainly hate doing.

    1. She's hiding the contents of her speeches  to various bunches of investment bankers.?  Let's see. How many people were in the room?  And why haven't some of them spilled the beans?  Do you think every banker in the room was an FOH? Hasn't the media asked? The reason the contents haven't  been reported is because 'there's no there, there'.

    How Pathetic are We?

    (response to CVille Dem) Fun aside, all this joking about Sanders & his voters living in their mom's basement is quite a bit unfair, and worse, masking a much bigger problem.

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    IT WAS 1980

    I was 29 years of age.

    I had a wife and a tiny baby boy and a girl of three years of age.

    I was fat and I drank a lot of beer.

    Is Chuck Grassley just McConnell's Glitch?

    While Senator Grassley appears to be the big dog on the front porch stiffing the President's pick for Supreme Court Justice, he may come out on the short end of the stick before this nomination runs its course. Blocking a moderate, well qualified nominee may turn out to be the wrong strategy in that when Republicans realize that Merrick Garland might be the best option compared to all the other scenarios, Grassley is going to look like a limp corn dog for his initial subservient blanket obstruction. He surrendered his authority without the remotest of factual arguments. Has he even tangentially referred to what might be the desires of the citizens of Iowa?

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    Flint Water: Too Little, Too Late

    The water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been going on a lot longer than people have been hearing about it. The residents of Flint had been drinking contaminated water for well over a year before any one even bothered to hear them out, let alone try and fix the problem.

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    I had this dream again.
    I forgot so much during the last decades.
    I  found this counselor and I used to come to see him.
    He was a soft kind of guy.
    And I would tell him all my sins.
    Anyway he would hire me as an attorney from time to time.

    I cannot even recall the reason for this representation.

    Souljahing On

    Bill Clinton let loose on some rather rude protesters, and perhaps rightly a number of people came to his defense, even noting that it's a shame the Sista Souljah moments have passed.

    But it's still a huge shame we have haven't passed our police brutality moments. It's still a shame we haven't risen past either economic injustice or entrenched racial divisions. Bill, ever wily, seemed to realize you don't win by skipping over the next generation without becoming irrelevant, even if you're right.


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