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    Why I Still Believe In People

    I am a radical in life. Why? Despite all evidence to the contrary, I still believe in people.

    The news will definitely get you down and much of your personal experience may get you down too. It's common to hear people screaming at one another in this world and the constant barrage of drug and gun deaths certainly makes one feel as if humanity is resigned to a horrible fate.

    Let the Commencement Speeches Begin


    Back in 2012, Donal posted the commencement speech by Michael Lewis that was getting a lot of attention at the time.

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    We shouldn't be stackin poles, we should be getting them gators!

    (Swamp People)




    My Robot's Therapy Sessions Seem To Be Helping It

    Recently in The Independent, Stephen Hawking, with co-authors Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark, and Frank Wilczek, warn of dangers of Artificial Intelligence.

    ….it's tempting to dismiss the notion of highly intelligent machines as mere science fiction. But this would be a mistake, and potentially our worst mistake in history….
    Looking further ahead, there are no fundamental limits to what can be achieved: there is no physical law precluding particles from being organised in ways that perform even more advanced computations than the arrangements of particles in human brains. An explosive transition is possible...

    One can imagine such technology outsmarting financial markets, out-inventing human researchers, out-manipulating human leaders, and developing weapons we cannot even understand. Whereas the short-term impact of AI depends on who controls it, the long-term impact depends on whether it can be controlled at all.

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    Coping With Grief Part Two: The Pain Of Deterioration

    Hello all,

    I'm writing about Jennifer Reimer again. Some friends have found it odd that I've put together so much public material about her. Privacy around one's passing makes alot of sense for some - however, if you take a look at Jen's website Practice of Madness, you'll find that she made almost all of her life public. Her gripes with her father, her mourning for her mom, whatever was plaguing her mentally, addiction and her physical illnesses - it was all for public display. I also seriously need to get this out for my own good.

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    I guess I am guilty of this sin every damn day I have ever lived. I mean we cannot, individually be experts in everything.

    Which is why the Science Guy, who has studied scientific principles and theories his entire life is attacked as merely being an 'engineer'.

    Okay, so let us take a look at our elected representatives who are arguing out of their weight class:

    10 Foot Sea Level Rise Unstoppable

    The West Antarctic Ice Sheet, 25.4 million cubic kilometers, 6.1 million cubic miles, is on track for an 'inevitable' melt, NYT:

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    Black People, Beware of the "Un-Niggas"

    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree


    First they came for the dogcatchers...

    With apologies for in any way reprising those tasteless jokes which reference  the alleged paucity of stray dogs in areas abutting budget priced chinese restaurants, I offer for the canny investor a convenient metric by which to know in advance that global warming's grip on the throat of humanity has inexorably tightened beyond repair.  A leading indicator, if you will, of the food price apocalypse prophesied in the latest government climate change report.


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    And dropping a barbell he points to the sky saying the sun aint yellow it's chicken


    Wyatt Earp portrait.png

    Echoes of Zimmerman in Minnesota.

    It seems that this fellow was sick and tired of folks entering his homestead without his permission.

    A great word, really. I mean Homestead!

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    Introducing Open Mikes Q&A: Professional Wrestling

    A couple weeks ago, wrestling phenom Ultimate Warrior died. I talked to Michael Maiello about it, hoping to publish it for my website Gonzo Times. My fiance Jennifer Lauren Reimer died in a not unexpected but nonetheless sudden and heartbreaking turn of events and my inbox got flooded with people expressing their condolences. The interview I did with Mike unfortunately got lost along with his offer to make this a regular thing.

    I Resolve the Middle East Crisis and Win the Nobel Peace Prize

      Now that Mr. Netanyahu has(indefensibly, I think) pulled out of the peace talks, we are back to square one on the Arab-Israeli conflict.  Although we may not know how to get to a peace settlement, many of us have a clear idea of what a just settlement would look like. So to stimulate a little discussion, I will humbly present an outline of what I think would be the most practical terms on which the sixty-six year old feud could be settled--even though nobody asked me.

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    Playing the Race Card on a Conservative Friend



    Playing the Race Card on a Conservative Friend


    Me and My Racist Friend

    This is where the party ends
    I'll just sit here wondering how you
    Can stand by your racist friend
    I know politics bore you
    But I feel like a hypocrite talking to you
    You and your racist friend

       - They Might Be Giants

    Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers (a NBA team for those who don't follow sports) is in some hot water because of some racist comments caught on tape. The New York Times in yesterday's op-ed concluded:

    There’s a larger obligation here. The league’s top leadership tolerated and sheltered Mr. Sterling for much too long. The new commissioner, Adam Silver, needs to make clear that there’s no place in the league for owners with plantation attitudes, whether or not they’re caught expressing them on tape.

    The Elusory Turn, the Equivocal Change

    Guildenstern: It really boils down to symptoms. Pregnant replies, mystic allusions, mistaken identities,arguing his father is his mother, that sort of thing; intimations of suicide, forgoing of exercise, loss of mirth, hints of claustrophobia  not to say delusions  of imprisonment; invocations of camels, chameleons, capons, whales, weasels, hawks, handsaws - riddles, quibbles and evasions; amnesia, paranoia, myopia; day-dreaming, hallucinations; stabbing his elders, abusing his parents, insulting his lover, and appearing hatless in public  - knock-kneed, droop-stockinged and sighing like a love-sick schoolboy, which at his age is coming on a bit strong.

    Some of you may be wondering why I altered my user name and avatar.  Maybe none of you are, but I will try to explain regardless. As I mentioned in past blogs, I was laid off at the beginning of 2013. I am still unemployed (although I have done some temporary manual labor work over the months), but if the truth be told I didn't try that hard to find a job.  This had to do in large part with my personal wrangling with the question: What is it that I want to do?


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