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    A stained glass depiction of Jesus as a Caucasian man with long brown hair, a beard and the characteristic Christian cross inscribed in the halo behind his head. The figure dressed in a white inner robe cover by a shorter, looser scarlet robe. Depicted as a Shepherd, he is holding a crux in his left hand and carrying a lamb in his right. Sheep are positioned to the left and right of the figure.






    Christians should pee into cups.

    Within the vast offensiveness of the Indiana, and now Arkansas, Enshrine Christians (and Bigots) legislation what is being downplayed by progenitors is the leniency shown religious folk---who wish to refuse service to certain patrons---in providing proof that their refusal of service is central to their faith.

    Folks like the Tea Party/Christians---who are the one's being pandered to with the recent odious legislation---are first in line to force welfare recipients to pee into cups or force the poor and elderly to provide voting I.D. that isn't necessary. But there is scant to no provision in these new laws requiring Christians to prove the sincerity and honesty of their own behavior.

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    Could Somebody Please Tell Me The Difference Between Zionism and Routine, Garden Variety Racism?

    Zionism is nothing but a Betty Crocker-approved euphemism for bigotry, but if you speak to a Zionist he'll tell you, "That's not true. Jews simply want, and deserve, a Jewish homeland." But isn't that EXACTLY what Hitler said? - "I'm not a bad guy; I simply want an Aryan homeland."  It's the exact same thing, and based on the exact same pretext. No one group of people DESERVE any part of this Earth - which "God" set aside for ALL human beings in general - for themselves, and anyone who says differently, and is willing to kill for it, is a murderous warmonger, and full of crap.  If Jews wanted to return to Israel, or Palestine, they should have simply started immigrating to the region and tried to PEACEFULLY blend in with the indigenous people, not take over. If they had done that, and the indigenous people had been respected and given an incentive to accept them, we wouldn't have much of the hatred that we have in the region today - and before it even gets started, I'm not going to even entertain the argument that I have to buy into allowing Israel to commit murder to prove I don't hate Jews.  This is not about Jews; it's about Zionism, and all Jews are not Zionists.


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    Thought on the Indiana "Discrimination Law"

    It's been quite a long time since I've done any political blogging. It just got to be too much. Too much negativity, too much bickering. I needed a break. But I needed to write, so I started my own blog, mostly about the artsy stuff in my life.

    But there are times when the important stuff bleeds over, as was the case today, when THIS went up on my blog:

    The right of .... to go someplace

    Some  of those involved in the "Process" ,maybe many of them, agree that the two sides reached a point where there was an Israeli offer which Arafat considered accepting. But the"Right of return" stood in the way.

    In retrospect those optimists resembled a long ago New Yorker cartoon: two scientists stand in front of a black board covered with equations while one of them points at a spot in the middle and says "here's where a miracle occurs."

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    Recently there has begun the stirring of shifting how we think of the value of each person as distinct from what they ‘do’, especially when it comes to ‘earning money’.

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    Harry Reid has announced he not going to run for reelection and retire.

    He posted this video this morning. 



    Senator Reid is 75 years old and has been in politics since 1968.  He has had a long career. He entered the senate in 1986 and became Majority leader in 2006.  He was injured this winter in a fall.  

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    The deadline for the framework agreement in the P5+1 nuclear negotiations with Iran is this coming Tuesday, March 31st.  That is when the parties are supposed to have a political agreement setting forth the parameters for negotiations on "technical" issues in the final phase of negotiations (scheduled to be completed in the early part of this coming summer).  

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    Israel Has Become A Serious Problem That We Need To Address

    Here are the facts. The United States CREATED some of the most severe problems currently going on in the Middle East by interfering in that part of the world and expecting the people in the region to just sit back and casually accept the U.S.' racist view of reality. For example, the way that the State of Israel was created in 1948 set into motion a policy of Manifest Destiny 2, and then it was shoved down the throats of the indigenous people in the region.
    As badly as the German people treated the Jews, why didn't they just break off a piece of Germany and give it to the Jewish people? I'll tell you why, because Germany is a White nation, so they felt that it was easier to simply go and TAKE a piece of land from "THOSE" non-White Arabs, and get the Jews out of our hair. As a direct result, we've had our hands full, and that rash decision has taken over our lives. We've paid out billions of dollars, made ourselves one of the most hated nations in the world among the Arab people, and young Americans have been senselessly dying in the region, and having their lives destroyed every since. 
    You can't just TAKE land from someone else and then tell them that God wanted you to have it. That pretext is not only blatantly ridiculous on its face, but insulting. Everybody knows what the facts are, and everyone knows how unjust it was, but no one wants to say it out loud because we've been indulging in a conspiracy of silence.  But we've got to address this issue, even though, at this point, we can't turn the clock back and get a do-over.  What's done is done. That was the mistake of another generation, and at this point there are two generations of Israelis who were born in Israel so they have every right to call it home. But it's past time to start having an honest discussion on this issue and thinking about ways to compensate the Arabs for the hit that they took. That would undoubtedly go a long way toward healing longstanding wounds. Trying to ignore injustice only allows it to fester and foster deep-seated hatred.  We're seeing that scenario playing out right here in the United Stats among our own people.

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    Methuselah Stained glass.jpg


    I graduated from High School in 1968.

    A decade later, I somehow found out that I had graduated High School in 1968.

    My first tome from Herodotus,  that I ever found was entitled:


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    A Lesser Conversation About Suicide

    I read a statistic that deeply affected me: There are almost 40,000 suicides every year in America. I find myself questioning what role, if any, our society plays in helping someone make the choice to end life? 

    The suicide rate has tripled for the 15 to 24 age group. This gives me pause. These are the kids I mentor, tutor and lift weights with: I have friends who have children in this increasingly troubled demographic.

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    Sign 'Em Up

    Let's just agree for the sake of reality that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016. Other names have been teased, of course, and a sparse few have expressed a vague interest in running against her - Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb and self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders come to mind. But they know better than anyone else that their chances are nonexistent. Sherrod Brown isn't interested, neither is the only person who would conceivably stand a chance: base favorite Elizabeth Warren.

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    Emily's List's 30th Anniversary Part 3 - Hillary Clinton's Speech

    Hillary Clinton was the key note speaker at this event.  The audience was warm to her and responded to parts of her speech enthusiastically. It was not a campaign speech and neither did she mention the emails from the time that she was Secretary of State. The speech followed up on the theme of the conference and the tone was directed to the audience that was there.  She honored the women who have blazed a trail for other women to enter politics. The issues she talked about was family issues, economical issues and labor issues. The speech was gracious and thoughtful.  

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    It Is Time For A Revolution Of Massive Participation

    Last year I started putting together this new non-profit called Vote On Purpose.  The truth is it is called Vote On Purpose because it was one of the few names involving voting that I could think of that I could actually buy a domain name for (have you ever tried this?).  And after I started inviting people to be on the board of directors, they found the name fitting so it stuck.

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    Taking Apart Cornel West's Boilerplate Mantra That President Obama Is A Baby Killer

    Much like Ben Carson and Tavis Smiley,  Cornel West doesn't seem to recognize that he's destroyed his public image by allowing his self-serving agenda to take precedence over his common sense. Also like the two gentleman previously mentioned, he's dropped like a rock from a stellar personality that the Black community pointed to with pride, to a public embarrassment that many Black people wish would simply go away. 
    One of the reasons that's the case with all three of these gentlemen are their public pronouncements that tend to negate the very intellectual excellence in which the Black community took such pride. In the case of West, he's mortally wounded his legacy in the Black community with his reckless, unscholarly, and unsubstantiated rants about President Obama. He also tends to be inconsistent. For example, while responding to a criticism lodged against him by comedian, Steve Harvey, he said, "When you are trying to talk about issues that affect the people, name calling gets in the way. Name-calling is nothing but another weapon of mass distraction."  Then later, he goes on to call President Obama - the first Black president of the United States - "a drone president, and a baby killer."  So in his own words, he's become "a weapon of mass distraction" - and one of the GOP's most effective weapons, a valuable tool for  undermining the interests of the very people that he claims to love so dearly.

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    Just What Did Bibi Netanyahu Say About Two States?

    I had expressed my opinion in a comment thread relating to the Israeli election that the prime ministers's alleged disavowal of the two-state solution was incorrect.  I subsequently came across this editorial in today's New York Daily News supporting what I also believed and had perceived to be a lonely argument.

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    I'm struggling with various somewhat contradictory reactions to Hillary Clinton's spoken announcement last Tuesday and the nine-page document she released subsequently that explains her use of private email address when she was Secretary of State.  On balance though, my sense is that Clinton has provided a re

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    Iran Negotiations and a Path Forward

    I have written and commented quite a bit about my reservations about the Iran negotiations, and I just want to shift gears here and offer what I hope are taken as good faith observations and recommendations for moving forward.  I address what I believe are the three principal issues that must be resolved: (1) whether any deal negotiated is a good deal; (2) what the president should show in order to establish whether the deal is good; and (3) the role of the Congress.   Obviously, framing the issues, while helpful in my view, does not mask the complexity of that which is found beneath each of them.

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    Nationalism: Kanye West and American Exceptionalism

    'I am God's vessel. But my greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.' Kanye West

    I'm better than you! I can lift more weight, run faster and jump higher than all (or most) of you. I'm young, healthy and fairly intelligent. I also sound like a jerk talking like this. None of the claims I've made (whether true or not) add to my intrinsic value; yet, if I substitute my physical abilities with fame, money or political power (in many circles) I would be seen as a “better” person. In many ways Kanye West is the most logical conclusion of our materialist culture; a culture shot through with hubris and bravado. The conservative mythos of American exceptionalism is epitomized in the actions of Kanye West.

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    The Iran Negotiations -- Non-Binding Except When They Are?

    The debate over the appropriate role for Congress in the P5+1 nuclear negotiations with Iran continues as the month-end deadline for a so-called "framework agreement" approaches.  A bipartisan group of senate co-sponsors led by Senator Corker  announced that on or shortly after March 24th they intend to begin deliberations over a bill (S. 615), which would require that any agreement t reached be submitted for review by the Senate, and which would also provide for a Senate vote on whether to approve the agreement.  The president has threatened to veto that bill and continues to insist that the advice and consent of the Congress is not required because any agreement that is negotiated will be "non-binding".  Last night, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough warned Senator Corker not to proceed with the vote, and claimed that such a vote would unduly interfere with the ongoing negotiations.  Corker has indicated that the bill will likely come to Senate floor in mid-April at the earliest. [Note this paragraph was edited to correct my erroneous description of the procedural aspects of S. 615. My apologies.]

    The P5+1 and Iran Nuclear Talks Alert

    I subscribe to the mailing list of  The Arms Control Association and received this today. t answers or or gives their opinion on several pertinent questions regarding the proposed agreement on nuclear development by Iran. I cannot find a direct link so I am posting it here in full. 

    A Critical Week in Lausanne

    Nuclear talks between Iran and the P5+1 (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States) are entering the final days before the end-of-March target date for reaching a framework agreement.

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    The Republican Party's Treasonous and Un-American History

    Republican politicians and their cronies have a long history of pettiness, greed,  poor judgment, and a tendency to continually drag America down a rat hole to satisfy their selfish lust for wealth and power.  Thus, America needs to wake up and see these people for who they are, because 2016 is going to be a pivotal election. If the Republicans win they know that the demographics are against them, so they'll never relinquish power again - regardless to WHAT they have to do.  Think about the ramifications of that. And if you're a White social conservative who takes comfort in those ramifications, don't, because the rich, fiscal conservatives, don't care any more about poor and middle class White people than they do Muslims, minorities, or gays. You're only being used to keep the working class divided, because the GOP's agenda is so toxic to the American people that their very viability is completely dependent upon maintaining hatred, animosity, and strife among the poor and middle class.  So if they win, looking into your dumb faces is going to be the only thing gratifying about it


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