Changes in the democratic primary system?

    I often wonder if a person's views change with the candidate they support. My opinions transcend the candidate I support. Every thing I'm posting here I not only believed before this primary but I believed long before the 08 primary. If TPM had saved it's reader's blogs discussions much of this post could be found there from ten years ago.

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    The Clinton Email Scandal Timeline

    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

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    Surviving a Toxic Social Environment

    One thing that has been said by a friend to me about the 2010s is that it just has been a trip back to the 1970s. The 1970s were a chaotic and, in many ways, hate driven era of American politics, more so than typically: the Black Panthers, George Wallace, Richard Nixon, Kent State, Vietnam, Harvey Milk, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When becoming president after the resignation of Richard Nixon, Ford referred to his presidency as the "end" of a long national nightmare.

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    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

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    This is NO ORDINARY PRIMARY = No Uniting Behind FRAUD.

    It's Pretty Simple Really.
    The Establishment Democrats conspired to make Hillary 'THE' Nominee before the primary had ever begun.

    If you consider superdelegates like 'judges' in a contest and those judges are supposed to 'weigh in' on July 25th, pledging themselves to a winner in the 'contest' before it begins is FRAUD.

    The DNC colluded with Hillary Campaign and corporate media to make 'her' 'THE' nominee even after others entered the race.
    That is 'rigging' a contest and a FRAUD against the public.
    (Class action suit re this FRAUD is being filed).

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    T-Rump won the gamut this year in the repub primaries/caucuses
    And some of the links tell us that this orange man received two billion bucks 
    in free advertising.

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    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattree

    The New Normal

    Below is our future President and Commander-in-Chief. While there have been loads of photos of politicians with kids, this one seems to say so much - not teasing, not mugging, simply doing what women do with children, communicating on so many levels including just being there, calmly.

    As I read yet another "Hillary doesn't know why she's running" article, I think somehow they haven't been listening. For 25 or 40 years. Or the ultimate damning quip, "she's running on a laundry list", I think, "what's wrong with a laundry list? that's how my wife gets 3 million things done before I get home." Most of us need an app for that.

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    Beneath the Spin * Eric L. Wattre


    Time to Call Off the 2016 Olympics

    Russia is lucky in that it has been banned from sending athletes to the Olympics in Rio because of a dying scandal. These athletes will be spared the health risks that athletes headed to Rio will face. The country has the Zika virus. The risks to pregnant women are clear cut. The other public health risk is that infected mosquitos will bite those attending the games, those infected will return to their home countries were they will provide an infected blood source for mosquitos in their native lands. The Olympics provide a source of worldwide infection.

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    Seeley Booth is attempting to speak to someone on his phone as he makes his way upon the sidewalk and this damned ice cream truck keeps making these sounds. hahahaha
    So Seeley looks back and shoots the clown.
    This has got to be my favorite episode of any law and order comedy drama I have ever viewed.

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    Dear Hillary Voters, Will You Listen Now?


    As the recently released DNC emails show, this primary has been a fraud against the public.

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    Hillary is looking into potential Vice-Presidents.

    I love Al Franken, as I have stated before.

    But damn, Hillary has an opportunity here.

    Why not choose Sheldon Whitehouse.

    I mean the ticket would be:


    How can you do better than that?

    DC by 57%, it's wrap

    It's a wrap on DC with Hillary winning by a 57% margin - her 34th of 57 contests and 15th of the last 21. Her final popular vote is about 16.5 mill (2.2m in California alone), up by nearly 4 million over her opponent (a half million up in CA). The results include a 31-9 margin in primaries (including non-binding Washington and Nebraska).

    The map below pretty well sums it up - a romp in the park, took the gold. On to the convention.

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    Real Orange Husckster of Trump Tower

    The Real Orange Huckster of Trump Tower basked in the glory of his bigotry and how far it had taken him.

    Tolerance with a whisper (Planet 9 from Outer Space)

    [Welcome back, ArtAppraiser, even if a short visit - had thought I'd be gone long before you. Plus as response to Mike Maiello and in general thoughts on our cultural jiu-jitsu]

    In answer to "People get a bit of a pass for their religion-based intolerances."  Like duh, when something's a 4000 year old tradition, it tends to carry weight. As do other long-standing traditions along with well-cemented ideas or structures, even if recent.

    if we want to stop mass shootings we must call them crackers

    I hate to say it but Trump has a point. If we want to stop mass shootings by Muslims we must call them Radical Islamic terrorists.  If only Obama had done this the Orlando shooting would never have happened

    We must face the fact that most mass shootings are committed by white men. The only way to stop this is to call them Cracker terrorists. Or perhaps Trailer Trash terrorists. It's the only way to stop it.

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    Deepak Chopra (2011).jpg

    Obama does not get it or he gets it better than anybody understands.

    (Donald  Trump)

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    The usual, ineffective rant in knee-jerk response to another shooting incident ...

    Hi.  Again.  

    Well, it happened again.  Just like we knew it would.   We will cry and make statements like:
    "No-one needs an AK47.  It is a military weapon designed to kill people as quickly and efficiently as possible.  That is it's only purpose.  It is not a gun used for target practice or to hunt for food or protect one's home and hearth.  It is a killing weapon.  Period.   F*ck the NRA.  F*ck Everyone that supports the NRA.   If you are an NRA member, you support the Death of Innocents.  Their blood is forever on you."  

    Let me be the ant

    at the picnic.

    It was great to celebrate Tuesday night. And Hillary didn´t miss a beat. She could have been practicing that speech for 8 years. Maybe she was.


    She ain' t gonna win unless Bernie supports her. Enthusiastically.

    True? Who knows. But we need to think that way.

    She came, she saw, he died

    Taking California by 13% (with 92% counted, including all Bernie counties) along with NJ by landslide and victories in New Mexico & South Dakota, Hillary underpromised and overdelivered: she came, shesaw, and Bernie cried, died (and lied a little bit). There is no path for Bernie to anything - she nailed it shut. Rather than leaving a tinge of doubt, to America's buyer's remorse, her east-west romp bookends a successful romp across NE, midwest, south and southwest, with a few good showings in northwest and even South Dakota, presumably Bernie country.

    A home run

    Hillary´s ¨acceptance speech¨. When all is said and done it´s always helpful to be smart.

    Now if she can just stay out of jail maybe Obamacare can be improved and reissued as Hillarycare. What goes around comes around. Sometimes twice.


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