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    The Vikings became 5-0 by three PM today.

    So I streamed 8 hours of Netflix (before and after).

    But I kept checking in with Cable News foreshadowing the inevitable storm.

    Just about an hour ago Trump sends out this video with him setting with victims of Bill Clinton thrity and forty years ago.


    It's Magic: Make America Grate Again

    In what looks like the most amazing Rick-Roll of all time, we have to come to grips with the possibility that Trump is creating his own October Surprise with the results he wants. While some have speculated it was his wife who gave up his 20-year-old tax form, it would be much easier for him to do it. The recording? Pull it out of his archive.

    Why would Donald go to such effort to self-destruct? Because he was never a real candidate to begin with. Everything he's done was a hyperinflated version of what a real stupid conservative Republican might do - turning up the IOKIYAR meme to 11 was sheer brilliance. Or at least good fun.. That's right, Donald Trump is the political equivalent of Spinal Tap - Spinal Trump, anyone? - compleat with little miniature stonehenges and a bizarre appearance at the Armory. And a tribute to fat bottom girls. 

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    Help Wanted: GoFundMe sponsor.."Pay Trump victims' penalties"


    I solicit herewith a civic minded troublemaker who would like to be sued by Donald Trump.


    Your assignment, should you accept it:


    To open a GoFundMe campaign the goal of which would be to raise cash to hold harmless any Trump victims who have settled their lawsuits under a nondisclosure clause.  


    Likewise, to indemnify any harm that might befall a person who is bound by one of his odious "Non disparagement" clauses.   


    The Trump "sex tape"

    Before we too enthusiastically condemn Trump's stupid remark let's be reasonably honest with ourselves. There are more than a few men, of both parties, who could have been taped at some time saying similar .

    Trump himself claims he heard Bill Clinton saying worse on the golf course. Could be.

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    I dedicate this to Jolly. hahahahah

    He found this whilst I was napping.

    I even made a joke under Mike W's comment. hahahah

    Then I hit Huffpo and Politico and then Mediamatters.


    This is a big frickin deal!

    Here is just a general MM link:

    MM has eight sections on this.

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    Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"

    My pc froze whist I wrote this the first time.

    So we shall try again.

    Pence is Pensive

    Kaine is Intensive

    But VP's are ineffective


    Just ask John Nance Garner.

    Pence helped

    the Pence candidacy in 2020. 

    If he hadn't ended with his moving right- to- life statement he might have also  provided a small gain for the ticket but,unfairly,  that sincere discussion will detract more from the Trump campaign than he assisted it with his polished performance. Fortunately.

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    the fall of a great house

    It could turn out to be a mistake if one has skeletons in ones closet to invite scrutiny of the same.


    Notwithstanding his gargantuan appetite for publicity Donald Trump may have, through his  profound vanity, underestimatedthe criminal and financial exposures accumulated in 30 years of playing fast and loose.


    Donald Drops the Mic

    Seems Donald's falling back on the "sun was in myeyes, rock in my shoes, moderator up my ass" level of excuse making. While it's possible someone screwed up the audio levels, it's also possible that someone just doesn't know how to talk into the mic (or put it close to their mouth) - see pic below. (I presume he or his team checked the podium before the debate - my real guess is he wasn't yelling as assertively as usual). Unforced error #14.

    Hillary & the Paradox of Teamwork

    The trend towards greater teamwork has been extolled in business & management schools for well over 2 decades now, But still when we consider executive pay, leadership, innovation and other qualities, we're laying on sparse praise to the team, hard praise to the leader. It's not the team that makes Facebook - it's Zuckerberg (at the exclusion of even his co-founders). The ghost of Steve Jobs still hovers over Apple, but it's Tim Cook that reigns, not some more amorphous "team". When we talk about Microsoft's success, it's what Bill Gates and Paul Allen did, and what Steve Ballmer and later didn't do.

    Shoutout to Maiello: Wrestling

    [Meant to post this days ago, but may be better now]

    Okay, Devega made the claim that Trump's modeled himseslf on the badguy wrestler (who the crowd cheers for) - so we need the Maiello deconstruction of 1) what to expect, 2) how Hillary can counter it, and 3) whether wrestling motifs are the future of all American political contests. (And of course anything else you want to riff on).

    Trump Punts on Administration

    When asked by Fox who he'd invite to be in his Administration, Trump responded "Menstruation? That's disgusting. And I'll have you know I have no problem with women, do really well if you know what I mean, really well, without having blood come out from wherever. That's for these sad sack losers, I don't have to get all soft and sensitive to have lots of beautiful women. When they have that time of month, I'll be on the golf course driving the wood, if you know what I mean"

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    Bernie and Hillary Reaching Out To Supporters


    As most folks here at DagBlog know...

    I'm an old coot. I'm 70 years old to be exact. Yeah yeah yeah a "Baby-Boomer." A very very LIBERAL baby-boomer.

    Let me first say, my best wishes to Bernie and all those who have faithfully supported the man.

    From the very beginning of his official announcement to run I told many people how important his message would be to the Democratic Platform, if he won or lost the primary. Back in July below is my first and only graphic about Bernie that I've posted hundreds of times since then.

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    "That's Called business"


    On Monday September 26, 2016...






    Hillary was good enough

    and Trump won't have lost any of the people who are currently supporting him. 

    She may have won some of the undecided. He won't have.

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    No Comment. No Policy. No Reaction. No Eye Roll. Np Push-back. No Sigh, No Bulshit...I could go on, but why?

    I have had the tired job of watching the TV today after a weekend of camping and I am very tired,  I have to say that all the hubbub and BS that has preceded this event makes me wonder how The Trump Con Show expects this to make it happen.

    This absurd effort to make truth a joke is only one effort to the Trump Familiy is yet one more example of their patheticaness 


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    Composite image of Lincoln & Douglas

    (Hillary is on the left)

    In less than three hours, we shall witness HISTORY!

    Issues abound!

    Is slavery wrong?

    Should rich folks be able to vote?

    Is Hillary a traitor?

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    I just ran across this at the New Yorker. I cannot even remember why I ended up at the New Yorker. hahhah

    TOLEDO (The Borowitz Report)—At a campaign rally on Friday, Donald Trump warned that Hillary Clinton is scheming to “rig the debate by using facts” in their first televised face-off, on Monday.

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    When invited by HRC to google in rebuttal of Trump Truthiness, may the moderator accept the invitation along with the public?

    Somewhere or other I have urged google access, and now I see that HRC is seeking such by proxy.


    How Stupid.


    Why are not all three, moderator, Clinton and Trump on a three way hookup that is itself on a jumbotron, so everyone is playing in the same sandbox, everyone can see the questions (and answers) and link trails in real time.


    Digit up, people!

    Japanese Whispers: The Swift Boating of Hillary

    In 2004, after losing the post-9/11 2002 mid-terms, the Democrats fielded a decorated Vietnam veteran against an incumbent president who was revealed to have gone AWOL on his National Guard service, a service in itself that was a bypass of the regular draft.

    Instead of accepting the stacked deck, conservative Republicans immediately went to work reframing - parading a group of veterans to call into doubt Kerry's service, while finding a magic unicorn forged document to derail the otherwise overwhelmingly compelling evidence that Bush had failed to complete.

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    Why is there a live audience at the debate on Monday? Should there be?


    Mark Cuban, as an honored guest of HRC, will be in the front row Monday night.


    Prediction markets place the likelihood that he will heckle Trump if things are not going well for Hillary at 72%..


    I make it a lock.


    On a larger note, it certainly was not historically a "given" that there would be any audience at all.


    I think it gives Trump too much opportunity to dodge and duck.


    I'm against it.

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    Tyrannosaurus Rex Holotype.jpg

    T-Rump Rex

    I usually depend upon Slate or Washpo for truthiness but Politifact had me laughing so hard:

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    Cherchez la femme...

    New details mention a trip to Quetta, Pakistan (parenthetically the seat of the Quetta Shura...) by Rahami, where he met and GOT MARRIED TO a local girl.  (well, the way they do it, he got married to and then met...)


    After that trip, say his compadres, he became markedly devout, you know the rest of the story.



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