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    No Subject

    I would like to humbly suggest that ridiculous, stupid videos, without any attempt or effort at explaining, evaluating or justifying them, should be a TOS violation based on pure laziness..  It does nothing to further conversation or enlightenment.  

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    Roger Ailes, June 2013.jpg

    I have been reading about my old hero Cosby for sometime.

    I began to become suspicious well before the first wave of women came out of the closet to expose this sexual predator. 

    It was an AR-15 Assault Rifle, Banned in 90's under Clinton

    And banned in California for a decade or more. California now also requires a background check for purchase of ammo. The American ritual after Dallas, the post massacre arsenal report. The right wing denial that any gun law whatsoever could have limited the recent massacre, in particular the 1994 Clinton Federal Assault Weapons Ban which Republicans let expire in 2004. Even today, right wing 'live in their own universe' websites, this one 'Controversial Times' (they thrive on controversy, abhor concensus/facts) are still trumpeting that the Dallas shooter did not use an AR-15, but instead used some antique WW2 rifle:

    The Gun Used by the Dallas Police Murderer is Revealed. It’s Not What Most People Thought.

    The Dallas families have had a terrible loss

    of the officers who were killed  doing their job.

    So have the families now waiting in anxiety for their wounded family member to recover.

    My heart goes out to them all.

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    Engraving of Descartes


    I go through my old stuff sometimes, I have no life. hahahah

    A long time ago I wrote about Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

    Now, I miss a lot of peeps.
    I miss AA and I miss Resistence and Carol for chrissakes! ha

    I think I pissed them off. 

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    The Presidential Race: Psephology Does Not Rely on Psychological Punditry

    Stick with the numbers , , ,

    Have you had enough of the cut & pastes of media punditry and cut & pastes of Hillary bashing?

    Sam Wang - Princeton Election Consortium

    As of July 7, 2:25PM EDT:
    State polls: Clinton 326 EV, Trump 212 EV Meta-margin: Clinton +3.30%
    Clinton Nov. win probability: random drift 65%, Bayesian 85%

    What's Going On...

    Since Bernie grief, email/tarmac worries and Donald phobias have been rocking our free world way too much, thought it'd be useful to take a breather and discuss something else. And what an else...

    1) recent spate of cop-on-black killings re-ignites the Ferguson riot scenes from last summer. Will we actually do something about it, will it be left to Hillary, or will it be just part of America's pastoral gun-laden backdrop?

    2) Speaking of guns, still no new legislation despite Congressional sitdown. Nice symbolism, but...

    Cease fire

    I always liked the Tom Lehrer lyric that went

    We are the folk song army

    Everyone one of us cares

    We all hate poverty

    War and injustice

    Unlike the rest of you squares

    Somehow I'm unpleasantly reminded of it by the ever popular insult war  between the Dagblog Sander-rites and Hillary-ites.

    Just taking a stand

    As an unequivocal  Hillary supporter I think Bernie is quite right not to endorse her until the convention.

    Not just ¨ within his rights¨ but right. Full stop.

    He was not a marginal contender he was the major opposition. Not a frivolous exercise but something to which he devoted a year of his life at a time when that commodity is in dwindling supply. He has earned the right to be heard at the convention and to be allowed to make his case with respect to the platform ,meaningless as that document will ,as usual, be.

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    We as a nation need someone to represent us.

    We need someone who speaks to values.

    We need someone who speaks to friendship.

    We need someone who represents the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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    Declaration Of Disillusioned & Disenfranchised Democratic Voters

    Many Bernie Supporters/Organizers created this document to send to superdelegates.  There is a version for voters that are not registered democrats as well.  Please add your comment, print and mail/fax, or scan/fax/tweet etc. this document to your superdelegates.  There are many lists of superdelegates out there, the one I am posting does allow for contact/corrections.  I will post links to .pdf versions here.  

    Registered Dems:

    Bernie, Hillary,Eric and Sync

    (From Harold Ickes  ´ diary)

    In 1933 FDR appointed William Woodin as Secretary of Treasury and Dean Acheson as  Under Secretary.

    During the appointment process Acheson joked he had no qualification for the post.  The joke ceased being funny , Woodin was in poor health  and Acheson soon was in effect the actual Treasury Secretary and

    FDR ś plan for Treasury was to  salute and say ¨yes sir¨ as he restlessly experimented to try to find a way to exit the Recession.

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    Donald Trump's campaign chair (Manaport) reported on Meet The Press that:

    "The good thing is , we have a candidate who doesn't need to figure out what's going on in order to say what he wants to do..."

    And I thought they got rid of Lewandowski because of his mouth and his assaults?

    Manaport is telling us that we do not need a President who has to at least attempt to discover the facts before he or she makes a decision?

    Warren vs. Kaine Smackdown

    So if Hillary goes for Warren, she risks losing the cross-over Republican refugees fleeing a sinking ship and brand the ticket too liberal for some.

    If she chooses Tim Kaine, she may miss the boat in inspiring the Sanders crowd as well as lose someone who seems to ignite a fire.

    Changes in the democratic primary system?

    I often wonder if a person's views change with the candidate they support. My opinions transcend the candidate I support. Every thing I'm posting here I not only believed before this primary but I believed long before the 08 primary. If TPM had saved it's reader's blogs discussions much of this post could be found there from ten years ago.

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    Surviving a Toxic Social Environment

    One thing that has been said by a friend to me about the 2010s is that it just has been a trip back to the 1970s. The 1970s were a chaotic and, in many ways, hate driven era of American politics, more so than typically: the Black Panthers, George Wallace, Richard Nixon, Kent State, Vietnam, Harvey Milk, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When becoming president after the resignation of Richard Nixon, Ford referred to his presidency as the "end" of a long national nightmare.

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    This is NO ORDINARY PRIMARY = No Uniting Behind FRAUD.

    It's Pretty Simple Really.
    The Establishment Democrats conspired to make Hillary 'THE' Nominee before the primary had ever begun.

    If you consider superdelegates like 'judges' in a contest and those judges are supposed to 'weigh in' on July 25th, pledging themselves to a winner in the 'contest' before it begins is FRAUD.

    The DNC colluded with Hillary Campaign and corporate media to make 'her' 'THE' nominee even after others entered the race.
    That is 'rigging' a contest and a FRAUD against the public.
    (Class action suit re this FRAUD is being filed).

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    T-Rump won the gamut this year in the repub primaries/caucuses
    And some of the links tell us that this orange man received two billion bucks 
    in free advertising.

    The New Normal

    Below is our future President and Commander-in-Chief. While there have been loads of photos of politicians with kids, this one seems to say so much - not teasing, not mugging, simply doing what women do with children, communicating on so many levels including just being there, calmly.

    As I read yet another "Hillary doesn't know why she's running" article, I think somehow they haven't been listening. For 25 or 40 years. Or the ultimate damning quip, "she's running on a laundry list", I think, "what's wrong with a laundry list? that's how my wife gets 3 million things done before I get home." Most of us need an app for that.

    Time to Call Off the 2016 Olympics

    Russia is lucky in that it has been banned from sending athletes to the Olympics in Rio because of a dying scandal. These athletes will be spared the health risks that athletes headed to Rio will face. The country has the Zika virus. The risks to pregnant women are clear cut. The other public health risk is that infected mosquitos will bite those attending the games, those infected will return to their home countries were they will provide an infected blood source for mosquitos in their native lands. The Olympics provide a source of worldwide infection.

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    Seeley Booth is attempting to speak to someone on his phone as he makes his way upon the sidewalk and this damned ice cream truck keeps making these sounds. hahahaha
    So Seeley looks back and shoots the clown.
    This has got to be my favorite episode of any law and order comedy drama I have ever viewed.

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    Dear Hillary Voters, Will You Listen Now?


    As the recently released DNC emails show, this primary has been a fraud against the public.

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    Hillary is looking into potential Vice-Presidents.

    I love Al Franken, as I have stated before.

    But damn, Hillary has an opportunity here.

    Why not choose Sheldon Whitehouse.

    I mean the ticket would be:


    How can you do better than that?

    DC by 57%, it's wrap

    It's a wrap on DC with Hillary winning by a 57% margin - her 34th of 57 contests and 15th of the last 21. Her final popular vote is about 16.5 mill (2.2m in California alone), up by nearly 4 million over her opponent (a half million up in CA). The results include a 31-9 margin in primaries (including non-binding Washington and Nebraska).

    The map below pretty well sums it up - a romp in the park, took the gold. On to the convention.

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    Real Orange Husckster of Trump Tower

    The Real Orange Huckster of Trump Tower basked in the glory of his bigotry and how far it had taken him.


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