Hints for Hillary

    Now that polls are tightening, the internet has exploded with amateur campaign experts to explain why Hillary's sunk, what she should have done, how she should behave. They rightly note that this has happened before - but not just 2008. In 1992, in 1996, in 2000, in July of last year and again in October. Deconstructing Hillary is a cottage industry that's made many rich. Trump draws crowds by saying outrageous things, Sanders draws crowds by stirring outrage, Hillary on her own is simple outrageous.

    Explaining White Working-Class Republicans or Why Bernie is Best

    White working and middle-class people look at what the two major parties have done over the past 35 years and they see each one pursuing policies that assure one percent of the people get 50% of the pie. Republicans say in barely coded language that A) they will give non-affluent whites first dibs at the crumbs the rich leave behind while B) Democrats will give first dibs to blacks, immigrants, gays, and liburals (most of whom are in the 1% anyway).

    Who won Thursday night?

    and who cares?

    According to one poll  

    Trump 70%, Cruz 20,,Carson 2 Rubio  4, Jeb 0 (not actually 0 but so low it rounded to 0 which was also true of Kasich and Christie.

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    The American Health Security Act of 2013.

    Within the current discussion (aka Clinton attacks) going on about universal health care, the Sanders camp - and candidate - are referencing his 2013 Senate bill 1782 as a working basis for his eventual plan. Here is the summary, click below for full bill text. Of the multitude of things I find interesting, including that it has no co-sponsors to date, the push-back against Hillary for how she's portraying it as dismantling the entire current system ranks in the top five.

    Clinton and Sanders on Guns and Healthcare

    bernie-hillaryThe long-simmering race for the Democratic Presidential nomination is starting to boil over as recent polls show Bernie Sanders solidifying his lead in New Hampshire, even with Hillary Clinton in Iowa, and closing fast what had been a 20+ point national gap. The putative frontrunner and Bernie have been battling most notably over guns and healthcare. Following is a brief look at the charges and countercharges, who's right, and what I think it should all mean to Democratic voters.

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    The Return of White Identity

    Anyone who has read Dagblog for a good length of time may remember when and how I came here. I started by blogging about white supremacists. At the time, there was a resurgent website up called Alternative Right, which had a pretty good layout and presented white supremacy as "alternative" and "neo-reactionary."

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    Ted Cruz: "Trump is really a crypto Jew..."


    I love it when the gloves come off.


    First, Donald Chump Trump played the Cuban/Catholic/(Sp*c) card against Ted Cruz, musing, in his inimitable passive aggressive mode, that few evangelicals come out of Cuba, whereas, he, the Great White Hope of Protestant revanchism (Donald Trump-coming to an Orange Order Belfast march soon), was Presbyterian.


    Of course, this ignorant prick doesn't realize that the magic denominational affiliation for evangelicals is Baptist, but, soit.


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    How COP21 Affects Car Manufacturers

    This year, nearly 200 nations convened in Paris to discuss the future of the planet. The issue at hand was climate change. With greenhouse gases pumped into the air by various forms of industry, the temperature of the Earth is rising, slowly but surely. The last five years are the hottest five-year span ever recorded, and this year the average temperature of the Earth is expected to reach 1 degree Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

    State of the Manufacturing Union?

    As Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump pile on the loss of manufacturing jobs, it's interesting that manufacturing seems to have rebounded significantly since, adding maybe 800K jobs by now, according to 2014 analysis & one from ESA out last year.

    It's all good - for Democracy?

    Less than 3 weeks to Iowa, & we're into reading tea leaves and divining political augury. 

    I'll identify a few things in the campaigns & political structure that I find capricious and curious - largely from a Hillary vantage, in case not obvious. Toss your own salad, observations & thoughts, as you please.

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    I would like to do a live blog on the STATE OF THE UNION tonight.

    I wrote a few thoughts about this event last night.

    I would appreciate any thoughts you might have during the presentation beginning at 8pm cst?

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    I’m a Blackstar (What David Bowie's Death Means For All Of Us)

    I’ve read them all. None of the obituaries succeed. There is too much to say and too little space. Besides, in his ultimate subversion, David Bowie wrote his own.

    Early on during my tenure at AP, I’d asked a superior editor if I could contribute to Bowie’s death “preparedness,” and was denied. I never asked again. I was so hurt at being shut down. Sure, I am as biased as they come, but I challenge anyone to find a rival then and now in the mainstream media who knows (and cares) more about the endless well of Bowie’s far-reaching breakthroughs in myriad forms of art. To call him a rock star is to call me a fan. I lose all humility when it comes to the prowess of my idol worship.

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    Watcha' gonna do when you get outta jail? Think I'll make a movie....

    SMH) We learn again today that the search for fame will subvert the success of even the most fortunate.

    In the case of Joaquin Guzman, boss of the Sinaloa Cartel, he is said to have precipitated the raid which ended his brief hiatus (6 months)  from what promises to be permanent imprisonment because of a stated intention to produce his own biopic.

    Tax Policy Wins!

    FDRAfter I boasted during my show a couple of days ago that I'm the best talk show host on the air, one of my listeners retorted: “You have virtually no guests. You talk about the same things almost every day. You have one of two solutions to every problem….raise taxes or limit freedoms.”

    It didn't take much reflection to conclude Jeff in Columbus has a point when he decries my predictability. There's an old saying if your only tool is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail. Based on Jeff's criticism, you can probably guess that the goto tool in my kit is tax policy.

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    Friends don't let (WASP) friends use Yiddish when campaigning.

    I have previously declared myself deceived by Donald Chump Trump's over the top materialism and coarse address, which,on reflection, gave rise to a misconstruction re:his ethnicity that a close examination of his goyische punim (and goyische kopf) should have corrected.


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    Mussolini biografia.jpg

    I viewed the new TRUMP ad.



    There certainly were strange features like Mexicans running over our borders.

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    Why are we with the Arabs and not the Persians? I blame Lawrence.

    From time to time it is useful to raise one's head above the AIPAC  generated miasma of anti-Iranian mania, and ask why, all things taken together, we invariably favor the Arabs (Saudis--with their irredentist head-chopping monarchy that, not incidentally, produced the guys who took down our big buildings--and Sunnis generally) over the Persians (who have women in parliament--shit, they HAVE a parliament!)

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    Looking Right In The Face At World War

    A couple months ago, I wrote a blog proclaiming that America was immersed in a civil war.

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    Sometimes there are no practical solutions to a conundrum.

    I reside in a seventeen floor apartment building; I am lucky enough to live on the second floor.

    There have only been two 'small' emergencies over the last ten years.

           A small fire in the laundry room
           A bit of flooding (due to a faulty sprinkler system?)

    We do have five? fire alarms a year.

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    What The Left Refuses To Accept About Trump

    "Let me go over that again: Reagan’s popularity was popular. When you went through the various traits of Reagan and what Reagan stood for and his policies and so on vast numbers of people disliked nearly all of them. What was popular was his popularity and I don’t think that Reagan’s alone in this."           

    --Rick Roderick 

    Poll tactics & kissin' cuzzins

    Growing up, every time there was a close football game, I got to hear Frank Gifford or Dan Meredith exclaim how a tie is like kissing your cousin. (My initial reaction was "which one?" some of my cousins were pretty damn cute.)

    At this stage in New Hampshire, it looks like Bernie's playing for a tie - roughly 2 point spread for the last 2 months, and within 5 points since August. 

    The sad news for Bernie fans is that's not good enough - at this point it's dialed into everyone's expectations that New Hampshire's Sanders' back yard, that he should win - it's no longer an "upset". 

    Berntrayal: we wuz robbed

    Keeping an eye on the Bernie squad's meta for some time, there's been an interesting undercurrent of how unfair the whole process is since last summer.

    What's funny to me is why this is news.

    Consider five businessmen at lunch

    Actually more than 5, but there are only 5 that count.

    There's a view of the top of the Chrysler building, not that anyone looks. Conversation is desultory. Not about the NFL. It's an international group.


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