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    Scary Stuff

    I have for some months now been afraid there is something fundamentally scary going on in our country.

    As both Trump and Sanders have gained popularity, it occurred to me that they are two sides of the same coin, each in their own way appealing to people who have lost faith in our government, and are willing to follow a "leader" who not only acknowledges that anger, but feeds it. Even more concerning to me is that neither of these leaders have a workable solution to the problem, and their followers don't seem to care.

    From an article in the Guardian:

    What happens in Las Vegas

    get's discussed .And discussed. And disc.......

     According to  a political reporter/guest  today on  NYC's Brian Lehrer show, Senator Sanders emailed his supporters before the Las Vegas  count requesting them to behave respectfully.

    According to another reporter- from  Jezebel a sensible sounding Sanders supporter- she was able to  chat with   3 Sanders supporters who'd phoned some of the  threatening remarks to the Nevada Democratic party election chairwoman. 

    Ms. Jezebel 

    1. they sounded like legitimate Bernie supporters

    "Pardon The Interruption" Politics Version

    "Pardon the Interruption" is a sports analysis show on ESPN. Two hosts review recent sports stories and offer their opinions. One of the key ingredients of the show is a review at the end, noting what the hosts got wrong. Usually this involves errors in memories about events of past games or players statistics. The technique would benefit today's news anchors.

    Rift between Environmentalists and Unions Highlights Clinton's Weaknesses

    Unions representing construction and manufacturing workers may not line up behind Hillary Clinton and down ballot Democrats in the general election.  Clinton's opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline and an announced partnership between three unions representing government employees and environmentalist Tom Steyer have incensed some labor leaders and their rank and file.  White-collar unions and the green billionaire have created the "For Our Future" super Pac in hopes of raising $50 million to help defeat Trump and Republican candidates in November.

    Math is Tuff

    So if superdelegates shouldn't count, there are 4051 pledged delegates.

    1/2 plus 1 = 2026 to win.

    Hillary has roughly 1717 after last night - a few more to be awarded

    She needs 309 for pledged victory.

    There are 781 pledged delegates left.

    With 40% of the remainder, she wins.

    With 51% of California and New Jersey, she wins even with delegates elsewhere.

    If she gets 45% of all others (81), she only needs 38% of CA & NJ to win (228)

    HIllary won Kentucky,Bernie, Oregon

    That's all. Just think those results should appear here.

    Bernie's Wall Street problem (and ours)

    Seven years ago, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department bailed out the largest financial institutions in this country because they were considered too big to fail...If any were to fail again, taxpayers could be on the hook for another bailout, perhaps a larger one this time.

    -- Bernie Sanders

    Reminds one of what Mary McCarthy said about Lillian Hellman: "Every word she writes is a lie, including if, but and 'the'."

    Prince v. Supreme Court

    Prince died recently, apparently in a lot of pain due to decades of hard dance moves on-stage that left his joints in shambles (but still in better shape than mine could ever dream of).

    Prince's demise came not from the joints, but from painkillers. But ironically for the fervently anti-drugs star is that his Jehovah's Witness religion prevented him from choosing the more common surgeries that would have likely lessened his pain. Why? The church's objection to "blood transfusions."

    Should Jehovah's Witnesses object to their health plans paying for their employees' blood transfusions, it's hard to see this being more objectionable than not paying for contraception - it's a core tenet of their religious belief, and with 1.2 million "publishers" and 2.5 memorial attendees in the US, roughly half the US Jewish population, they're large enough to be taken seriously.

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    There are many ways to handle this problem.

    How the hell can The Onion handle reality that is spliced with satire? Reality that is nothing but a joke?

    I shall choose one or two of T-Rump's silliness.
    So let us begin with T-Rump.
    Like David or Solomon or a hundred Pharaohs (I always like to add that Pharaoh means the house of the king, but who gives a damn?) , the king had many wives and many concubines.

    Never Quite Good Enough

    In 2008, Hillary Clinton was the first serous female candidate and the first to ever win a presidential primary, eventually racking up 23 of them and arguably winning the popular vote, losing to the rising star of the party by only 97 pledged delegates, while only falling behind in superdelegates a month from the finish.

    Throughout the primary campaign, Clinton was labeled as "inevitable", in lieu of her husband's presidency and her party connections, often as a pejorative accusing her of feeling entitled. Missing from this simplified equation was that many Democratic leaders had condemned her husband's actions, that he'd been impeached, that the 2000 election was largely about "Clinton fatigue" with many "liberal" media figures regularly slamming both Clintons' actions and reputation, and he didn't even have the coattails to pull his VP over the line.

    Making the right moves - Clinton takes steps to the White House

    Hillary Clinton is the odds-on favorite to succeed Barack Obama as President. Despite historically high unfavorable ratings and being the ultimate insider in the year of the outsider, the prize remains hers for the taking. The electorate dislikes Donald Trump even more and the vagaries of the electoral college in recent years bespeak a pro-Democratic bias.

    But the road to the White House will not be smooth for Clinton. Trump the Insult Reality Show Politician ran roughshod over the Republican field and is now training all his fire on "Crooked Hillary." Meanwhile, she has yet to dispatch the still-dangerous, albeit mortally wounded, Bernie Sanders.

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    Posting a candidate's taxes matters

    There are currently three contenders for the Office of President of the United States.  Only one has posted her taxes (for the preceding 10 years).  Donald first said he would; then said (today) that it is none of George Stephanopolis' business (and by implication, US voters as well).  Bernie posted an abridged 2014 return, and stated that he would only release others if Hillary would publish the texts of her speeches to Wall Street groups.  Bernie"s speeches in Nicaragua and Cuba have not been released, nor Donald's speeches, which very likely would surprise his base.

    Ryan will pimp for Trump


    I've been laboring under the misconception that the rise of Donald Trump says something new about our Presidential election process and the Republican party itself. But in retrospect, the fact that Trump ran hard right in the primaries and will try to move to the center in the general election does not seem to be a structural change in the Republican party or the behavior of its registered voters. True, Trump is extreme, but the fact that he is more intense does not negate the fact that he extended trend lines well established by his forebears.

    Bernie and the HBCUs

    Bernie Sanders had an enormous challenge in gaining traction among black voters. Historically, blacks have not felt that they were important to many Progressive groups. The usual response from some Progressive groups is that the issue being discussed impacts the poor, blacks are poor, they will benefit from our program, The  Progressive assumption is well-intentioned, but it lacks nuance. A prime example of this miscommunication is Sanders plan for free education.Influential politician James Clyburn complemented Sanders on the dedicated to poverty and unemployment

    Nebraska votes (again)

    As if to point out the bizarreness of caucuses, Nebraska offers both a primary and a caucus too.

    Bernie won the caucus 2 months ago by a fairly large margin, though with superdelegates Hillary came out only 2 behind, with 2 more left to be selected.

                                                             Hillary        (delegates)        Bernie       (delegates)

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    I'm Al FrankenAl Franken Official Senate Portrait.jpg
    We have nuts in this part of the good ole US of A. hahahah
    We had a guy who told us all about Atlantis in the 19th century. 

    Sadiq Khan, Muslim Mayor of London

    Sadiq Khan, winning Labor Party candidate for Mayor of London, and Parliament member.

    In the Parliamentary (no Presidential vote) system, in his run for the office of mayor, he received the most votes (1.3 million) of any candidate in history in the UK.

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    This guy knows how to talk.

    I am blogging too much lately. 

    Must be a feeling of self importance? ha

    But this speech.

    What was it? Forty five minutes in length or more?

    You gotta hear this.


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    REINER: The words that have been flung out from his mouth are insane. If he was not a celebrity, if Donald Trump was not a celebrity, the words that come out of his mouth, you’d see a guy in a park, a lunatic in a park on a soapbox, and you’d walk right by him. But the fact that he is a celebrity, all of a sudden, we’re all interested.

    Bernie calls for a revolution

    America is broken. The problems are numerous. Banks, Wall Street Bankers, Hedge funds, big banks too big to fail, corporations, and rich bankers. Business as usual will not solve our problems. We need a Revolution. A Revolution of The People, The People who are democratic senators. The People who are democratic representatives. The People who are democratic governors and democratic mayors. The People who are democratic super delegates.

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    Joker (Alex Ross).jpg

    I cannot help it.

    No one else is doing this.

    But I just witnessed the strangest set of events I have ever seen.

    Is T-Rump the worst American ever?


    Hell, I watched George Wallace tell us Segregation Now, Segregation Forever.

    Obama's Smart War?

    Recent announcements of attacks on ISIS paint a picture of a rogue group of militants finally on the run, getting their come-uppance as it were (being "brought to heel", since I'm not running for office?). Defeated in battle, having $800 million in cash destroyed, even having the US turn up the heat on their famed social media advocacy (helped by rock star hackers Anonymous).

    After 7 years of maintaining and extending the Bush Doctrine to new countries, and tip-toeing around the Syrian conflict, has Obama finally found his groove, his not a "dumb war", but a smart war, one that has at least tangible benefits to what most people see as something worth fighting for?

    Hillary Releases Transcript

    Okay, not that one, but the Bejing one, but as bonus, you can find one of the Goldman Sachs videos below sans transcript. In the meantime, to answer Nancy Fraser (via Trkingmomoe):

    Horse Latitudes

    There's been a lot of discussion lately regarding fracking, obscene oil profits, and the need to funnel part of this largesse into social programs and needed improvements. Oil companies and their lobbyists are seen as immoral and exploitive, and the taint of money from any of these sources is an overriding theme to this campaign season. Moreso, as they're seen as the culprits both behind our endless Middle East wars and the growing concerns of global warming and greenhouse gases, with calls to phase out fossil fuels now, not later.


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