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    I hope you, Dag reader,  watched the most recent Republican debate centered on foreign policy. If so, I hope that on that one issue alone every candidate on stage convinced you that they are each and all disqualified but also that it is a critically dangerous possibility that one of these people becomes the leader of our country and the commander in chief of our armed forces. No one can turn the big ship of state around quickly but the CIC is in a position to, on their own, speed that big mutha right onto the rocks in short order.

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    When Ronald Reagan first arrived at the White House, he removed the solar cells from the roof of his new home that had just been installed by Jimmy Carter.


    Out of spite or was it due to the lobbyists who were afraid of this new technology OR was it due to energy lobbyists?

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    Crying Out To An Apathetic Nation

    Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.
    --Steven Weinberg

    This kind of radical imagery is necessary if we (religious and secular people of good faith and intentions) are ever going to shatter a cultural symbolic order that seeks to lessen the suffering of others. We ingest this symbolic order through benign daily conversations, and the ideas and images disseminated through television and other forms of media. We are being consciously and sometimes subconsciously conditioned to see some people as less than us. 

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    Armitage Siren.JPG

    Okay, I need a new notebook.

    I mean, I need pages that can be properly folded!

    I watch my cable far tooooo much.

    Yet, I eschew most of the messages.

    These ads tell me I am in need.

    And who the hell is not in need?

    Missed Opportunities

    More surprising than Scalia's attitudes this week were the Texas attorney's weak arguments.

    "Now's not the time to lower diversity"? Jesus Christ, why not say "you're wrong, I'm right"? Wouldn't we demand our money back, look for better support than this?

    Try it this way -

    Sweet nothings with the Farooks.

    According to Comey's House testimony today we now know that in their pre marital electronic discussions they discussed dying in an attack  on behalf of Isis. No doubt  if we know this now we could have known it then.

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    Thank you Justice Scalia

    I can think of nothing that could demonstrate more conclusively the need for a robust and comprehensive program of affirmative action in this society than the ease with which  you proffered such a distillate of racist bigotry in today’s Supreme Court hearing, and that you could do so without the slightest evidence of discomfort nor hesitance, and that among the assemblage of high jurists, legal experts and practitioners there was not the slightest gasp of disbelief that such a thing could be uttered anywhere in public least of all in the Supreme Court.

    Don qui jodes thee

    Jodido, simply jodido.
    Le Donald is passing on the Apprentice to whoever wants it.
    Situation normal, all fucked up - he's rounded the bend and headed on out to the great whatever.
    Even Cheney's appalled and that motherfucker never gets appalled. Donald's given a great smooch to the left - not so much from love, but he's never been that bad - he's an asshole sure enough, bit more of a blowhard asshole. Now he's bestowing Christmas gifts - the charade's over.

    I know the Leytonstone station

    it was on our Underground route into London from Stanford Rivers.  Pretty grim, but the Tube got you to where you were going. And safe, not that we gave that much thought. I told my friend Bob (son of the local police chief here) that the Brit police didn't carry guns and were almost never injured. . Eliciting the sour retort that London was safe for the police and the crooks.

    Steven Salaita Not Begging in Beirut

    Remember the ethnic Arab academic, Steven Salaita, an American born citizen who couldn't help broadcasting anti-Israel social media 'hate speech'  in 2014, sample:

    "Zionist uplift in America: every little Jewish boy and girl can grow up to be the leader of a murderous colonial regime."

    "If (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu appeared on TV with a necklace made from the teeth of Palestinian children, would anybody be surprised?"

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    Trump just got to me again.

    I found this quote on the KO's:

    The other thing with terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families."

    Collateral Damage is a wonderful term, do you not think.

    Diane Rehm Panel on Chicago Cop Case

    Listened to the Diane Rehm Show this AM, 2 December, transcribed some phrases/comments by the guests in 'stream of notes' by panel, tried to use actual words spoken.

    The facts and discussion by the participants did not leave an impression that major change in Chicago and its cops/attorney/mayor departments is going to be easy.

    The guests:

    A Step Back on Tolerance

    Bob Somerby's been advocating a bit of withholding judgment until facts are in, and presents 2 pretty compelling instances. 1 was a piece of tape over the face of black professors' photos, the 2nd was a noose hanging at Duke.

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    I have come to realize that my voice is irrelevant.

    Beck feels that he is not irrelevant.
    But Beck has millions of followers and Beck makes hundreds of millions of dollar, every damn year.
    So how could Beck be irrelevant?

    Limbaugh decided that he is not irrelevant. 
    And Rush has millions of followers and he makes hundreds of million dollars everydamn year. 
    So how in the hell would Rush ever feel he was irrelevant?

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    Immoral Morality, Hyper Hypocrisy, and America's Denial of Domestic Terrorism

    Australian philosopher and Princeton professor Peter Singer developed a thought experiment in which he asked people if they would jump into a swimming pool to save a drowning child if it meant ruining a thousand dollar suit. Every person asked, without hesitation, answered yes they would jump in to save a drowning child. Then he asked the participants to send the thousand dollars they saved by not jumping in a pool to a charity that helps children dying overseas. This was a much tougher proposition. It’s hard to make sacrifices for people half a world away, harder when they pray to a “different God”, and even harder when they don’t look like you.

    We Are Now Being Too Politically Correct

    Apparently, climate change and racism are now "boutique issues".

    The right-wing press has been issued orders to paint the Liberals/Left (commies, marxists) as being PC pansies who are biting their own tongues in an effort to stifle Amer'ca.

    Just sayin'.


    Ben Carson Solves Syria's Problem

    And in the news today..Ben Carson visited Syria this weekend, and determined that the refugees don't want to come here because they are all happy in their refugee camps over there...or WILL be, once they have water, food, clothing, plumbing and electricity. Dr. Carson says that the US should simply donate funds independently, like, say, through PayPal or their local church.

    Case solved, Dr. Carson! Yay for you!

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    The Case for Hillary Clinton: Health Care Policy Experience

    Everyone knows I think Hillary Clinton is Bernie Sanders; equal. But if we were to be very truthful, she is more than his equal, because she has had to fight harder to get here. I'm serious about that, she even had to fight harder to get me.

    In 2008, I was not a Hillary fan at all. I was 100% for the President.  I didn't think she proved herself (I was wrong about that). But I chose Obama, and while I am glad that I did, I want to say this, Hillary Clinton is a loyal big d and little d, democrat. She is the equal of every man and woman running, including Bernie Sanders. She has deep experience crafting policy and understands how to get legislation passed.  

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    trump, trump, rhymes with chump, wedge his whities in a lump...

    The recent closing of the New York Military Academy has provided armchair psychologists with an illuminating anecdote from the formative years of the Republican front runner

    . According to a person familiar with the facts, when the school closed, files from the guidance counselor previously held in strict confidentiality were inadvertently consigned to a dumpster instead of being shredded as intended. They were retrieved.

    OUR Town

    Here in NEPA we have a free newsletter that is distributed in supermarkets, local shops, delis, laundromats, etc. And this guy that owns this newsletter always writes an editorial piece on the front page. Well, this week's front page has a nice Thanksgiving image on the cover, but the title of this guy's piece basically says, "WTF do we have to be thankful for??" and he proceeds to do his usual tirade about politics that takes up two pages.

    Norman Pollack and re Reed Plow Similar Ground

    I have nothing to add to these two pieces and little to say about them other than that I find them both "interesting" and, in the case of the second one, amusing. Maybe some here at Dag will too and maybe take them as food for thought as I also do. Fred does not mind stepping on toes or kicking shins and while I think he sometimes goes beyond the place where I would lay the line, I make it a point to read him regularly. 

     If, as may happen, I am otherwise engaged for a while, I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. 

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    Everybody makes mistakes for chrissakes!Thanksgiving grace 1942.jpg

    But what counts as a straight-out lie?

    Palin, of course talks to god.

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    Review: The Man in the High Castle

    Man in the High Castle is a new series based off of the 1962 book by author Philip K. Dick. The original book portrays a world in which Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany were victorious in the second world war, with the result being a world split up between the Axis forces. The former United States, where the book is set, is cut in to three pieces - the Japanese Pacific States on one end, the neutral zone, which doesn't align with either and remains as close to the old U.S. and one could still be.

    Marco Rubio's Islamic Dreams

    Marco Rubio, from interview with Marco Rubio in the UK Guardian:

    “The only way to defeat Isis is for Sunni Arabs themselves to reject them ideologically and defeat them militarily,” Rubio said. “They must be defeated on the ground with a ground force that is made up primarily of Arab Sunni fighters from Iraq, from Syria, but also from Jordan, from Egypt, from the Emirates, from Saudi Arabia.”

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    Twin Burdens: Child Care Costs and Living in Seattle

    “Family values” is spoken of often in politics. It usually alludes to incredibly superficial issues – same sex marriage or abortion being among them. The actual politics of raising a family in this society are not mentioned often.

    It’s incredibly expensive to raise a child in this country. Daniel Marans, a reporter for the Huffington Post, said that, in many states, it is actually “more expensive than college.” More specifically, the cost of child care for one infant exceeded that of the cost of in state tuition at a public four year university.


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