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    Howdy.  It has been a while since I last blogged here, but I have been watching from afar.  I am glad to be back.

    As most of you did, I watched last night's debate, and as most of you did, I spent the better part of my late evening, and today, reading all the various pundits write about it.

    I think I am finally committed to one candidate but I must say that part of me had been wishing Joe Biden had stepped up several weeks ago.  Alas, I think we can all agree that's a non-story now.

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    Democratic Debate - Afterthoughts

    Webb and Chafee are gone; one too complaining and strident, the other just oddly weird.

    O'Malley helped himself by being present and forceful, a friendly lefty who turned Baltimore mayoral issues into neighborhood crime control success.

    Sanders held his own and then some - he stuck to his platform without being defensive, didn't buy into the moderator's desire for conflict and came across as genuine and compelling.

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    The sun was just rising east of my turret as I wandered down from my second floor condo.

    October is wondrous up in these parts; colors abound.

    I found a seat on a bench in the appropriate area, lighting up a home-made cig when the castle door began opening and closing spewing out other hobbling goblins.

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    Welcome To #Amurdica

    When it comes mass shootings, the gun is the tool of the coward. Their individual weaknesses are over compensated for by hatred and semiautomatic weapons. A profound lack of courage is at the center of these attacks. For some, it's easier to shoot innocent people than it is to address the unfulfilled areas of their lives. They often leave manifestos behind detailing their desire for cultural relevance. These perpetrators are often the products of a culture obsessed with fame and instant gratification. The socioeconomic factors facing our country must be addressed, but we have to accept the fact that some people don't value life. There's not an economic metric we could improve that can make another person's life valuable to someone who's decided their's is worthless. 

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    Watching the Outhouse Implode

    Since D Day is on a sabbatical, It is time for some of his type of political wisdom. I will try to fill in for him.

    Trump came along and has exposed the GOP base for what it is.  It is not Benghazi, or anything else like "no taxes" holds the GOP voter base together.  It is hate wrapped up in a pretty package called social issues. He throws nothing but hateful sound bites at the voter base and they lap it up. Lacking real ideas he say "Everything is going to be just great or Yuuge." He has not one policy in his campaign.

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    Launch of Atlas V Rocket From Cape Canaveral


    This morning at 6:28 AM the United Launch Alliance  shot off a Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral. It was carrying a Mexican communication satellite.

    Planned Parenthood

    Okay, here's what I want to know.

    In all the kerfuffle over Planned Parenthood, the grilling of Cecile Richards, the shout your abortion hashtag, why doesn't anyone EVER talk about the guys ffs?

    Speaking as a white, middle-class, professional female, I would like to address the innocence/experience divide. Innocence is when you believe the guy when he tells you he'll pull out before orgasm, experience is when you know he's lying.

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    Hurricane Joaquin - Open Thread

    I hope all of you are getting ready on the East Coast for this storm.  Right now it is a Cat 3 and that makes it very dangerous.  It will be pushing a high storm surge like Sandy.  Also the satellite and radar images are showing a lot of moisture.  That means inland flooding also. There has already been heavy rain in the target area so the ground is very saturated.

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    Two opportunities ... Where are Progressive voices?

    I've been waiting patiently for the postings, but maybe we've become so mesmerized by Trump and other distractions that we can no longer see Progressive triumphs as something to crow about.  

    This is the difference between Progressives and the Right Wing Scream Machine, the Right would have jumped all over these two stories and hammered away at them until their message sunk in on a subconscious level.  The Left on the other hand, seems content to just sit around and luxuriate in rare victories.

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    Danger In Donald's Name

    Donald Trump is becoming a dangerous leader of an ignorant, angry base of people who don't give a damn about politics. They aren't looking for ways to improve our economy, policies to help the middle class or the wealthy, taxes up or down, nor do they care about wars in general - their focus is clearly on nationalism with a very white bent. "Immigration" means keeping non-whites out, "unemployment" means a Mexican took your job. "Poor" equals black and dangerous, "religion" means Christian.

    The good enough President

    Our first child was autistic or to use the preferred characterization " a person with autism". The help available to us was considerably worse than useless. It was advice from Freudians-most of whom probably meant well-but whose underlying theory was so wrong that their suggestions could only be- not just of no use -but bound to make matters worse.

    In the 60s that begin to change and in the forefront of those with changed views was a Brit psychologist  named Winnicott  who coined the useful phrase "The good enough mother".

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    "Unpopular Speech"???

    Not so fast there Mikey . . .



    There has been a conviction...


    A Shameful Attack

    BrockReaders have pushed back against my varied criticisms of Hillary Rodham Clinton over the past few months. Some accuse me of cherry-picking her worst moments, e.g., her vote to authorize the invasion of Iraq. Others claim that I have misconstrued various statements and votes over the past twenty years or that I arrogantly believe that I know better than her supporters what's best for them.

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    The election is only one year and  six weeks away for heaven sakes.

    A man named Trump leads the GOP polls and just under this guy a man Named Carson appears.

    Neither man has ever run for anything, except the first ran from his debts on several occasions whilst the other guy ran away from neurosurgery.

    This reality show is way ahead of schedule and so are the cable stations attempting to cover this debate tonight because twenty two million folks viewed the last debate.

    And Trump has not paid a dime in advertising. hahahhahah

    So we shall send in the clowns.

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    There are residents in my semi-resthome who can become happy with the help of their small dogs and parakeets; not all the time of course.

    Just sometimes.

    And an hour of happiness appears to trump 15 hours or more (assuming an ability to sleep) of depression.

    There are no absolutes, except for death and grandchildren (if we are lucky).

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    Tampa and Sarasota Birthday bash for Bernie Sanders

    There was many who got together this past Labor Day Weekend to plan and help with Bernie Sanders campaign in the South West Coastal area of Florida.  Like the rest of South Florida this area is trending blue.  There will most definitely be a big turnout for a Sanders rally in this area.


    What was the matter with Raul?

    One Monday morning he looked exhausted. He had been an economist in Havana now he was starting over as an accountant in San Juan. Avery good one. But today he looked as if he should just go home.

    It was I was told, like this. On Friday afternoon he'd  left the office, for Eastern Airlines to Miami. Where his brother, a local gambler , met him and drove them to Key West.

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    I awoke at 3AM and began playing on my PC.

    Rather than closing a tab, I clicked the weather channel on my TV.

    Weather approximations are given for each hour of the day.

    Temp and wind and chances of rain....

    6 AM seemed ominous.

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    America's Longest Conversation

    Anyone who has spent time on crutches knows how good it feels to walk unaided. If, however, you were bedridden or in a wheel chair those crutches would be a major achievement. That's how civil rights function in America. The life of racial and ethnic minorities is leaps and bounds better than their ancestor's, but that can't be the only metric we use to judge progress. It's easy for someone in 2015 to question the motives of those who highlight racial disparities in our economic, educational, and legal systems, but how many of those critical of the shared struggle for equality can honestly say race and ethnicity don't factor into the lives of minorities? 

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    The Ice Cream Man for President? Why Not?


    Ramona wrote:  "I'm constantly amazed at the number of so-called progressives who don't have a clue about government. They're like a bunch of kids wishing the Ice Cream Man would run for president because that would be so good!"


    Okay, hold on, Ramona.  Let's think about this for a moment.  

    The Search for Black Confederate Soldiers part II

    Okay, I've got some stuff that seems fairly credible to me, from Ervin L. Jordan Jr's Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia. I'll refrain from mentioning anecdotal evidence, and stick to stuff for which Jordan cites documentation, either Confederate Official Records or newspaper articles published either during the war or soon after.

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    I have been viewing West Wing again. (Season 2, Ep 22)

    In this episode Mrs. Landingham purchases a brand new car. And yet, as she drives this automobile home, she is killed when a drunk driver misses a light and runs right into this brand new car.

    The episode goes retro and sends us to the fifties or sixties when President Bartlett is either in prep school or college. It was during his youth that our fictional President first met Mrs. Landingham.

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    America Is In A Civil War

    If you like my writing, please check out my blog Radical Second Things and leave a donation so I can continue doing this.

    Everything that we have seen in recent years, since the market crash of 2007, seems terrifying, chaotic and crazy because of the frame of reference most Americans have.

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    The Death of Intellectual Conservatism

    I was a conservative from roughly 2004 - 2011. At only 29 years old, that was a very significant amount of time and a very critical point of time for forming intellectual ideas.

    I was on a bunch of drugs most of that time too, as many of the readers and founders of this blog know well. That may very well have had an impact. Nevertheless, I read a great deal of conservative literature and genuinely believed in it.

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    Trump's Fascist Component

    The Republican Party does not like Trump. Strategists for the GOP are saying he will not be the nominee. The conservative friends I have have called him a "carnival barker" and an "embarassment." Yet that embarrassing carnival barker is drawing the poll numbers and the crowds while they, with all their good intent, have candidates who are in the doldrums as far as numbers. The basis of what conservatism is is apparent and it's not pretty. As I said in my first piece, Trump taps in to voters' hearts and minds while the rest of the party and its propaganda outlets are left flabbergasted and disoriented. He has been channeled very roughly by Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly and Rand Paul only to keep standing, nodding his duck face and his toupee (or whatever that rodent on his head is) in smug arrogance.


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