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    Official portrait of Vice President Joe Biden.jpg

    I am watching this guy now.

    The Vice-President of the United States of America for 7+ years.


    Folks making fun of him the last eight years or more.






    Anything else you might add Dagbloggers


    Bernie would be doing better

    Today, Donald Trump would probably beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head matchup 538's Nate Silver predicts. Ah but the election won't be held today you reply. Correctomundo.  When the election is actually conducted sayeth Silver, Clinton should squeeze out a 10-point win in the electoral college.

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    I gotta bad feeling about this...


    Hillary Clinton is snakebit.


    Just when the Dem convention was starting to cast serious shade on Donald Trump's cred as an impressario, and just when the DNC hack story was taking the right spin for us, just now, when Sarah Silverman (Precious Blood of the Sweet Baby Jesus I could fu...umm, never mind) had put us in our place

    tis not as deep as a well

    nor as wide as a church door  but tis enough, twill do*

    Night two  twill do.

    As you think of Bill's reminiscence ,right now, you're smiling.   

    Well at least I am. So that'll have to do. Do you remember anything about last week that makes you smile? Does "lock her up" do that? Or do you feel vaguely dirty? As if you see someone being beaten up, who deserved it. But enough already.

    Day 1 was a success!

    Despite where we started from, where we ended was quite OK.I'll take it !

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    Who Really Benefits From All The Political Infighting?

    One thing is sure . . .

    There can be little doubt that the cable channels and print media are raking in the dough from commercials and ads while covering the internecine warfare within both bodies on both sides of the ticket.


    We are truly looked upon as sheep.

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    America's Putin

    I am currently reading my second book about Vladimir Putin and the response to him. The first book I read was Putinism: Russia and its Future with the West, written by Walter Laqueur, a French-Jewish author who has been studying Russia for decades. I am currently reading Kicking the Kremlin: Russia's New Dissidents and the Battle to Topple Putin.

    I live in the United States. I speak with a West Coast American accent. While I am of French ancestry and my mom often is there, my social world is completely in the United States (and France and Western Europe in general are facing basically the same problem). I don't really have other options. I currently live in Berkeley, the part of the US that most liberally allows me to be myself and do what I want.

    A Plea to my Fellow Progressives

    There are a number of excellent reasons progressives should vote for Hillary Clinton for President while the arguments in favor of Jill Stein or sitting out the election do not hold water.

    1. If Clinton loses, the progressive cause will be set back for decades perhaps for the forseeable future.

    George W. Bush's win in 2000 did grievous harm to our nation. W lied us into a costly destructive war in 2003, slashed taxes on the wealthy thereby ballooning the national debt, and failed to stop the financial crisis. If popular sentiment had prevailed and Ralph Nader had stayed out of the race, it is probable that America would right now be enjoying broad-based prosperity, peace, and would be leading the world towards a sustainable energy future.

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    Democrats dodge their Ted Cruz moment

    It's official: Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not speak at the Democratic convention. She's still nominally chairwoman of the DNC, though Hillary was forced to strip her of all actual power as down payment toward winning Bernie's endorsement. The issue for the convention was not whether Debbie would be booed by Sanders delegates if she took the podium, it was whether she would be booed off the stage a la Ted Cruz. The question became pretty much moot Friday, after Wikileaks released 20,000 hacked DNC emails, some of which detailed how she and her staffers basically colluded with the Clinton campaign to sabotage Bernie's run. Then yesterday, Robert Reich called for her to be fired immediately, rather than just demoted out of the way.

    Kaine,Catholicism and grammatical tricks

    I was started down this path by the juxtaposition of two OGD links included  in  Michael's Freak Out Thread :

     Al Franken's MSNBC interview and a  Hillary ad . Franken described Kaine as a "progressive Catholic" ; the ad purported to show the children listening to Trump's tasteless insults to women who'd  outraged him by expecting  him to answer questions.

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    Sean Hannity by Gage Skidmore.jpg

    Bill Maher was stupendous during his harangues against the fascists at the repub convention.

    Then Jon Stewart showed up and got me laughing so damn hard! He was attacking Hannity directly.

    But Hannity's response really got to me.

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    Donald's LGBTQ moment

    Did you hear him?  He was carefully reading out the letters. Could there be a less ingenuous point?  And then he moves onto Muslims.  He is the best leader EVER!  Well, at least according to Ivanka.

    Trump: I Won't Defend Nations's Capitol

    I would look at remaking Washington, DC. Right now, what is it doing for anybody? For real Americans?

    Congress can go on permanent vacation. Don't need them. Or those mouthy judges.

    And I don't plan on living there.

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    What In The Hell Was That in Cleveland?


    I mean... Really...

    If you did watch that circus leave a quick comment of your memory of the most weird moment.


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    A Thought Experiment for Dagbloggers

    I am fairly confident that Hillary Clinton will be elected in November.  I am very confident that if she is our next President she will do a good job, and many people who are not staunch supporters will be pleasantly surprised at her efforts and policies for all of us.  I expect that she will improve the ACA, make prescription drugs less expensive, improve services for the neediest, and rebuff any attempts to privatize Social Security, Medicare, and other programs that help the common Good.  This will no doubt be labeled by the GOP as "free stuff to the undeserving."  We must not allow that to gain traction.

    Having seen the gauche hatred at the GOP Convention, I am also expecting the Democratic Convention to be one of hope, policy discussions, and inspiration.  But what I would really like to do here is open up a discussion about how to win over the disaffected; the Trump supporters who truly believe that only Donald Trump could “Make America Great Again.”

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    Who really wrote Art of the Deal?

    The answer seems to be a guy by the name of Tony Schwartz?

    In the New Yorker, Tony Schwartz claims that he wrote all of the tome entitled: THE ART OF THE DEAL. He also claims he received half of the up front monies as well as half of the residuals via provisions contained in the original contract with the publisher.

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    Bernie, His Followers and an Insurgency?


    Very interesting . . .

    I couldn't pass up this comment...


    Found in this thread here-->

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    Thursday through Friday in the Republican nominee's life was just another chaotic episode which ended today in a Trump Egofest gone wild.  Today's Trump rally was supposed to be an introduction to the Vice Presidential candidate.  But anyone could have predicted, and no one should be shocked that the introduction would be all about The Donald.

    The Pence Pick Helps Trump

    For the record, I don't think Donald Trump will be the next President. Although a CBS/NYT poll published Thursday shows a tight race and oracle Nate “Tarnished” Silver now gives Trump a 1 in 3 shot at winning, I would argue the racist deadbeat's chances are more like 1 in 4 or less. For one thing, a slew of NBC/WSJ polls released Friday show Clinton with commanding leads in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. Of even more consequence is the “hot mess,” in the words of the New Republic's Jeet Heer, that is the Trump campaign. Finally, Silver lost his air of infallibility by his insistence last year that Trump would not be the Republican candidate.

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    Trump was going to inform us of his VP choice today.

    But Trump told us yesterday that the destruction of humanity by a semi in Nice called for a postponement of his decision.

    And yet, today, the T-Rump announced his VP choice; some teapartier from Indiana.

    Those damn emails

     FBI director Comey contributed to Obama’s opponents in each of his  elections:  August 2008, $2,300 to John McCain ; 2012 ,$5000 ( the maximum )to Mitt Romney .Also $2,500 to Susan Brooks (Ind.), Brooks went on to win a House seat.

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    Mussolini biografia.jpg


    I was wondering how Mussolini might defend Adolf. hahahah
    And then I ran into this:

    Just the facts, mam..


    Burlington mayoral election, 1981

    Bernie Sanders (I) – 4,330 (43.43%)

    Gordon Paquette (D) – 4,320 (43.32%)

    Richard Bove (I) - 1,091 (11.76%)

    Joe McGrath (I) - 139 (1.50%)


    Bernie Sanders (I) – 6,942 (52.12%)

    Judy Stephany (D) – 4,086 (30.68%)

    James Gilson (R) – 2,292 (17.21%)


    Bernie Sanders (I) – 5,760 (56.09%)

    Brian D. Burns (D) – 3,275 (31.89%)

    Diane Gallagher (I) – 1,234 (12.0

    Bernie Delivers Strong Endorsement for Hillary

    Bernie Sanders, 'coming together, Hillary understands our diversity is our strength, most progressive platform in history, I have known Hillary for 25 years, she fought for universal health care and children, listens to scientists.. Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president and I am proud to stand with her here today. .': prepared speech today in New Hampshire:

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    Visiting Around Here at Election Time

    Scrolling in the threads . . .

    Trying to make heads or tails on the Bernie vs. Hillary crap reminds visitors of this:



    Oh and...




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