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    Martial Law may be on the table.

    Good Afternoon everyone! The issues(s) requiring I be absent have resided ... for the moment.

    I ran across this article on New Eastern Outlook ...

    America’s Civil War Has Begun with Balkanization to Follow

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    Born in East LA

    The ramp up of a program of extreme deportation ( to accompany the extreme vetting regime....) inevitably brings to mind that Cheech Marin tour de force, Born in East LA.


    The plot depended, of course, upon the "unlikely" device of a native born American being rounded up mistakenly and dropped in Mexico.



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    Extreme Vetting? A Terrifying Thought

    We have repeatedly heard Donald Trump, first as a candidate and now as President, say that he is going to apply extreme vetting for immigrants and refugees. This is either for effect, or he has seriously not informed himself about the processes that folks go through (or even spoken to one of his wives), or he is playing on the ignorance of the bulk of the American public on what refugee, in particular, go through to get here. So to clarify, I off er this post that does detail those processes.

    Senator Warren forced not to quote Coretta King

    Around 9 30 pm Senator Warren, speaking  as part of the Democrat's opposition to  Sessions ,  attempted to provide relevant information about the 1986 Senate's  decision to reject him as a federal judge. After reading Senator Kennedy's  86 statement   she attempted to do the same with Coretta Scott King's 86 letter of opposition.

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    I was quite taken by an interview you undertook the other day.

    Now I understand that you consider yourself an honorable man.

    I am sure that you consider yourself a powerful man.

    And farbeit from me to question the ethics of a giant media celebrity who hosts a cable news program that is viewed by millions of avid fans. Fans who ultimately are counted as members from my age group.

    Millions are interested in what you have to say concerning so many subjects facing Americans today.

    And I recognize that those millions find you to be the most honorable of men.

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    Ares Canope Villa Adriana b.jpg

    The high was 22.

    And tomorrow the high is six.

    Soon we will have 10 hours of sunlight in the great white north.

    But it is just toooooooooooo damn cold.


    And forget the goddamn groundhog for chrissakes.

    That's what did it?

    During the campaign I thought Trump's chances would be affected by his "Grab a little pussy"  chat.

    Or by has cheerfully agreeing  to allow Ivanka to be called on national TV " a nice piece of ass".

    Or by the video of him in Australia humiliating Miss Australia  for not meeting his plane.

    I was right,  It probably got him elected.

    This is not a rehearsal

    It’s the way things are going to be from now on. Theoretically two minority members are supposed to be present when a senate committee forwards a Presidential cabinet nominee to the full senate.Except when they aren’t. This past week.

    Supposedly it takes  60 votes to stop a filibuster.   Think a Democrats filibuster will prevent  the approval of about- -to- be Justice Gorsuch?  Along with believing in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.

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    How "Don the Dick-tator" Has Bamboozled His Way To The Top


    It is a simple plan...

    ... to an autocratic position of power...


    See: How to Build an Autocracy - David Frum - January 30, 2017 - The Atlantic

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    Location of Mexico

    And my best friend the doctor won't even tell me what it is I got.



    I have problems with the South.

    I mean I do not appreciate the politics of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, or Texas for chrissakes.

    (Oh and fuck Sessions!)

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    Post Truth In A Dystopian Present

    We are in a time when things are so insane that there is a background refrain of "you can't make this stuff up." Unfortunately, at least two authors have. One is so well known that there are periods (like now) when his name-cum-description is frequently invoked: "Orwellian." The other is Max Barry, who is the author of Jennifer Government - a world where you are born into a corporation or government, and assume your positions at the appropriate time. It is the ideal of the corporatist state on a global scale.1 For me, there is an eerie echo of it as I watch businessman Trump, with zero knowledge (or interest) in the functions nor purpose of government, ride roughshod over the Constitution as he reshapes it to his comfort level.

    Scalia Rises from the Grave, Age 49

    Only took less than 2 weeks and the Republicans have risen Scalia from the grave.

    Not only alive, but 25 years younger. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Son of Anne Gorsuch Burford who tried under Reagan to gut the EPA.

    Gorsuch, ready and eager to guide America to the right for 30 or more years.

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    How the Media Can Cut Through the Bullshit and Do Their Job

    Like him or loathe him... He nails it!

    "...a lunatic president and his amoral flying monkeys ..."


    Pretty simple when you think about it...


    DHS Border Agents Defy Court Orders

    The spineless one, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), as might be expected, tweeted everything is OK.  He talked to DHS head John Kelly and Kelly said so.

    Senator Schumer needs to get out to JFK or Dulles airport and start taking names, specifically the name of who is in command of border control.

    Apparently court orders are NOT being followed. 'Official resistance' to court orders is reported across the nation and in NYC.

    The situation is described as 'Kafkaesque'.

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    Our president calls those who oppose his policies, executive orders and general theatrics his enemies while his spokespeople who hold positions of unwarranted power declare the media corrupt.

    That one sentence scared me as I wrote it – and it’s extremely benign compared to what has been and will be written … or not.  Where even the internet and our freedom to use it goes from here is under attack; at this point opening our mouths to speak may be.

    How long do we wait?  How long do we laugh at the joke that hurts?


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    Trump Starts Running and So Many Troublesome Issues

    I am finding the beginning of the Trump Presidency frightening in both its content and lack of consideration for the humans involved. From calling all those not with him his 'enemies', to gagging a number of agencies and having them suspend contracts and grants (putting who knows how many out of work), to targeting the Dreamers (and one assumes their families) for ejection from the country; to banning Muslim refugees from entering the country. It is a slash and burn approach that is largely embedded in a perception of 'reality' which frankly is not reality.

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    We Are Legion

    I had a little surgery on my left on Monday, can I just say, OW! I had a Pterygium. But here I am the youngest person in the Cataract and Eye Surgery Center in Bellevue Washington. So I am sitting waiting in an area where you get your eye put to sleep. I'd tell you how this is done, but as you can imagine, it's isn't pain-free! LOL. A woman is sitting directly across from me, she is reading her phone, but she is sitting right next to her mom and dad. I know because she called them, mom and dad! LOL.  

    Trump, Franken vs. Senate GOP

    Forget for a moment all the issues surrounding the Keystone pipeline legality, that it will likely create few permanent jobs or that it may serve solely as a way to export Canadian oil and is not moving dirty tar sand oil for US use.

    Look at the hypocrisy of the Senate GOP in 2015 on where the steel would come from, and how Trump takes the 'not rocket science' use US steel side of Democrats on this today. 

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    I have my own prejudices for sure.
    I will not view a film or tv show with Gary Sinese or John Voight or a number of miscreants who I have witnessed libeling or slandering President Obama.

    However, I have created my own exceptions. I have a need to watch Clint and a number of other actors who express opinions that vary from mine.

    Fusing Group Identity and Class-Based Politics

    In respective post-election “taking stock” articles, Columbia History Professor Mark Lilla for the New York Times and Alex Seitz-Wald at NBC suggest how the Democratic Party can return to prominence. Lilla contends that Trump’s victory should mark the End of Identity Liberalism. Identity liberalism, as practiced by Democrats like Hillary Clinton, consists of appeals to discrete groups identified by race, ethnicity, gender, and sexually orientation. This is a losing strategy, Lilla argues, and must be rejected in favor of one that seeks to attract voters based on shared economic interests and overarching national goals.

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    A Potemkin Presidency with Baghdad Sean and Tokyo KellyAnn

    It's been a really weird day and a half. Things changed drastically for me after I'd read Emperor Tiny Fists inaugural address. The carnage was apparent as I approached the bus stop to go to the Womyn's March in Seattle. The carnage was real, I stepped over bodies as I ran to the unprotected bus stop. I knew I had to stop at a Walmart and get a shotgun because bears often attack us near public schools. It's a known fact grizzly, and brown bears crave a public education. After that, I made my way to the Army Surplus store to get some body armor because of all the carnage in the city! Every single day it's like NCIS LA out there. We've all seen it, we just didn't know we saw it. Alternative Facts people, you don't know, no one does.

    Boycott Trump

    I encourage all people to make a concerted effort to boycott Trump. I see that there already is an "app for that" and lists being compiled by different groups.

    In addition to not buying from Trump or any of his different investments, an effort is needed to identify which sources of income feed the Billionaire cabinet and do all we can to weaken the flow.

    We live in a market society. Let us the pick up the tools laying at our feet.

    How could this have happened?

    That's easy.   Bernie ran and Hillary lost.Take Pennsylvania for example


                                            PA      Election results in thousands


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