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    What If ...

    Google has informed me that this is a unsecured site and that I should not provide personal information of any kind. While I note that the copyright is 2018 and that the format is a bit jiggly, I am still quite disappointed that I can't give Michael my credit card and banking information. I only hope that he understands (the fact that he never wanted any of it is beside the point). 

    I'm quite appreciative of Google's concern - especially since they have learned enough about me to offer it. It's simply wonderful when I see ads that are for things I really want ... instead of useless stuff. I don't even need to google! How do they know? It's amazing how far technology has come. Thankfully, Google responsibly has me in mind. I can always rest assured that their algorithms are working on my behalf.

    It's also really handy to use Google to find information about other people. They even give you access to sites that give you even more! Wow! Talk about personal information at your fingertips. I am suitably impressed. But ... what if someone is looking for me?


    I don't know why paragraph breaks aren't there.

    they are for me (on my laptop, using Chrome) > your post is three paragraphs

    Thanks! Good to know ... I tried.

    Forgive me in general, but how can "reads" be in the hundreds or more when there aren't that many people here?

    Daily i fluff the numbers just to keep us relevant. 

    Did u know we're 113 on the internet for # of clicks?

    I didn't either, but once you make up a number it's hard to dispute.

    If they're looking for you, you'll know

    [occasion to practice your high school French - or your Google translate abilities]


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