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    I recently viewed a Louis CK 'stand-up' on Youtube.

    Except this 'stand-up' was not a comedy stand-up.

    He gets me every time, except he was not looking for laughs.


    I do not know and when I found this exposition I was given no background with regard to this riff.

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    While Most Dems Sit Around and Bitch and Moan... We're Moving Forward

    Jerry's hackles are up . . .


    Watch the entire video and listen closely but especially beginning at the 9min55sec mark while speaking to an audience of scientists at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco.

    NBC News/AP | December 15, 2016

    Last report on 2016


    Ignore the date above, I'm posting this on Dec 18.

    No doubt there'll be further changes as some supervisor in Des Moines  finds 83  votes

    behind a poll worker's ham sandwich . But these are the last numbers  I'll supply.

     You won't have Flavius to kick around anymore.


    Obama 2008         69 million, 499 thousand votes

    Obama  2012        65,      "     916 thou

    Hillary    2016        65       "      845   "

    Trump   2016         62      "       979     "    ,

    Bush      2004        62    million   

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    Hey Dick ... Here's Bobby!

    Bob Dylan - Banquet Speech
    © The Nobel Foundation 2016.


    Note: Banquet speech by Bob Dylan given by the United States Ambassador to Sweden Azita Raji, at the Nobel Banquet.


    The Evil that is Hillary

    There's a famous line in The Godfather where Brando exclaims, "how did things ever get so far?"

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    Last night I viewed two or three hours of the National Geographic Channel that centered upon Noah's Ark.


    So there I saw men in their early 40's? And these men were (once again) demonstrating that there was in fact a Noah's Ark; that all wild life (except for those who thrive in the seas or the fresh lakes?) had been destroyed by the wrath of God (what the hell did a hippo ever do that transgressed the laws of God?) and so God chose Noah

    To build an Ark?

    Taxing Economic Injustice

    Shortly after the Presidential election, I urged progressives to focus efforts on improving circumstances for poor, working, and middle-class people in targeted localities and states. At the national level, President-elect Trump and the solidly Republican Congress will not be responsive to our concerns and do not share our values. We will have to fight rearguard actions in Washington to try to preserve what remains of the positive legacies of FDR and LBJ. Opportunities to build on them at the national level are likely to be few and far between.

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    Moral Mondays Movement : How To Push Back...

    It's going be a long road to hoe . . .



    November 29, 2016 by Common Dreams


    From Russia with Love: A Tsar is Born (updated)

    Those surprised at Russia's annexation of Crimea during their Sochi Olympics shouldn't have been - in 2008 with the world focused the Olympics in Beijing, Russia launched a land, air & sea invasion of Georgia

    The Olympics themselves since Soviet times have always been a Russian showcase - extended to Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War. And some habits die hard, what with 111 Russian athletes banned from the Rio Olympics for doping (originally the whole team), and the announcement yesterday of 1000 athletes implicated in doping.

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    Arizona: new lethal cocktail one gram dose of heroin


    Beset as they are both by Big Pharma sanctions and  ongoing challenges under the cruel and unusual prohibitions of the Eighth Amendment occasioned by the failure of second line sedatives to prevent what looks to observers like excruciating pain, the advocates of capital punishment are entertaining a creative solution.

    Scott , who?

    Trying to square a circle  I hope/believe  Ivanka is convinced of  global warming ,thinks it will seriously blight the lives of her children and intends to side track  Pruitt's intention  to block efforts to  ameliorate it. If he doesn't  cooperate, this time next year we may be asking "Scott, who?" .

    As the world's leading expert on the care and management of Donald Trump ,she intends to "rifle shoot" at this objective not diluting  her effectiveness by any other involvement in "ecological" concerns from cleaning the Passaic to  protecting endangered alligators.

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    Goodbye American Presidency

    Give him a chance.


    Every day is a new horror. No matter how I try to shield myself from it. It follows me wherever I go. If it isn't on facebook, it's on the commentary shows I used to like to watch, or coming across my yahoo news.

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    The discussion with my old friend Obey involved Julian Jaynes and his essay entitled:


    I had not heard from Obey for years? and yet he made some comment on my latest blog and he inspired me to look up an old blog from years back (7 years?) involving Jaynes.

    Hillary's vote , Dec 13

    Highest popular votes in past years.

    Obama 2008         69,499,000

    ​Obama  2012        65,916,000

    Bush      2004        62,000,000


    Not much changed

     This year,  noon  Dec 13* 

    Hillary                    65,759,000 

    Trump                    62,916,000

    *From  Cook Political Report  2016 National Popular Vote Tracker.  

    Compared to yesterday's

    Hillary                     65,757,000

    Trump                     62,913,000

    Have I got a plane for you!

    Thank goodness our President Elect includes among his qualifications   being manifestly better equipped than the US Air Force to   evaluate an  "Air Force One" category aircraft  . And ,lucky us! ,is  in possession of his very own such plane  which, in exchange for never paying any taxes-or something- he'll generously agree  to lease to the Air Force as a stopgap while he  artfully re-negotiates the existing Boeing  development and delivery deal.

    Let's see. What was the amount of that Trump university settlement ?

    Just wondering.

    Loose Cannon Overboard on SS Trumptanic

    A deranged Hillary hating fake news reader's gun blazing assault on a Washington DC pizza restaurant has shaken the SS Trumptanic and caused a man-overboard alert - even before the ship is cut loose from Trump Tower:

    Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

    In 1992, Bill Clinton was under attack for a reported affair with a woman from Arkansas. His wife, likely pissed, could have taken the easy way out, stayed in the shadows, let Bill work it out. Instead she went on camera and gave a speech that largely revived her husband's presidential chances - and cemented her negative opinion in the public eye for all time to come.

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    Now listen here Focker...

    (DeNiro in some film he did)

    Everybody is screaming about the foxes who will soon run wild in the hen houses!

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    TRYING To Wrap My Head Around This Election

    It's taken me awhile to even be able to write much about the situation we find ourselves in. Wrapping my head around it is proving to be a difficult, if not impossible task.

    I was in Havana, Cuba election night, in a hotel room at the Nationale, surrounded by like-minded Americans. We thought it would be a close election, but there was not a one of us who thought for moment donald would pull it off.

    We'd been telling frightened Cubans for a week that Hillary would win. They wanted to make sure we voted before coming over, and we assured them we had. 

    Remainders (if 6 turned out to be 9)

    It becomes easier and easier to blog the absurdities, but unlike intelligence, time has not distended. So in the interest of keeping up, a few thoughts on where we are. Are we going to pass Peak Trump early? One could only hope, but seems his cohorts and apologists adapt to each new event easily, as like the fake Westworld-like CNN panel on SNL last week.

    Trump has ushered in the post-TV era for campaigns. It's not just the free airplay he gets on the networks - he really doesn't need promo anymore - it's all organic. He spent 1/3 of what Hillary spent, and nobody cares - every new tweet or news blip is simply good news for Trump, however bad it sounds. It's all impressions, "likes". Just like Facebook doesn't have any "unlike" button, there's no such thing as bad news for Donald - any mention will do. We have to find a way out of this or we're sunk

    [Update to note the right's already absorbed any Taiwan damage - it's either "China can't tell us what to do", "that Trump's a straight-shooter, yay!", or my favorite, "the left is sexist cuz Taiwan's leader is female". Surprised?]

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    Running For Office Week 3: Dems in Disarray

    Last night was the LD reorganization meeting, and it was eye-opening, depressing, and shed a bright light on why Democrats haven't won in my district in 12 years. 

    The reorganization meeting was large. Many people are motivated to try to take the district back, but the lack of professionalism and seeming lack of organizational knowledge is stunning. There was a full table of people still fighting the primary results. And while I still am convinced I should run, I am not sure that our local party has the organizational chops to help  support a successful campaign.

    Carrier/United: A Fool & His Money...

    For all who whinged about the supposed Clinton Foundation supposed possible appearances of "pay-to-play" for their charity, Donald's not even in office and the pay-to-play and corporate welfare has begun.

    In order to look tough on losing jobs to Mexico, he's orchestrated a sweetheart deal of high-level access to United Technologies to keep 1000 jobs in Indiana, half of its planned offshoring. Contrary to the suggestions that this was done with Indiana tax breaks, most of which had already been rescinded due to Carrier going back on its promises).

    Imagine, a $56 billion a year company, with $7.6 billion profits, requires handholding from the President-elect to not offshore an operation that's 0.1% of its revenues - a blip. In return, it gets government access for its US government military business likely worth billions, since it sells $5.6 billion to the government yearly.

    When the dogs stopped eating the dog food.

    Ocean-kat asked 'Why did HIllary do better than Feingold in Wisconsin. But why did he lose and so did she.As she did elsewhere even though she did better than many other democrats on the ticket '

    Bernie was right that Hillary was  somewhat  to the right of many of his supporters. AOBTW of Russ Feingold and of many others of our candidates this year. She did better than him and them ,not despite being to their right but because of it.

    One more time. Yes Hillary was further right than Bernie. And his supporters.But that wasn't what cost her the election.

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    Recounts aren't the answer. Focus, people!

    Dejected and desperate Democrats are grasping at hope that recounts in three (relatively) close states could reverse Trump's win and make Hillary Clinton president. They've tossed $6 million-plus into third-party candidate Jill Stein's recount campaign. Delusional. Meanwhile, they are ignoring the reality that Republicans have (so far) won only 51 of the 100 Senate seats. Louisiana will hold a runoff vote in less than two weeks.


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