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    Republican Spank Bank

    I knew the country was in trouble as soon as it became obvious donald would win. But I had no idea how bad it would be.

    The Pied Pipers of the Left

    With Trump’s inauguration still weeks away, Robert Kuttner of the American Prospect is calling for progressives to begin building a public case for impeachment by “keep[ing] a running dossier [on Trump’s illegal actions] and forward[ing] updates at least weekly to the House Judiciary Committee.” Salon’s Heather “Digby” Parton is echoing Kuttner. It’s a terrible idea.

    There is no chance it will succeed. The only way to remove a president is first for a majority of the House of Representatives to vote for impeachment and next for two thirds of the Senate to vote for conviction. Given the extant evidence, neither the Republican House nor the Republican Senate will accede to the wishes of those seeking Trump’s removal.

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    How Trump Addresses Economic Inequality

    How does Donald Trump, who has sold himself as a 'populist', plan to deal with the economic disparity in the country? The same way he seems to do most things; he doubles down on inequality.

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    Senate Republicans Obamacare Repeal and 10 Year Budget Resolution

    Buried in the Ethics brouhaha . . .

    Tuesday | January 03, 2017

    Senate Text of the Repeal Resolution

    Senate Budget Committee Chairman Senator Mike Enzi (R-WY).


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    I came upon the greatest holiday musical comedy of all time.


    Christian Bale plays the drums.

    This cinematic masterpiece chronicles events occurring between the years of 2002 and 2008.

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    How Do Republicon Wet Dreams Serve the People?

    Sorry for the crudeness, but it really chafes me that the Republicon laundry list, that they spent the last FOUR YEARS 'practicing', is in anyway positive for the people of the United States?

    Who wins by cutting taxes for the wealthy?

    Who wins by removing regulations (read constraints to protect: the people, consumers, our social institutions, the environment, etc)?

    Who wins by cutting Medicaid - medical care for the poor?

    Who wins by CORPORATIZING (aka 'privatizing') the VA, education, social security, medicare, and on and on?

    Summary - The Role of Money in Elections, 2016 in Particular

    When people talk about money in politics, they are usually referring to money expended on elections, but you [Peracles] show that that's just the tip of an iceberg of communications infrastructure the goes much deeper and wider below the surface. It's this infrastructure that creates the, how to put it? the group state of mind that drives many elections. Focusing on elections is focusing too late. By the time the election comes along, the battle is half over because the mental ground has long ago been prepared.

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    The Deportation Squad Rules of the Game

    Just this week in the Supreme Court was argued what may well become, in terms of practical impact on millions of lives over a very short period of time, the most consequential decision of the century, (if not back to Dred Scott).


    Traits of Despotism, Republican Party and Venezuela

    I was reading about the collapse of the Venezuelan health system here, and noted almost all the comments were gloating right wing Hillary, Obama haters who had no grasp of how similar the methods of the totalitarian Chavez/Maduro government of Venezuela are to those of the GOP.  And how dissimilar they are to the actions of the 8 years of the Obama administration. Including his in rescuing this nation from the last Republican engineered US economic collapse in 2007-8. Obama's actions, which were unambiguously opposed by the GOP, the Party that brought on the 'great recession' on their watch.

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    Netanyahu: America's Favorite Thug

    There’s been so much written about any potential influence Vladimir Putin could exert over Donald Trump that the influence Benjamin Netanyahu already has over him was largely ignored. The United Nations Security Council’s decision to call the Israeli settlements illegal, coupled with the incoming Trump administration's reaction to it, has pushed those of us still engaged in the political process back to our partisan cubbyholes on all things Israel. On Fox news, this story is being sold as President Obama’s final act of hostility against Israel: there might be some screw you aimed at Israel on the president’s part, but that doesn’t negate the principles that undergird the U.S. decision to abstain from vetoing Resolution 2334. The 4th Geneva Convention is the basis for the settlements being illegal. Our past UN vetoes have only emboldened Israel to keep building on contested lands. At the end of 2014 Israel begrudgingly slowed down the construction of settlements, but overall Israel has built more settlements during the Obama administration than during the Bush years. I’ve read articles and tweets from some very smart people who saw the UN’s decision as something to celebrate, but the reality is: the daily life of the average Palestinian and Jewish person affected by this decision is likely to get worse. 

    Obama was right on the UN

     resolution condemning the planned next stage in Israel's settlement policy.

    The  choices :

    (A) support the resolution,i.e. tell Israel  the US want's it to

    stop expanding settlements

    (B)veto  the resolution i.e tell Israel  expanding settlements is OK

    (C )abstain. 

    With respect to these choices:(a) is too broad. It starts down a path which leads to the conclusion that

    there shouldn't be an Israel. We tried that in 1930. Remember?  Didn t  work.

    (b) It isn't

    (c) A safe haven.At least compared to A and B.

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    Boxing Day and the Laments of 2016

    Could this year have been any shittier? Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher's massive heart attack, Trump. PSN's stupid coffee table book and it's failure to activate politically with a Four Million member power! WTF, can 2017 be worse than this?  Increasingly that orange freak is scaring the hell out of every normal person on the face of the earth with his loose tweets about nuclear arms races, so yeah, 2017 can turn out to be so much worse. I'm sure many of you feel the same bewildering disappointment as me and millions around the world. 

    Trump:Restart Atmospheric Atom Tests-off Mar-a-Lago

    Recent Trump decisions on nuclear weapons:

    The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. @realdonaldTrump  cheeky

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    Cleric is pawn in Trump-Putin-Erdogan power game

    Lots of people will feel lots of pain once the Trump administration takes power. Perhaps the first casualty will be Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish cleric now in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania.

    A moderate Islamist leading a popular movement, Gülen was once allied with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. They split over accusations of government corruption. Since then, Gülenism has been branded a terrorist organization, Gülen followers were accused of staging July’s failed military coup, and hundreds of thousands have been rounded up, fired or arrested. Gülen denies any involvement, but Erdogan demands he be extradited to face trial in Turkey.

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    Congrats to Peracles Please on Joining the Masthead!

    So delighted to see this addition to Dagblog's fine masthead.  I have learned a lot, and enjoyed the writing that PP regularly contributes.  

    Break a Leg, Peracles!



    It is believed that Russia meddled with our election. We are outraged at the very audacity [forget the hypocrisy of our outrage] of the evil upstart Putin. We have been promised by both our President and our Vice-President that the U.S. will retaliate [make an attack or assault in return for a similar attack] because Russia must learn that it cannot get away with such an outrage.

     What I have not heard any suggestion of is diplomacy.

    an interlude



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    THE OA

    The OA.png

    I recently viewed a Louis CK 'stand-up' on Youtube.

    Except this 'stand-up' was not a comedy stand-up.

    He gets me every time, except he was not looking for laughs.


    I do not know and when I found this exposition I was given no background with regard to this riff.

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    While Most Dems Sit Around and Bitch and Moan... We're Moving Forward

    Jerry's hackles are up . . .


    Watch the entire video and listen closely but especially beginning at the 9min55sec mark while speaking to an audience of scientists at the American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco.

    NBC News/AP | December 15, 2016

    Last report on 2016


    Ignore the date above, I'm posting this on Dec 18.

    No doubt there'll be further changes as some supervisor in Des Moines  finds 83  votes

    behind a poll worker's ham sandwich . But these are the last numbers  I'll supply.

     You won't have Flavius to kick around anymore.


    Obama 2008         69 million, 499 thousand votes

    Obama  2012        65,      "     916 thou

    Hillary    2016        65       "      845   "

    Trump   2016         62      "       979     "    ,

    Bush      2004        62    million   

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    Hey Dick ... Here's Bobby!

    Bob Dylan - Banquet Speech
    © The Nobel Foundation 2016.


    Note: Banquet speech by Bob Dylan given by the United States Ambassador to Sweden Azita Raji, at the Nobel Banquet.


    The Evil that is Hillary

    There's a famous line in The Godfather where Brando exclaims, "how did things ever get so far?"


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