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    We Are Legion

    I had a little surgery on my left on Monday, can I just say, OW! I had a Pterygium. But here I am the youngest person in the Cataract and Eye Surgery Center in Bellevue Washington. So I am sitting waiting in an area where you get your eye put to sleep. I'd tell you how this is done, but as you can imagine, it's isn't pain-free! LOL. A woman is sitting directly across from me, she is reading her phone, but she is sitting right next to her mom and dad. I know because she called them, mom and dad! LOL.  

    Trump, Franken vs. Senate GOP

    Forget for a moment all the issues surrounding the Keystone pipeline legality, that it will likely create few permanent jobs or that it may serve solely as a way to export Canadian oil and is not moving dirty tar sand oil for US use.

    Look at the hypocrisy of the Senate GOP in 2015 on where the steel would come from, and how Trump takes the 'not rocket science' use US steel side of Democrats on this today. 

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    I have my own prejudices for sure.
    I will not view a film or tv show with Gary Sinese or John Voight or a number of miscreants who I have witnessed libeling or slandering President Obama.

    However, I have created my own exceptions. I have a need to watch Clint and a number of other actors who express opinions that vary from mine.

    Fusing Group Identity and Class-Based Politics

    In respective post-election “taking stock” articles, Columbia History Professor Mark Lilla for the New York Times and Alex Seitz-Wald at NBC suggest how the Democratic Party can return to prominence. Lilla contends that Trump’s victory should mark the End of Identity Liberalism. Identity liberalism, as practiced by Democrats like Hillary Clinton, consists of appeals to discrete groups identified by race, ethnicity, gender, and sexually orientation. This is a losing strategy, Lilla argues, and must be rejected in favor of one that seeks to attract voters based on shared economic interests and overarching national goals.

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    A Potemkin Presidency with Baghdad Sean and Tokyo KellyAnn

    It's been a really weird day and a half. Things changed drastically for me after I'd read Emperor Tiny Fists inaugural address. The carnage was apparent as I approached the bus stop to go to the Womyn's March in Seattle. The carnage was real, I stepped over bodies as I ran to the unprotected bus stop. I knew I had to stop at a Walmart and get a shotgun because bears often attack us near public schools. It's a known fact grizzly, and brown bears crave a public education. After that, I made my way to the Army Surplus store to get some body armor because of all the carnage in the city! Every single day it's like NCIS LA out there. We've all seen it, we just didn't know we saw it. Alternative Facts people, you don't know, no one does.

    Boycott Trump

    I encourage all people to make a concerted effort to boycott Trump. I see that there already is an "app for that" and lists being compiled by different groups.

    In addition to not buying from Trump or any of his different investments, an effort is needed to identify which sources of income feed the Billionaire cabinet and do all we can to weaken the flow.

    We live in a market society. Let us the pick up the tools laying at our feet.

    How could this have happened?

    That's easy.   Bernie ran and Hillary lost.Take Pennsylvania for example


                                            PA      Election results in thousands

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    Jingo Jingo Jingo


    Ladies and Gentlemen


    The 45th President of the United States



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    Maypole Dancing at Bishopstone Church, Sussex - - 727031.jpg

    May Day marked the middle of spring like Groundhog's Day acknowledges the middle of winter.

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    The Strange Firing of Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz

    Let me share the strange tale of the firing of Maj. Gen. Errol R. Schwartz who is in charge of the joint forces gathered for the inauguration on Friday.

    He "has spent months" helping with the planning of protection of the President-Elect/President, along with everyone else. In other words, this requires a high degree of coordination. The Washington Post broke the story and gives explicit detail.  Here are the specifics...

    Selfish Loser Dems

    Establishment favorite neo-liberal Hillary Clinton faced an unexpectedly strong challenge from self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.  Ultimately, Clinton lost disastrously in November to historically unpopular billionaire Donald Trump who posed as an economic populist. Sanders is now probably the most well-liked politician in America. Under these circumstances, you could be forgiven for expecting a chastened shrunken Democratic Senate minority to unite behind an unabashedly progressive economic agenda, but you’d be wrong.

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    I get things wrong

    sometimes--or most of the time.

    They are currently playing Have Gun Will Travel on one of the five cable stations dedicated to old tv shows available to me.

    From the age of 7 or so I came to wonder at how someone could go through life with the first name of 'Wire'.

    As an adult, I thought that one of the stars of L&O was Christ North.

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    Globalization, Lost Jobs, Immigration and More

    Long before one line of NAFTA was written, manufacturing in the United States was dying. Not just factory after factory was shuttered, but entire industries were shipped out of the country, until virtually noting remained. While it is not part of this discussion, as manufacturing left, the strength of unions bled out onto the broken foundations of the dead factory floors. By the 1970's there was already the movement from an Industrial to Post Industrial society, and the burning question was 'Could a society that produced nothing survive?' (Something that is still a viable question) However, the question that was not raised until much later was 'Can the middle class survive?'

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    The "Left" Setting the Stage of Trumps lack of Legitimacy?

    That shouldn't be too hard...



    And the right is worried... From NRO - January 15, 2017

    Donald Trump Attacks Civil Rights Legend John C. Lewis.

    Representative John C. Lewis does not view Donald Trump as a legitimate President.Lewis believes that Russia and other forces aided Trump's victory. Trump responded with a predictable, insulting tweet condemning Lewis for being all talk and no action. Trump also told Lewis to work on improving the poor, black, and crime-infested neighborhood that the Civil Rights icon represents. Trump has no idea about the location of Lewis', Trump operates from racial bias. Lewis's district includes wealthy areas like Buckhead, the airport, and Georgia Tech. Trump cannot envision a black man representing a wealthy community. Trump is a racist.

    Why Trump's Inauguration Will Be Different Than Any Before

    Calling Donald Trump’s rise to the highest seat in the United States eventful is an understatement. In about one week, Trump will take the stage and officially be inaugurated as the 45h President of the United States. However, Trump's inauguration raises plenty of questions. Here is what you can expect to see in Washington D.C. on January 20th.

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    Maybe I am naive.

    Please just read Ducky.

    He just scared the shit out of me.

    Read his comments of course.

    I do not know how best to advertise this.

    No one is listening....or hearing...or reading.....




    IMHO in specifying today that the "Illegitimate son of Obama care"  will be passed on the same day as the burial of its oft-mocked predecessor Donald the T is committing that Trumpcare will offer equivalent benefits.

    Particularly since he was extremely clear during the campaign that he agreed with Obamacare's pre existing condition clause.

    Since s

    1 Accepting pre existing conditions is a money loser. In spades.

    2 To offset that loss on (1)  Obamacare  permitted Insurance.Co   to overprice everything else

    3 with UsSGOV  subsidizing  (2).

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    A Hair Raising Must See Film

    Who recalls this?

    September 19, 1980: Damascus Arkansas Titan Missile Explosion

    If you haven't seen the film--here is the entire presentation at PBS.


    Command and Control

    Theatrical release poster


    Obamacare: Never was about Health Care for the GOP

    Obamacare was never about health care for Republicans. That's why they still don't have a health care plan of their own. Republicans don't do health care, because the 1% doesn't need one. For Republicans, it was always about Obamacare taxes, on the rich. Taxes which fund health insurance subsidies for the poor and the middle class. Eliminating those taxes is job one this week. And don't ever believe the GOP will ever pass any tax to replace those funds. The health care industry is in 'disarray' with how this comes out.

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    Okay, so we now have this irritant known as Political Correctness. Or PC.

    Now just to start off; Personal Computer seems good PC to me!

    But if we move on to Laptop. Well, to tell the truth, most folks have laptops with gigabytes so much more intensive than the old PC's....I mean I have a Laptop with four wires coming out of it and I never ever move it...
    Anyhow, laptop does not seem so PC to me.

    When in danger and in doubt

    run in circles , scream and shout.

    1. Trump's not Putin .Yeah he'll be an undignified President but not a dumb or mean one .Personallly  I agree  with him (and Keynes)that "all goods should be homespun". Maybe clutching at straws but I'm hoping Ivanka will be a "friend at Court" re Global Warming.

    We survived worse . Nixonl

    2. If we retake the Senate in 2 years  we can save  Roe.

    3. We increase the odds of that  if the only demonstrating we do is

    to demonstrate our support of Chuck Schumer.



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    The Adversary we know versus the Unknown Adversary

    Put up for discussion...

    Who do you think would fill the void if Putin kicked the proverbial bucket?

    First, let's meet...

    Viktor Zolotov and his "Men in Black." (wiki)
    Director of the National Guard of Russia
    (born 27 January 1954)


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