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    Interview With Bay Area Catholic Author Stefan Salinas Part One

    Originally posted at Radical Second Things: 

    I met Stefan unexpectedly last week while I was at the Bay Area Book Festival. I came across his two children's book - Catholic Churches Big and Small and A Muslim Family's Chair for the Pope - and instantly thought that both were a perfect match for Radical Second Things. I got copies of both and Stefan agreed to an interview. Hopefully it leads to more - he is perfect for this project!

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    It is early and Dagbloggers generally have more to do than I on a Thursday Morning.

    But then I thought what the hell; this may be the Congressional Super Bowl as so many pundits have said  the last week or so.

    Let me just start off with a short Seder Video:

    I cite this because it shows the Repub Ad against James Comey?

    As we were coming

    back from the library ,across the icy Ft. Dix parade ground , I asked J why he wasn´t going to officer candidate school. I was.And he seemed to me  far more qualified. I´d had a good enough education at a college no one had ever heard of then or since..He´d been a star at Oberlin.  And by any standards he was a commanding  personality. I mostly sat on the floor by my bunk reading. At that point  ¨The God that failed¨ which J had in fact loaned me.

    He answered. ¨I don´t know whether I can handle combat and if I fail I don´t want to be responsible for anyone other than me.¨

    Winter of Progressive Discontent

    Democrats should be disappointed by Republican Greg Gianforte’s win over Rob Quist in the recently-concluded Montana special election. The concept of moral victories in winner-take-all political races is unpersuasive and particularly so in this case. Yes, Quist got a much higher percentage of the vote than Hillary Clinton did in November. But part of that improvement likely came courtesy of Gianforte's assault on a reporter on the eve of the election. Simply put, one cannot discern a Democratic wave on the horizon in the wake of an over 6 point loss to a ruffian in a state with a Democratic governor and senator.

    For progressive activists, Quist's loss is particularly troubling. Quist followed the script that we on the left edge of the Democratic Party have been writing. He held rallies with Bernie Sanders. He supports Medicare-for-all.

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    Charging Bull statue.jpg

    Our great leader just embarrassed the shit out of all of us.

    This embarrassment is all over the web.


    Trump is really a bull in a china shop.


    Bill Maher's much worse than Kathy Griffin

    White Bill Maher used the n-word on a live HBO Show Friday night in what smacks of a ugly effort to bond with Republican Senator Ben Sasse  of Nebraska. Because Maher’s proffered apology came after a day of dithering, it reeks of insincerity. At this point, I'm vacillating between calling for his head for expressing an overtly racist sentiment in the worst possible way and thinking a long suspension might be sufficient.

    Last week CNN fired Kathy Griffin for staging a photograph showing her holding Trump’s bloody severed head. Given that Griffin’s primary CNN gig is co-host with Anderson Cooper of the apolitical New Year’s Eve Live, her dismissal for being crude, gruesome, and offensive to much of the nation is understandable. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that the arty, albeit gory, photograph has real value. Griffin was depicting a fantasy that millions share - a brutal end to America’s destructive bully-in-chief.

    Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light

    Last night I got to thinking about days long past when I had plunged into the “pirate” life and moved aboard a sailboat which was my home in the Caribbean for seven years. My previous sailing had been on a twenty-four foot boat on a lake in Texas and a lot of vicarious trips with the likes of Joshua Slocum and Bernard Moitessier.

    What do the numbers tell us?

    During the period  Orion and artappraiser discuss in their interesting   adjacent blogs something else happened.

    US Unemployment %

    Feb 2008    4.9

    Feb 2009    8.3

    Oct 2009   10.0 

    Feb 2012    8.3

    Feb  2015  5.5

    Some unemployment level is pretty much painless. ¨Frictional¨ . People who´ve just left one job and are quite happy to take a break.

    Statisticians know the number,I don´t.    But let´s say it´s at @3%.  So the swing in ¨involuntary¨ unemployment was from

    1.9% in Feb 08 to

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    Lawrence O'Donnell at the NYC Women's March on 5th Ave. Jan 21st, 2017.jpg

    There have been all these rumors of O'Donnell's demise at MSNBC.

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    Trump, Capitalism's Most Grotesque Contradiction

    Josh Marshall has a nice chart that gives a cozy back of the napkin feel to the sale of one country to the phenomenally rich autocrat of another (nominally less powerful) country.



    With Kushner Revelations, The Worst Case Scenario Comes Into View

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    I had this great Memorial Day Weekend.

    My son and I watched the Twins game; and we won!

    Somehow when your team comes from behind and wins and is Numero Uno in the standings.

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    Univ. of Maryland: A Homegrown Terrorist Who Grew Out Of The Soil


    "Make no mistake about it... This is a lynching..."


    May 22, 2017 | David Zirin | The Nation

    A Lynching on the University of Maryland Campus



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    How Do We Defeat the Spectacle?

    Let's face it America, we love a good or a bad spectacle, amirite? It is the only thing that can explain how we ended up with Trump. 

    The Society of the Spectacle is my go to work for figuring out the Trump era. Our backward tumble towards intellectual darkness is happening at lightening speed, and it is a little bit scary.  But the Spectacle itself is a shining beacon to individuals craving a modicum of agency over their own lives. 

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    Trump Russia Affair In The Wayback Machine To March 2017

    Just for the hell of it... Posted for posterity . . .

    The following is Tweet thread posted by Seth Abramson.

    Seth [wiki] is an American poet, editor, attorney, freelance journalist, and professor.

    And has been accused of Trump conspiracy tweetstorms as the infowars of the left.

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    Comey and Rosenstein wore wires. That's what the FBI does

    Among the scattershot defenses mounted by the Trump's pitiable defendersf:


    Why didn't Comey turn Trump in as soon as Trump started leaning on him?


    Who says he didn't?


    Work with this hypothesis.


    Comey to his immediate superior: ( Rosenstein) "Trump is attempting to extort me to conspire in cover up.  He's still got some ambiguity available. "(January 27)


    Rosenstein:"See where it goes.  Wear a  wire."


    Evidently, Trump did not stay awake through Donnie Brasco.


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    The Memories From This Old Band Roadie Hang Heavy From The Past

    Bear with me . . .


    THE COMA-TONES 1991. Gio Vitanza, Divo Garcia, Jimmy (James) Gonzales, Brian Waters, and Grant Johns.

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    Radical Second Things: This is the Chance for Americans to Rebuild and Take Control

    The United States is in crisis mode and feels like it has since roughly 2014. There were abnormal and bizarre mass shootings like the Aurora shooting in 2012 that seemed to be hinting at something weird but life still seemed normal. When the Obama administration's militarization of the police collided with racial tensions in Feguson, Missouri, however, the U.S. got crazier than I've ever seen.


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