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    I recently read an article at the Daily Beast entitled:

    Being There Is The Trump Bible.

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    Appealing for Healthcare Consensus--From Patchogue to Pasadena

    I grew up in a town called Patchogue, and although I haven't lived there for forty years it will always be my hometown.  Patchogue is about 60 miles from Manhattan, and so it was and continues to be bit too far from the city to be a commuting town.  

    Much of Patchogue is Trump country, and I often find myself with some, but few like-minded thinkers when it comes to the fitness of the president to serve.  And, until the election, after repeated admonishments from my more rational spouse, I was basically silent -- with Patchoguians -- about my firm views on Donald Trump and what he represents.  I do get a chuckle from the talking heads, however, when they speak of separate bubbles of Americans.  I have no doubt I am far from the only Clinton voter whose life-long acquaintances believe in Donald Trump. 

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    Tim Berners-Lee: Information - Real versus Fictional

    Let this sink in . . .

    I must admit the British do have a way with sublime humor.

    Although they also have a very good way of making a point.



    The above is found in the following BBC article:

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    Obama to Trump: "Retract or pay, punk!"

    It is libel per se to charge as Trump has, regardless of the actual non-impact on Obama's reputation or employment prospects.


    I concede that it is foreign to his nature, but there is a universe in which Obama throws down and puts that fat fuck in the box he deserves.


    I'm not even sure that on analysis, I concede that the downsides render it strategically unsound.


    Pericles, please, talk me out of this.



    Sometimes Trump ´s right department

    ¨While Panasonic is the world ´s largest supplier of electric vehicle batteries globally, China ´s BYD and  CATL were just behind , according to figures collated by Bernstein ,the research group...............

    In 2015 in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing,South Korea ´s LG  Chem opened a battery factory. The same year Samsung SDI followed suit. opening a plant in Xian in central  China and declaring that it would "forge  its foothold in the world'ś biggest  new energy vehicle market ¨. 

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    GOPs Same Old Health Care Plan to Be Unveild


    February 06, 2017 at 6:10 PM | WaPo

    House Republicans release long-awaited plan to repeal and replace Obamacare

    (Pertinent snippets)

    Legislation to repeal the health-care law, drafts of which are expected to emerge as early as Monday evening, will propose refundable tax credits that would hinge on earnings as well as age.

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    Anticipating the Revised Executive Order Restricting Entry Into the United States--Updated

    President Trump is expected to issue a revised immigration order today that will supersede the initial order that was enjoined last month by a temporary restraining order issued by a district court in Washington. We will know more about the actual contents of the order and that of course will generate additional discussion.  At this point, it appears that the revised order will eliminate Iraq as one of the seven countries that was specifically referred in the original order, and in fact may be replaced by a a worldwide temporary ban on incoming refugees to the United States--without reference to any nation expressly. It also appears that the revised order will clarify that it is not meant to apply to non-citizen but lawful permanent residents of the United States. [See Update below.] 

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    Obama’s Shadow Government?


    It doesn't look like in the shadows to me...

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    Fellow Americans: Please Freeze the Cold War Rhetoric

    It's offensive and regrettable to hear Democratic politicians blame "the Russians" for Putin's crimes against humanity. The Russian people are not to blame, and, are in fact, among his most direct victims.

    This inappropriate Cold War rhetoric reeks of what I had hoped was a bitter, retrograde and bygone era in American discourse. While I understand the desire to criticize, even despise, Trump and Putin, there is nothing progressive about blaming "the Russians." This thoughtless language will only widen the rift that is damaging our country.

    Trump Administration, Cyprus & Putin Billionaires

    Trump's fantastic real estate deal in 2006 with Russian billionaire  Dmitry Rybolovlev:

    “Maison de l’Amitie,” or the House of Friendship. It was the trophy of a Boston-area magnate, until he lost his fortune in 2004. That’s when Donald Trump scooped it up. After paying $41 million for the place in November 2004, Trump called it “the finest piece of land in Florida, and probably the U.S.” ......Trump had no intention of living there. He intended to flip it for a quick—and huge—profit. His initial asking price, less than two years after buying it, was $125 million. By the time Trump listed the property, in early 2006, the real estate market was already cooling off.... In the summer of 2008, Trump found a solution to his problem in the form of one of the world’s hundred richest men: a 41-year-old Russian billionaire named Dmitry Rybolovlev....

    Just some numbers

                 Presidential popular votes                    Elected to state assemblies                                                                   in millions


                  Dem          Rep                                     Dem       Rep

    2007                                                                2964       2399

    2008         69.5        59.9                                      ?                                                                                  

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    The ACA: The Biggest Line of Crap of the Night


    The biggest line of crap on the night concerning the ACA. This is from Governing:

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    Jim Crow just another name for School Choice!

    Betsy DeVos knows her history. I obviously do not, because I thought the Historically Black Colleges and University's were created because Black American's were barred from attending schools with white people. But I was wrong, I was so wrong!! Who knew. Today I learned that Jim Crow is just another phrase that means school choice! Woo! All the problems that ever existed, never really existed. I love Trumpworld. It's the best ever. 






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    The President's State of the Union Address and What to Expect

    Below is a checklist of what I am looking for in tonight’s State of the Union address.  In addition to what is written below, I confess to feeling a certain relief—however temporary—in having the opportunity to focus on substantive policy choices and our "normal" divisions on the left and the right . So with this mind, here is what I’m looking for tonight:

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    S. 731 (114th): A Bill That Will Never Ever See The Light As A Law

    Taking a trip ...

    Let's jump in the not so far back Wayback Machine.



    S. 731 (114th) was a bill in the United States Congress.


    Ladies and Gentleman, Your Fiscal Conservatives

    Now that the Entire Fucking World has had sufficient time to have Trump in its mouth, let's all have a brief reminder of exactly what sort of fuckery with which we have to deal.

    A few months ago, in late October 2016, I made a post about something that has lately become common knowledge. By this time, it should be crystal clear that fuckery, of a type accurately named High Crimes and Misdemeanors. I specifically refer to Section 4, Article Two of the United States Constitution:

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    Redistricting: The Fight for the States

    Energize, Mobilize , and organize...

    The battles at the state level will be a major deciding factor.

    National Democratic Redistricting Committee

    The Way Forward

    This strikes me as the smartest, most clear-eyed analysis of the direction progressives/liberals should take now. Well worth reading it all.

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    Great Wall of China vs Great Wall of Trump

    Just ran across this article written back in September 2015.

    An Engineer Explains Why Trump’s Wall Is So Implausible[

    The author goes into some serious details which illustrates Trump's wall is on the same scale as the Great Wall of China in both time and cost.

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    Blacks for Trump?

    Hey Joe, get me some black extras to sit on the dais. I need to show some "diversity" in all those TV shots. Trump may not know much about government and being president, but he does know about entertainment. He regularly uses "extras" - like folks to applaud at press conferences. It is all one big show and Trump is the (prima donna) star.

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    War Report from ther front lines

    Never a dull moment here !


    FWIW [for what it's worth] : because it's been out in the public domain for a few days, there's no issues of  communicating unclassified info to worry about.

    Trump's right.

    We shouldn't import anything .

    Not if we can make it here.

    The things that we can make but don't,  we should  resume making here.

    This obscenely rich country shouldn't  have 50,000 homeless in NYC tonight. In 2018 that should be

    5,000.  And 45,000 people should be making replacements for the Toyotas we won't be buying.

    That is the only way we can make America a country that is great for the working class. We can't Globalize our way to full employment. We have to import- replace our way there.


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