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    Ukraine War news

    Reporter to Zelensky: "How soon after the war would you like to be in NATO?"

    Biden: "An hour and 20 minutes. You guys ask really insightful questions."

    Just another example of how quick and sharp Biden is, despite the narrative being pushed by some…

    — Kaivan Shroff (@KaivanShroff) July 12, 2023

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    Who expected NATO to accept Ukraine as a member in the middle of a war with Russia?

    They're trying to avoid nuclear war and maintain the moral ground. Even now Russia is playing "the US provoked Russia" card. Til now, we can say that Ukraine was never offered NATO membership, only a path to the EU, despite lies by those Aaron Maté types. But Putin used that pretense to occupy Crimea and Donbas. Now he pays.

    Stalin stole 100km from the east side of Poland, had the UN shift tolhe country 100km to the west. Of course no one minded screwing Germany out of land . But a "gift" to Poland after raping it thriice & occupying 45 years?

    Babushkas burning down the house

    Fifth column?

    More and more a dick

    We're still there, I see, including the photo ops which are part of the whole thing

    Even had some kind of summit in Mickey D's maybe an oblique reference to Trump burders

    Interesting Ukraine read, even tho I disagree with a lot (see some of the older comments about Germany's energy's shift...) but interesting all the same

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