• The article focuses on a subset of an ethnic minority. It is about encouraging a group of reluctant people to get vaccinated.

      Outreach can be used for other vaccine hesitant groups.

      Edit to add:

      You would have done nothing

    • Da Abbott lackies sing dis tune, doo dah, doo dah,

      Texas teachers getcha SS runes, own the libs all day!!

    • Word salad means you don't understand or it doesn't fit your "sea of white pipple" whine? You do realize *somebody* has to be a minority in this world, right? How's being black in Mexico or China or Ukraine?

    • The good news is that the vaccination rate is increasing

      Rant away.

      Edit to add:

      A group with vaccine hesitancy was identified 

      Outreach seems to have improved the rate of vaccination 

      Increased vaccination rates are a good outcome 

    • Word salad

      Businesses can opt to have those who enter to document vaccination.

    • Wolraich tweeted for Texas school's, the 'other side' on the Holocaust, might be Hitler's Mein Kampf.....

      But isn't that what Texas is teaching now ...?

    • And if I'm in a restaurant surrounded by Asians or Ethiopians or a recording studio surrounded by blacks or a pub surrounded by gypsies or a beach surrounded by Indians or a festival surrounded by Hispanics or a lounge surrounded by Arabs or a bus surrounded by Pakistanis? Or a workplace with a...

    • Saw Wolraich tweeted this story with a pithy comment. (He tweets using his own name, all you have to do is search.)

    • I posted this here Weds. on this other thread. Check out the replies to the first tweet. Not surprisingly they don't seem to fit rmrd's backward segregationist xenophobic tribal (rural?) view of the world:


    • The story of increased vaccination ratss is up liftion. Vaccination protects everyone. It is important to address an ethnic minority that is vaccine hesitant 

      It is also important to figure out how to get through to white Republicans and white Evangelicals who are vaccine hesitant....

    • Pretty sure white ppl aren't a "tribe". We're a convenient demographic easy to detect with frequency analysis, but no t a lot of white magazines, white movies, white music, etc. Pretty sure in daily life or travelling the world those with white skin are much less likely to think "is there...

    • Fortunately, you have no involvement in delivering COVID vaccinations to the Black community.

      I posted an article about the increasing number of Blacks receiving vaccinations.

      That is a good thing.

      You present a rant that asks why outreach is important. The reason is...

    • From your Guardian article

      Labour MP Apsana Begum said: “These findings are a complete indictment of the Tory government’s abject failure over so many months to prioritise vaccines for ethnic minority communities. 

      “Ministers have repeatedly refused to act over...

    • Ok, let me be clear to the dense why I posted the story about Maine and unemployment.

      I do think idea of not being able to get unemployment after being let go for not getting vaccinated would be much more of a motivator for the poor and middle class of all colors of skin than "OUTREACH...

    • A reminder that a significant portion of poor people in the U.S. do not trust the health care system.

      If they are "lucky" they are covered by Medicaid and the providers who accept it mostly suck and they mostly know that, they are not that stupid.

      A reminder that there...

    • No they don't have disparity in coverage under National Health!!! Everybody gets the same!!!

      Here's the real problem: white, black and every other color of POOR people often have educational and health issues due to both circumstance and ingrained cultural tics that are detrimental to...

    • The message is that a significant portion of the Black community does not trust the health care system.

      The fix, is that activists within the community did outreach to the vaccine hesitant.

      Vaccinations rates increasedI expect the same will happen in the UK.

      As it stands...

    • So what are black people doing wrong and how can they fix it?

    • The original post is about increased vaccination rates among Blacks in the United States. This has nothing to do with that observation. There was mention of vaccine hesitancy among Blacks in the United Kingdom. You joked about the Tuskegee Experiment. Obviously, a more likely source of the...


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