Blacks are voting out district attorneys and pressuring police departments for change. Where have you been?

    • Most black parents the “The talk” with their children about the police. 


      Studies show that people see black children as larger and...

    • I would especially note the use of COLLUSION in all caps. Lately his technique strikes me like this: he projects like a 2 yr. old who has a lot of practice being caught at doing naughty things.

    • Yes, Virginia, it's frustrating having a troll for president and it's hard to decide what to do about it:

      Hundreds of Newspapers Denounce Trump’s Press Attacks, Which Is Just...

    • Most parents do have to teach their children that: there are bad people in the world. And they are not going to be able to get rid of all bad people

      If they inhabit a closed tribe with an echo chamber, they will only see a pattern of certain kinds of bad people and not the others...

    • I don't rally round anyone. I asked you for proof he did something illegal. Now you say

      a conspiracy is being exposed

      He's being exposed as being involved in what? By who? What investigation? Where is there a jury of which you spoke?


      by artappraiser 19 hours 28 min ago in Erratic Conduct and Behavior
    • A NY state legislator is sponsoring a bill to make bogus call on black people a crime after he was harassed by police while handing out campaign literature.


    • I don’t find any humor in the response.

      Tamir Rice and John Crawford died after seconds of an interaction with police. The calls are not benign. You have to realize this. The callers know that what they are doing is keeping blacks in their place. Police love intimidation. They enjoyed...

    • And then there's the trio that had the incident about AirBnB's where they didn't die.
      How can you be so undramatic?

    • The other thing that becomes clear is that Trump supporters have no problem with a racist in the White House and Republican efforts to suppress minority votes.

      by rmrd0000 22 hours 26 min ago in Erratic Conduct and Behavior
    • Trump lies 5 times a day, lies about his lies, and says he didn't say things recorded on video. When he's not lying he's cutting his taxes and the taxes of the richest Americans and blowing up the deficit.

      He kisses the azz of Putin, and was played like a fiddle by the tinpot juvenile...

      by NCD 22 hours 36 min ago in Erratic Conduct and Behavior
    • Sigh

      When you are sending your child out into the world, the above is not comforting. The events are random. When it strikes, the impact is 100%.Take the example of John Crawford. He was killed within seconds by police because he was carrying a toy gun sold at Walmart while talking on...

    • Watching the true believers rally around these conspirators is telling and the Whole World Is Watching. I suppose you have conveniently forgotten, because he got away with it, that Brennan admitted to spying on congress and lying about it but only after it was exposed. This is the behavior of...
      by Peter (not verified) 23 hours 58 min ago in Erratic Conduct and Behavior
    • At the same time, let's get real. There are 325 million people in the country. The white people calling police on black people in the news is maybe a dozen incidents in a year. Multiply by 10 just for giggles, with 3 people per incident, that's still only 1 per 10,000 people.

    • We can laugh at the two racists in the video. We have to remain vigilant because there are Klan and Nazis awearing suits and working next to us. They are calling police on black people for invading their space. They are using Stand Your Ground Laws to shoot unarmed black people. They are running...

    • I'm sure he can explain it to Mr Mueller and a jury of 12 men and  women  aspiring canines.

    • by artappraiser 1 day 4 hours ago in Erratic Conduct and Behavior
    • “Without having some kind of tangible reasons for doing so, which there may be that I’m not aware of, I don’t like it at all. It just feels like sort of a … banana republic kind of thing,” said [Sen. Bob] Corker, the retiring Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, repeating...

      by artappraiser 1 day 4 hours ago in Erratic Conduct and Behavior
    • If one is not as skilled as Maxine at re-direction away from the name-calling by the troll, next best technique is ridicule. Taken together, what I then end up seeing upon re-read is: not even a skillful name-calling troll, but more...

      by artappraiser 1 day 4 hours ago in Maxine stays on-message
    • Ah but. Is erratic really accurate for The Donald? Is it more like S.A.M.O.?

      ....I am beginning to worry that when I die, the highlight of my obituary will be that I was once called “a dog” by Donald Trump.

      Hey, it was long ago, but it still comes up. Particularly...

      by artappraiser 1 day 5 hours ago in Erratic Conduct and Behavior


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