• I not only think that training would [might] make them more wary of running through the door, having been trained as realistically as possible in the likely consequences of being shot dead if they did so, but I also think that the thing they were trained to do to avoid that outcome was to wait...

    • In an emergency, you shouldn't have the luxury to wait. If he thought he was outgunned, what about all those kids and teachers with no weapons in the meantime?

      And again it's funny strange that police have the urgent need to unload quickly against black suspects in an unpressing...

    • Good points. Marx might be interpreted as positively fatalistic whereas Chomsky has written books with titles like Hope over Despair which seem long on despair and short on hope. Maybe if Marx were writing today he would have a similar sentiment.

      They both offer accounts which foreground...

      by AmericanDreamer 1 day 3 hours ago in A DocuDramaDrop
    • Toles:

      by NCD 1 day 3 hours ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • Thank you for your service.

      I wonder if part of the reluctance of the deputies to enter the building is that they knew the effect of the weapon and decided to wait for backup.

      by rmrd0000 1 day 3 hours ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • Yes but you never know you are in a minefield until someone trips one. 

    • OK. Let's get off the dime: Missouri Senator Roy Blunt $1,488,706; Colorado Rep. Kenneth Buck $800,544; next vic

      legislator North Carolina Senator Richard Burr $1,399,698 ............

      by Flavius 1 day 3 hours ago in THIS IS A TEST
    • Did you ever have to maneuver a mine field after ”failing” simulation?

      by rmrd0000 1 day 4 hours ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • You make an important point. I'll add that in the course of that live fire training the trainees make the wrong reflexive move sometimes and lose to the shooter. It is quite possible that a young officer who had never been through that training would be quicker to kick open a door and charge in...

    • Police are trained in simulations where they know that they won’t die. Facing live fire is obviously different. It will be interesting to see if deputies undergo simulations of facing an assault weapon.

      by rmrd0000 1 day 4 hours ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • It feels like a million years, but once Greenwald made a cogent point that not rich private citizens pooling money for a political documentary shouldn't be off-limits.

      by PeraclesPlease 1 day 4 hours ago in A DocuDramaDrop
    • Banning assault weapons is the most rational approach to prevent this type of slaughter. Armed police officers in schools created the problem of more children of color being attacked by police. Arming teachers likely puts more children of color at risk. Minority kids face disciplinary action...

      by rmrd0000 1 day 4 hours ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • While some of my fellow progressives may feel that Republican Florida Congressman Brian Mast's proposed legislative response to the Stoneman Douglas murders doesn't go far enough. I'll take it. An assault weapons ban and universal mandatory background checks would save many lives. Thank you...

    • The theater does motivate the actors and restrict their movements. But I don't think Chomsky embraces the Marxist idea that the ubiquity of the system defines what everybody wants or how institutions must work.

      In Chomsky's response to the ...

      by moat 1 day 6 hours ago in A DocuDramaDrop
    • Wow, you overtrumped my little article a bit harsh, eh? No, I barely understood Manafort before this.

      So back to my earlier question with much more import now - who else has Manafort been paing ot loby/influence, and *with whose money*.

    • So much irony these days we need a new word to symbolize its commonplace new-ordinary nature. Is this the Singularity coming?

    • Did you read this yet? Talk about meddling, geez. I found it riveting. Sposed to be a mini career bio, but the lede is not overstatement, it's U.S.political history, too (as in: serious editing of some historical tomes required):


    • p.s..Trump didn't visit him, but the Sheriff did:

      by artappraiser 1 day 9 hours ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • There's at least 3 deputies with questionable behavior now. 

      If they are found to be remiss in following policy or procedure, it would...

      by artappraiser 1 day 9 hours ago in The Deputy Who Didn't Shoot
    • WTF? He had a moral and legal responsibility to intervene in the best way possible for those he was charged to protect. I don't mean playing Rambo in any dumbfuck manner possible, or committing hara kiri, but actively trying to find a way to take down the gunmen and/or get more students out of...


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