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Assange Debate, My Friends

Julian Assange is now The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Don't ask why he does what he does. Don't examine his motives.

Whether you like it or not, you're either for him or against him.

So just drink the damn beer.

UPDATE: [Read more]

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Wikileaks: More Crap + Updated Crap

This evening, I was amused to see last night's Daily Show discussing Wikileaks as regards transparency vs privacy:

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Comfort Post

I chat films with Jimmy, at my office. He's always mentioning some flick I just have to see, so before Thanksgiving I asked him for a list of films I should rent. He sent this:

O Lucky Man!
Nil by Mouth
The Sporting Life
Elevator to the Gallows
Europa, Europa
Barry Lyndon (you've probably seen it) No I haven't, and I am ashamed.
Prick Up Your Ears
The Book of Eli
This Is England
Sunshine Cleaning [Read more]

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Dog Stories

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Stimulus or Austerity?

BBC reports that The Ben Bernanke gave a speech to the European Central Bank defending Quantitative Easing:

Ben Bernanke hits back at Fed critics

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Camoflation 2

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World Energy Outlook for 2010

For a little background, Energy Depletion thinker Richard Heinberg narrates 300 Years of Fossil-fueled Addiction in Five Minutes.

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